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Reading Lights: We selected the Ominilight – Desk Lamp as our top option for the most delicate reading lamp for desks after studying reading lamps for weeks and reading books in the light of top-rated reading lamps. This LED lamp received good marks from our testers because of its flexible gooseneck, three brightness levels that can be changed by touching a finger on the base, and a neutral natural white light color temperature of 6,500 kelvin. Our top bedside lamp was the Newhouse Lighting – Clip On, while our full reading floor lamp was the Brightech – Sparq.

Reading Lights: Review the top reading lights.

Reading Lights
Reading Lights

Reading Lights: 1. Best desk reading light

The Ominilight – Desk Lamp was a big hit with our testers, in large part because of its one-touch control: Even in the dark, you can locate the control with ease because of a groove the size of a fingertip at its base. Three distinct brightness levels on the Ominilight allow it to accommodate various demands. With the light on its lowest level, you may read quietly next to someone else. Even at its brightest setting, the light was soft on the eyes.

Because of its one-touch control, which is easy to find even in the dark thanks to a fingertip-sized groove at the base, the Ominilight – Desk Lamp was a major success with our testers. The Ominilight has three different brightness settings so it may satisfy a range of needs. You can read quietly next to someone else with the light dimmed. The light was gentle on the eyes even when it was at its strongest setting.

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Key conclusions:

  • Controlling the lamp is simple thanks to the base’s touch control.
  • There are three settings for brightness.
  • This lamp is easy on the eyes because of its curved head.

Reading Lights: 2. Best reading lamp for bedsides

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With its warm 3000K LED light, the 350 lumen Newhouse Lighting – Clip On clip-on light is excellent for illuminating a page. It features a 6-foot rope and a three-inch-wide surface-grabber clip, which worked best when we fastened it to the edge of a desk or nightstand.

The Newhouse had a few unique characteristics, such as a very flexible metal gooseneck, a straightforward and user-friendly switch, and a sturdy clip with six suction cups for further stability on a glass surface. The Newhouse light may be more sturdy because of the strength of the plastic clip, but we had to work to clip and unclip it.

In conclusion, the Newhouse reading lamp is a fantastic alternative for someone who values a portable lamp that can move about to fit their requirements, whether they are reading at a desk or in bed.

Key conclusions:

The 6-foot chord of the Newhouse gives it a particularly lengthy reach.
The Newhouse light is an excellent space saver because it is small and portable.
The Newhouse holds fast with a sturdy clip and a flexible metal gooseneck, staying put no matter where you place it.

Reading Lights: 3. Best floor lamp for reading

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A distinctive arcing lamp that has a significant impact is the Brightech – Sparq. By casting light from the side and overhead, its simple form offers a surprising amount of coverage while reducing shadows. This capability allows the Sparq to function well as both a task and accent light.

The foot button is yet another fantastic feature. Although our test subjects felt it worked well when put close to a sofa, bean bag chair, or bed, they preferred it close to a desk where they could easily change any of its three brightness levels with a touch of the foot. The Sparq’s light is easy on the eyes and significantly improves well our testers’ desks were lit.

Key conclusions:

Shadowless illumination is provided by an arcing light source, which casts light both above and to the side.
The floor button makes switching between the three brightness levels simple.
The Brightech Sparq is slim and lightweight, and it is simple to move or pivot.

Reading Lights: Other contenders that we tested

Swing arm desk lamp from Tomons

The Tomons – Swing Arm Desk Lamp has a design that is similar to the Pixar logo. A base, three distinct joints, and an opaque hood make up this object. The only light on our list with an exposed bulb is this one. The Tomons desk light has far less range of motion than our gooseneck lamps while being adjustable up and down.

When turned on or off, the power switch, which is on the cord and cannot hide, makes a clicking sound. The LED bulb doesn’t heat up, and the brightness is comfortable for the eyes. Although it didn’t win our top selection, this lamp is aesthetically pleasing and ideal for someone who wants something special.

