The Best Whitening Kits for Teeth

Whitening Kits for Teeth:

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Whitening Kits for Teeth: We’ve determined that the Sparkling White Smiles Custom Tray System is the best teeth whitening kit after conducting months of study and wearing 16 various trays and strips while working for three weeks. This is the only system we would continue to use, with exactly sized bespoke trays. Even enough whitening supplies are included in the kit for months’ worth of touch-ups. Lovely Smile—Bright White is a dependable, cost-effective option for strips. Additionally, we investigated various faster-acting medications and discovered sensitive tooth techniques.

Whitening Kits for Teeth: Compare the top kits for teeth whitening.

Whitening Kits for Teeth:
Whitening Kits for Teeth:

Whitening Kits for Teeth: 1. Sparkling White Smiles – Custom Trays are the best option.

Whitening Kits for Teeth:

Whitening Kits for Teeth: A professional-grade whitening system at a nearly unbeatable price is the Sparkling White Smiles – Custom Tray System. You can obtain highly customized whitening trays and a sizable amount of carbamide peroxide gel for approximately the same cost as a few boxes of Crest Whitestrips.

You undoubtedly are familiar with the teeth impression procedure if you’ve ever had orthodontic work done: You are asked to bite down on a silicone putty-filled plastic tray by a dental assistant, and after the putty has hardened, they send the impressions away to be used to create tooth castings. After that, it will be simpler for them to create dental appliances that precisely suit your teeth.

The process is precisely the same for lab-produced whitening trays, but thanks to next-day shipment, you can get trays made without visiting an office and for a significantly lower cost. The only difference between this kit and having trays created at the dentist is that you have to mix the putty yourself.

Whitening Kits for Teeth:

Whitening Kits for Teeth: The provided putty may be mixed and molded to take impressions of your teeth, and there are clear instructions included. The two pieces of putty are a little bit stiffer than silly putty, and the colors make it obvious when you’ve mixed them for a sufficient amount of time. After that, you have a short window of time to sink your teeth into the putty using the included tray while you wait for it to cure.

Sparkling White Smiles comes with enough putty to make an extra imprint if you have trouble making one set, and they’ll help you through the procedure if you have serious difficulties.

Your completed impression trays will be returned back to you in two weeks after you mail the address form and the trays to the post office. If you require faster shipping, Sparkling White Smiles also provides rush shipping for a fee of $22. If you want express service or extra trays, you must submit a check or payment card information.

For an additional $46 you can also get a soft night guard that is more substantial than the whitening trays. The whitening trays are thin, so if you grind your teeth a lot, you might want to spend the extra money on the special guard. Although $46 isn’t cheap, it’s still a lot less than the cost of having a guard built by the majority of dentists.

Whitening Kits for Teeth: 2. Lovely Smile has the best whitening strips.

Whitening Kits for Teeth:

As far as we can determine, the Bright White strips from Lovely Smile are the same as the majority of other whitening strips on the market. The strips themselves are tiny and cling effectively to teeth; a small amount of hydrogen peroxide serves as the active ingredient.

Lovely Smile advises using these trips for 15 to 30 minutes the first time, followed by one hour per day. As with Crest Whitestrips, the kit includes enough strips for two weeks’ worth of whitening treatments.

Although there is no way to predict with certainty how effective any specific therapy will be for your teeth, these strips are a low-risk place to start.

The trickiest part of using whitening strips correctly and evenly is applying them. Although it appears that the peroxide in these strips is too little to be harmful, you wouldn’t want to apply them to your gums every day. If you do experience gum sensitivity after utilizing strips, the discomfort should pass shortly.

Since no one can tell how white your molars are, some dentists advise reducing whitening strips so that they are only as wide as you need to cover your most prominent teeth. If the strip is too thick, there is a greater likelihood that the inside will contact your gums or perhaps the roof of your mouth.

The hour-long recommended treatment period for Lovely Smile strips is the main negative; compared to trays, strips are much easier to get used to, but by the end of an hour, you’ll be ready to take them out of your mouth. For a half-hour treatment period, the Crest – Glamorous White and Solimo strips offer instructions.

As the menthol in these strips starts to dissolve in your saliva or sticks to your gum tissue rather than your teeth, you may notice a tingling sensation.

Whitening Kits for Teeth: 3.Quickly: Philips – Zoom Day White

Whitening Kits for Teeth:

Whitening Kits for Teeth: If the less well-known brands mentioned above put you off, you’re in luck: You can purchase the identical whitening products that your dentist will sell you online, typically at a significantly lower price. The Zoom Day White system from Philips is our top choice. Although this product doesn’t come with trays, you can easily fix that by using heat-molded off-the-shelf trays, like this reasonably priced set from Nova White.

Dentists have been using Zoom whitening technology since the 1990s. In 2010, Philips acquired Zoom from Discus Dental. Today, Zoom is one of the most popular systems used in dental offices.

For two reasons, we chose Zoom over other high-concentration solutions.

First off, Philips employs hydrogen peroxide rather than carbamide peroxide, which should be more effective for the majority of patients in brief treatment sessions than carbamide peroxide at the same dose.

Second, Philips provides a solution for battling sensitivity and remineralization in this bundle. The active component in toothpaste that reduces sensitivity is potassium nitrate, and amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) should aid in restoring the enamel’s surface.

Yes, these sensitivity remedies are available in toothpaste, but if you’re already spending 30 minutes a day applying fancy goop to your teeth, why not accomplish two goals at once?

