The Top 5 Tea Brewers (Hot & Iced)

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Tea Brewers: We put some of the top iced tea and automated tea makers to the test to see which ones belonged in our kitchen. We chose the Breville – BTM500 as the finest automated tea maker for hot tea and the Takeya – 11171 as the best-iced tea maker after several tea steeping sessions.

For many years, we have used an electric tea kettle, but an automatic tea maker takes the hassle out of brewing tea, especially if you use loose tea leaves. You only need to press a few buttons to get a flawlessly steeped and boiling hot cup of tea in under 10 minutes since the tea infuser is built into the kettle.

In a few minutes, you can have a pitcher of iced tea to cool you down on a hot summer day thanks to an iced tea maker that funnels hot tea into a pitcher of ice.

Tea Brewers: Important aspects to think about

  • The finest automated tea makers for hot tea offer the following features:
  • Your preferred type of tea has preprogrammed parameters for the brew temperature, steep temperature, and other factors. steep period.
  • A separate timer that will sound an alert when the water is the right temperature to add the tea and another one to let you know when the tea has done steeping.
  • Other kitchen equipment can be matched with stainless steel trim.
    a glass pitcher made of borosilicate that can survive big temperature swings

Best Overall: Breville’s BTM500

 Tea Brewers:

While black tea is cooked to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, green tea is preheated at 175 degrees.

In around five minutes, the Breville heated the water to the correct temperature. After that, it waited (patiently) for you to put tea in the infuser before beeping three times. We tested various tea makers, but none of them had this feature. The kettles all beeped when it was time to add tea, but we only had a small window to do so before they went into sleeping mode.

The Breville provides the finest level of control. You may choose from five steeping times ranging from two to four minutes after adding the tea. Black tea simply takes two minutes to steep, but herbal tea needs the longest to reveal its full taste. The Breville gives you another beep when your tea is fully steeped, and it automatically switches to the keep-warm mode for 60 minutes after that.

The Breville’s magnetic lid is another distinguishing characteristic. The infuser must be taken out after the tea has finished steeping in order to prevent the tea from becoming bitter from overstepping. Simply press down on the lid to magnetically secure it to the infuser, allowing you to remove it without having to touch it.

Like many Breville items, the build quality is excellent. The kettle is strong and attractive on your countertop since it is constructed of borosilicate glass and brushed stainless steel.

The Breville makes brewing tea on a regular basis enjoyable. It brews a great cup of tea and is simple to use and clean.


  • Black, green, white, herbal, and oolong teas may all be steeped and brewed using five precise procedures.
  • When it’s time to add tea and when your brew is fully steeped, a countdown timer will let you know.
  • Simple to use and clean
  • High-end quality, constructed from stainless steel and borosilicate glass


  • more than twice as expensive as alternative tea makers.

CH66: Cheap Pick

 Tea Brewers:

Tea Brewers: Although the CH66 is less user-friendly than the Breville, it still produces excellent tea. Although it has a pitcher that is comparable to the Breville’s and is built of stainless steel and borosilicate glass, the Breville’s base feels more robust.

It includes three separate buttons on an LED screen that let you choose from six different programs for teas, brewing and steeping temperatures, and times. It took some trial and error to get the knack for programming, but we ultimately did.

By measuring 1.7 liters, the CH66 has a larger capacity than the Breville (also labeled in cups). The complete pot of water took more than nine minutes to reach the proper temperature for brewing, but the tea was tasty and well-steeped.

The CH66’s lack of an automated keep-warm feature is our sole complaint. The keep-warm function has to be manually configured right after it notifies you that the tea is ready. Additionally, there is a “lock” button to protect the software you’ve chosen.

Although Amazon directs you to the manufacturer’s website for comprehensive instructions, there is no such page there. The CH66’s instruction booklet is horribly vague. As a result, you will be responsible for performing the difficult multi-button programming on your own.

Customers adore the CH66’s added function, which allows them to schedule it up to 12 hours in advance. This means that if you program the CH66 the night before, the water will be boiling when you get up, and all you have to do is add the tea.


  • Programs for brewing and steeping that are precisely calibrated and less expensive than those in the Breville Six.
  • Large, sturdy pitcher constructed of stainless steel and borosilicate glass.
  • programmable up to 12 hours in advance


  • multi-button programming that is difficult
  • After the tea is ready, the keep-warm feature has to be individually configured.

11171 Takeya: Best Iced Tea Maker

 Tea Brewers:

Tea Brewers: Simpleness personified is the Takeya – 11171 iced tea maker. It is a tall, slender pitcher that resembles a Thermos made of Tritan plastic, a tough, crystal-clear resin used in food storage containers.