Reading Lights: The clip-on lamp KEDSUM

The USB-powered KEDSUM – Clip On Lamp boasts an incredible 11 settings on its dimmer control. However, we tended to favor the brighter settings and thought the other settings were overkill. The KEDSUN features a flexible gooseneck similar to the Newhouse, and while it rattled somewhat during testing, it remained stable because of its strong metal clip.

Although it didn’t make our top pick for a clip-on reading lamp, the KEDSUM provides beautifully diffused and even illumination and its adjustable capabilities make it a solid space-saving option for a reader seeking adaptability in a reading lamp.

Reading Lights: Lightspan – Brightech

A little over 5 feet tall, the Brightech – Litespan includes an adjustable upper half. Our tester found the light too harsh because it is bright like daytime. We all agree that this lamp would work better as an office or shop light than a reading light because of its 2,000-lumen output and 6,000K natural-daylight spectrum white light.

Reading Lights: How we choose the test finalists

We looked at internet reviews, browsed Reddit for conversations on LED illumination and considerations when selecting reading lights, and referenced some of the same issues covered in our evaluation of the best book light. We also discussed what to look for in reading light with Arthur Smith, editor of We reduced our options to two clip-on lamps, two desk lamps, and two-floor lamps.

Reading Lights: How did we test?

 choose the test finalists

We carefully examined and took note of the peculiarities of our six reading lamps after properly building them. As part of this, flexible parts were bent, switches were tested, cables measuring, and materials quality was generally evaluated.

Our set of participants use the lights for at least 30 minutes each night for two weeks while responding to our questionnaires. We selected the winners for three categories—best desk reading light, best bedtime reading lamp, and best floor reading lamp—using these surveys plus our first examination of each lamp.

What characteristics distinguish a decent reading lamp?

  • Lighting comes in three different categories:
  • General: Distributes light evenly over a space.
  • Accent: A light source that draws emphasis to a specific region of a room.
  • Lighting a smaller space where a “task,” like reading, takes place

Among task lighting’s subcategories are reading lamps. Reading lights maintain a space highly lighted to prevent readers from straining their eyes in poor lighting since they are physically much closer to the work at hand (in our instance, books).

According to Arthur Smith, reading in low light causes eyes to fatigue out more rapidly, which frequently leads to eye strain, dry eyes, impaired vision, and even headaches. He underlined that the reading lamp you really use will the finest.

Take into account your tendencies while searching to buy. Which reading spot do you prefer—in bed, on the sofa, or at a desk? Do you require a light that follows you around?

Each reading light on our list has an LED bulb. According to Arthur Smith, “LED lights to offer various advantages that incandescent or other types of bulbs do not, but they are neither healthier for your eyes nor worse for your eyes than incandescent lamps. They outlast incandescent light bulbs by a significant margin. Additionally, even after being on for hours, they don’t get hot. Your energy cost will reduce if you use LED lights since they use a lot less electricity.

The bulbs in the lamps on our list don’t actually need to change out because of their lengthy lifespan. The Tomons – Swing Arm Desk Lamp’s bulb, however, may switch out for a new hue without much difficulty.

Warmer lights are more calming to the eyes, while cooler tones stimulate the brain. As we are discovering in our assessment of the best book light. The key factor is ultimately your taste. A warmer light could preferable if you read at night and like to do so before bed because colder tones might make it harder for you to fall asleep. However, if you are reading for academic purposes, you might just need those calmer tones to keep your mind sharp.

The conclusion

The process of selecting a reading lamp is more individualized than it first appears. However, being aware of your reading preferences might encourage you to invest in headache prevention and safe, clear vision.

The Ominilight – Desk Lamp is a chic lamp with three brightness settings, a flexible gooseneck that lets you direct light at a specific area, and a one-touch control that is simple to use even in the dark.

Our top selection for a reading lamp to keep beside your bed is the Newhouse Lighting – Clip-On. For nighttime reading, its sturdy clip may cling to any surface, and the LED bulb emits a warm, brilliant light.

We selected the Brightech – Sparq as the top floor reading lamp since it is a special arcing lamp. Its streamlined, simplistic form reduces shadows and casts light from the side and overhead, giving broad coverage.