Whitening Kits for Teeth: 4. High-quality trays that are inexpensive: NovaWhite

The Best Whitening Kits for Teeth

Whitening Kits for Teeth: You’ll also need trays if you buy the Philips – Zoom gel all by itself. The hardest element of at-home whitening is this: The heat-molded trays that come with most kits are adequate but not perfect.

The NovaWhite heat moldable trays are our top choice for a stand-alone tray to use with Zoom refills since they fit your teeth very well and are inexpensive at less than $10 for a set of four.

However, compared to some of the other trays, the NovaWhite trays do curl over a little bit more quickly when heated in hot water. Although we found these trays to be good for the price, we still want to shape both pairs of trays to get the best fit according to the provided directions.

Whitening Kits for Teeth: The other contenders that we tested

Whitening Kits for Teeth:

Whitening Kits for Teeth: The Radiant Effects of AuraGlow

The AuraGlow – Radiant Effects whitening kit is well-liked for a reason if you want a comprehensive package that offers exceptional value. With clear directions that produced a good fit the first time with no fiddling required, the trays supplied in this kit were a little bit simpler to heat and mold than most.

We made seven full sets of kits, and this set is among the top three. Whether deciding when to remove them from the water, AuraGlow’s trays provide you with a bit more wiggle room. If the tray material is in the hot water for two extra seconds, it doesn’t just coil over and attach to itself.

Naturally, your results will differ if you use DIY heat-molded trays. The Sparkling White Smiles – Custom Tray System was our top pick because of this. Once we adjusted them with a re-heat and a second try to attain a perfect fit, the thicker, softer plastic of the NovaWhite trays also felt slightly tighter overall.

The gel that comes with the AuraGlow kit is a little stronger than the gel that comes with the Sparkling White Smiles kit, but it isn’t any harsher. In either case, you should be careful to keep the gel away from your gums. With no fancy additives included, this set costs about half as much as purchasing a set of trays and refills for the Philips Zoom, at $1.50 per application.

Whitening Kits for Teeth: Deluxe Whitening System by Cali White

The Cali White – Deluxe Whitening System is the LED-bundle package we’d choose above the others we looked at if you simply have to take a photo with an LED light for your Instagram story.

Cali White includes a universal-fit tray, which is really much more awkward than it seems, for roughly $5 more than AuraGlow’s kit. You receive the same quantity of carbamide peroxide gel and the heat-moldable trays are virtually identical to the trays included with AuraGlow’s kit.

Although Cali White makes an effort to highlight the advantages of baking soda, cranberry seed extract, and aloe in their whitening gel, carbamide peroxide is still the active ingredient.

Although the integrated LED light is kind of cool, we haven’t been able to determine how it affects whitening speed. We gave it a try, and we found that it was more trouble than it was worth.

The trays and peroxide gel in the Cali White package aren’t a bad deal overall, but there’s no good reason to choose it over the AuraGlow system.

Whitening Kits for Teeth: Go for opalescence

The universal-fit item you can keep In a way that is special, the Opalescence-GO system combines many of the benefits of both tray systems and whitening strips.

This item comes with a moldable wax tray that is universally fit and pre-filled with Opalescence hydrogen peroxide gel. After positioning the plastic tray perfectly over your teeth, you remove the plastic.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as it seems. You must carefully assess how far up and back to move the trays before you can compress them into shape because they are very large to fit a larger range of mouth sizes.

There is also gel for the interior of your rear molars in case your date shines a flashlight into your mouth. These trays include significantly more gel than any filling instructions in previous kits have advised.

This thick, glue-like gel from Opalescent, not the watery stuff that most kits provide, is what you’re squeezing around as you shape the tray to fit your teeth. It will adhere to your teeth reasonably effectively, but it is harder to remove from your gums.

Once you understand how these trays function, you can modify them to suit almost perfectly. Dentists frequently practice opalescence, so if you have inquiries about time or strength, your regular dentist may be more likely to respond.

Whitening Kits for Teeth: Additionally tested whitening strips

Whitening Kits for Teeth:

Whitening Kits for Teeth: 10-day Solimo kit

Amazon offers you their 10-day whitening package with the Solimo brand, straight from the factory that creates all of these strips for everyone. The primary justification for choosing this set would be in the event that the Lovely White 14-pack is out of stock as it contains the same active ingredients as Crest’s 3D White Whitestrips and is somewhat less expensive. There aren’t many differences between the goods.

Whitening Kits for Teeth: 3D White Whitestrips from Crest

The changes between the “With Light” and “3D White Glamorous White” packages, which we tested, are, once more, negligible. These strips produced remarkably similar results on coffee stains in our control test to evaluate the peroxide-bleaching activity. The $34 LED light and the taller, narrower strip that is provided for your bottom teeth in the Glamorous White packages are the key differences.

In addition, Crest’s “With Light” package’s instructions advise utilizing the strips for a full hour as opposed to Glamorous White’s half-hour. Although it’s plausible that the hydrogen peroxide solution in the “With Light” package is weaker, Crest could also be implying that the more costly kit will produce better results due to the different sets of instructions.

Whitening Kits for Teeth: Lumist

Of all the whitening strips we looked into, Lumist’s are the most distinctive. Lumist makes its backing more elastic and formable so that it isn’t just a plastic backing on a gooey peroxide-carrying gel. Lumist is, ironically, a more three-dimensional solution than Crest’s so-called 3D Whitestrips since you can mold these strips around dental features that the other strips will only bubble and wrinkle on.

These strips from Lumist have a 20% carbamide peroxide content, which helps them function more quickly than other strips and perhaps even as quickly as a tray and gel solution. The Lumist strips’ weak aspect is their cost; at $6 per treatment, they are almost as expensive as the Opalescence – GO trays, which are more durable and comfortable to wear.

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