Top 5 Best Dry erase wall paints [2022]

Dry erase wall paint

Manufacturers have designed various types of dry erase wall paints based on the raw materials, the color of the dry erase wall paints, durability, warranty, and as well as odor of the paints. based on those reasons the rates of these products may change. Even the brand also makes a big role here. As nowadays there are so many dry erase whiteboard paints that have arrived at the market choose you’re dry erase wall paint considering the following facts.

  • Formulation quality of the dry erase wall paint
  • warrenty
  • white boad finish quality
  • Durability – How long will the paint lasts
  • odor
  • compatability with other marker pens
  • how long it take to complete the dry paint completly.
  • cost – performace benifits .

Here are some best dry erase wall paints that can be brought from your supermarket or else with an online grocery store.

1. ReMarkable whiteboad Paint review

Dry erase wall paint

This is a product that comes in a form of a package, may consist of a stir stick, 1/4 inch nap roller attached to a roller frame, roller cover, hand gloves, instruction manual, fiber cloth eraser, dry erase make, and Part A and Part B components. This is the topmost high-quality product which has more than 12 months of durability. Which has odor-less paint environment-friendly product that comes as a two-component product labeled as Part A and Part B.

Even manufacturers have made this product which may provide a traditional whiteboard effect with a high superior glossy effect with minimal glare. Normally this ReMarkable whiteboard paint review is odorless non- epoxy paint that has 10 years warranty. This is a water-based paint which is ready in 48 hours and it just needs only a single coat. You can get more details about the discounts on the product.

2. IdeaPaint Pro Series White Board Paint

Dry erase wall paint

Even this is also coming on package kit which contains 9 inches wide roller, instruction manual, THAT container, and THIS container. This bit of expensive paint creates a superb whiteboard finish. This takes 7 days to dry the wall. That takes only a single coat and support for HVLP spray paintings. provides low glare and works best with dry-erase markers. Even this product has a 10 year warranty period. for More details check from here.

3. Writey boad hi – gloss dry erase paint

Dry erase wall paint

This is a single component oil-based dry erase paint that comes as a package and provides a super whiteboard finish. provides low glare to the final output, But it needs to apply 2 coats for the wall, It May be ready in 3 days after applying the paint. supports for both spray painting and roller assistant painting. make sure to follow the instructions manual that comes along with the package before use. For more details read from here.

4. Krylon dry-erase spray paint

Dry erase wall paint

This is Krylon Dry erase spray paint is much super fast spray that will be ready in 90 minutes. Need 2 coats of spray paint at the same session to provide a good-looking whiteboard effect. This is a single component of dry erase spray paint that works best with dry-erase makers.

5. Rust – Oleum White dry erase wall paint

Dry erase wall paint

A pocket-friendly product that is ready in 48 hours after applying the Rust-Oleum White dry erase wall paint. This is low odor paint that is easier to apply rather than other products.

Recent FAQ – ” Can we use cleaners to stains in dry erase wall paints “

Normally we don’t need to use cleaners or grout cleaners to clean stains dry erase wall paints. As these wall paints are made to remove the stains with water. If any harsh stain is there which cannot be removed with water, you can use a slight amount of dish wash cleaner. But make sure not to rub or scrub the wall, just wipe it out with a wet cloth only.

If not you can just sprinkle or spray some inner or petrol into the wall and wipe it out with a piece of cloth. Rather than that if the stains are not removed with it also it is better to replace your dry erase wall paint. Here are some details which are needed when you need your google home compatible devices from here.