Want to Watch Disney Plus on Linux?

Disney Plus on Linux

Disney Plus on Linux


Disney Plus video streaming service has more than one million users because of its vast collection of entertainment videos. But some of this service’s other fans still wait for more compatible versions of Disney Plus for their devices.

Problem with Linux

Among the other devices, Linux is on the top. Due to digital rights management issues, there are still no officially supported applications for Linux users even if they have waited a long time. Even if it works like that it doesn’t prohibit users from enjoying Disney Plus on Linux, there are some methods that Linux users can follow to access the contents of Disney Plus services and such methods are discussed step by step in this article.

How to Watch Disney Plus on Linux using Ubuntu?

Disney Plus on Linux

First, enable digital rights management in Firefox

In order to watch Disney Plus on Linux you have to enable DRM on the Firefox browser. DRM is used by Disney Plus to restrict unauthorized access to its contents. Please follow the below steps to enable digital rights management on your Firefox browser.

  1. Go to the Firefox browser on your device and click the menu icon on the top right corner of your screen. 
  2. Then you need to go to the preferences menu. 
  3. After that, you need to click the general tab on the left panel of the window.
  4. Then you will receive some options to choose from in the next window, scroll down to find the DRM option and enable it. 

Get a Google Chrome, user agent

Disney Plus on Linux

After the DRM feature is on, you need to make Firefox like Google Chrome on windows because neither Linux nor Firefox supports Disney Plus. In order to do that you need to emulate Google Chrome’s user agent string and keep it in Firefox by following these steps.

Method 1: Google Chrome on Windows

If you already installed Google Chrome on your windows device, please follow the below steps.

01. First open Chrome and go to the settings by clicking the option available on the top right corner of your screen. 

02. Go to the developer’s tools using the more tools option.

03. Select the console tool from the next window.

04. There is an arrow on top of the coding section, type ‘navigator.useragent’ right next to the arrow. 

On Ubuntu, this string will be used on Firefox.

Method 2: Google Chrome User Agent Database

Follow the following steps if you don’t have windows installed along with Google Chrome.

01. Please open the Google Chrome user agent database.

02. Then copy the string on Chrome in the Windows user agent.

Create Custom Settings in Firefox

Disney Plus on Linux

You have to put the Google Chrome user agent you have in Firefox.

01. Go to Ubuntu and open the Firefox browser. 

02. Then on the address bar please type “about: config” to access its settings.

03. Then there will be an alert and a check box and you need to tick on it. 

04. Then to preview all the setting options click on the show all button. 

05. To find an option to override the user agent check the option “General.useragent.override”. Create a new option with the name “general.useragent.override.disneyplus.com” in case you don’t find that option.

06. Then next step is to save it after pasting the Google chrome user agent.

07. Then it will appear on the settings table on Firefox. 

After completing the above steps you can enjoy Disney Plus on Linux using Ubuntu.


Does Disney Plus not work on Linux?

No. But this issue magically solves when you change the user agent string of the Linux browser and make it appear that it is running on Windows. Using this method, you can easily watch Disney Plus on Linux without any problem.

Does Disney Plus work on Ubuntu?

Yes, but first you have to enable the digital rights management option and then you can use the Firefox browser to watch Disney Plus services.

Why Disney’s OS Plus is not working?

In order to fix Disney Plus when it is not working first you can clear the cache of your web browser. Still, if it does not work you can check your Wi-Fi connection and Disney Plus connection status. Sometimes updating to the newest version solves issues, or check for the restrictions on the network you use.

Which VPN can bypass Disney Plus?

NordVPN, This the most reliable VPN when it comes to watching Disney Plus services. It boasts more than 5000 services over 60 countries, it is super-fast and it has advanced security features with it.

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