The pitcher’s tea infuser is connected to the lid, and you insert it into the pitcher after filling it halfway with hot water. After the tea has finished steeping, remove the infuser and pour ice into the pitcher. The ice is finally chilled in 30 seconds by gently inverting the pitcher a few times. The pitcher of tea can be kept in the refrigerator or consumed right away.

A screw-top lid that closes the pitcher so it is leak-proof and airtight is one of Takeya’s many good design elements. Another is an infuser cup for emptying the infuser when it is taken from the pitcher. Although it’s only a plastic pitcher, the business says that its “flash chill technology” is patented, and the technique performed effectively despite its simplicity.

The lightweight and portable Takeya is perfect for a barbecue or picnic since the Tritan-plastic pitcher itself keeps iced tea cooler for longer than glass.


  • 30 seconds to make two quarts of iced tea
  • Iced tea stays cool thanks to patented chill technology.
  • The infuser has a separate cup for emptying the infuser.
  • An airtight and leak-proof screw-top lid


  • not electronic or automated
  • Water must be separately boiled

Mr. Coffee, TM75BK-1

 Tea Brewers:

Tea Brewers: The Mr. Coffee – TM75BK-1 iced tea maker is essentially the same as the famous Mr. Coffee coffee maker with a pitcher of ice added to it. However, considering that it costs only $20, many customers laud this device for doing the job well.

Similar to a coffee maker, you fill the main chamber with water, place a filter in the brew basket, add the tea (or tea bags, in which case no filter is required), and switch it on. Under the brew basket’s spout, an ice-filled plastic pitcher is positioned. The hot tea drips out of the spout and cools in the ice in about six minutes.

We were amazed at how precisely the lines on the pitcher calculated the water-to-ice ratio for preparing three quarts of strongly brewed iced tea.

The Mr. Coffee iced tea maker isn’t very sophisticated, but it’s simple to operate and unbeatably cheap.


  • less than 10 minutes to make three quarts of iced tea.
  • Easy to use, very inexpensive
  • Excellent for iced tea brewed using tea bags.


  • Needs a filter for loose tea
  • Bulky takes up room on a tabletop or in a cupboard

RJ11-17-GP Chefman

 Tea Brewers:

Despite having a large following on Amazon, the Chefman – RJ11-17-GP just fell short of the Breville and Willsense in our tests. The Chefman seems light right out of the box, and following closer inspection, we discovered that its base is constructed of plastic and accented with stainless-steel trim. We were on alert after reading the Chefman may smoke and smell but should go away after a few usages in the instruction booklet.

Another tea maker with a 1.7-liter capacity is the Chefman, and it did produce a number of outstanding pots of tea. However, there were a few design issues with the Chefman that keep us from endorsing it. First, the pitcher’s markings are solely in liters; although this is unproblematic for Canadian friends, it requires the conversion of cups to liters for Americans before filling the pitcher.

Brewing and steeping times must be manually programmed using the provided instructions; they are not automated. Once set, the timer counts down the amount of time spent brewing; however, it does not tally down the amount of time spent sleeping, which must be timed manually.

Finally, the Chefman is meant to include a “boil-dry safeguard,” which turns the base off automatically if there isn’t enough water in the kettle, per the handbook. We gave it three tries, but it was unsuccessful. The pitcher might overheat and break if you’ve poured most of the tea out but failed to turn the appliance off.


  • heating up rapidly
  • affordably priced


  • No automated systems
  • Pitchers produced cheaply only have liter measures
  • Automatic shut-off is ineffective.

Frequently sked Questions:

Which tea makes the greatest iced tea?

stout tea
Choosing the Right Tea for Iced Tea

Tea Brewers: Black tea is what gives iced tea its distinctive flavor. It doesn’t have to be manufactured particularly for iced tea because it is the preferred kind of tea. Orange pekoe tea is the most common type of tea marketed in iced tea bags (including Lipton).

What does a machine for iced tea do?

Typically, an iced tea maker comes with a metal or plastic pitcher to pour the just-brewed iced tea into. While some iced tea makers have a considerably smaller capacity, some have a much greater one. In general, either tea bags or loose tea can be used in an iced tea maker.

How does a tea kettle function?

Some tea makers include a valve at the bottom that opens when the tea maker is put over the teacup, allowing the tea to pour into the cup. An accurate and convenient way to brew loose-leaf teas is with a tea maker. You can brew a lot of tea in one tea maker rather than using many infusers.

Iced tea: Is it healthy?

On the other hand, iced tea is a nutritional powerhouse that, when sipped unsweetened, helps you limit your calorie intake. A drink of iced tea keeps hunger at bay and makes you feel fuller for longer. Tea, which contains a lot of manganese, helps strengthen your bones and speed up wound healing.

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