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Men's Shaving Kits:

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Men’s Shaving Kits: The top seven shaving kits for men have been identified after a comparison of the products offered by 12 different shaving supply stores and leading razor manufacturers. The Oneblade Core Black Tie Shave Kit is our pick for luxury, with a cutting-edge razor design and the perfect complement of accessories. The Stirling Budget Starter Set will also provide novices with everything they need to start daily shaves with a variety of distinctive manly smells. The Razorock Five-Piece Set, with its tried-and-true safety razor gear and leather travel case, offers the finest value for travel.

Men’s Shaving Kits: How did we choose?

Our team shaving aficionado has some established beliefs around what constitutes a decent shave after shaving for the past 15 years with everything from electric razors to straight razors to specialty head shavers. There are numerous incredible wet shaving solutions on the market that will significantly improve the shave you get, causing less irritation and perhaps even clearer skin than usual.

Men’s Shaving Kits: locating genuine value

It might be challenging to shop for shaving supplies in one place. Our resident shaving nerd was astonished to see suggestions for sets of products costing $20 or $30 but retailing for $90 or more when we searched for popular so-called evaluations of shaving kits. These kits do frequently contain a few trustworthy parts, but you shouldn’t spend extra for subpar fillers.

Check out our reviews of the safety razor, shaving brush, and shaving cream before looking at any packages to see what high-quality options are offered for $5 to $20 per item. All of the best-wet shaving products we’ve examined are available for $58; this configuration is superior to most $70 Amazon kits.

It can be difficult to obtain complete shaving kits for people who prefer simpler-to-use cartridge razors. Although the basic equipment and sample-size shaving products included in the travel kits aren’t worth the significant up-charge, Harry’s and Gillette’s side-brand Art of Shaving both sell them.

Men’s Shaving Kits: recognizable items

We checked the reviews at, the forum at, Reddit wet shaving product recommendations at r/wicked edge and r/wetshaving, as well as the reviews at Google and Amazon, to see what the differences between popular shaving kits were and to make sure we weren’t missing any hidden gems.

Men’s Shaving Kits: reputable vendors

Then we looked at the selection and costs of those online shaving businesses with the longest histories and highest ratings to see what their beginner kits offered. We selected a few steals and a few premium products that stood out after comparing razor reviews and reducing our criteria for necessary features. These products served as the foundation for this list.

Although the author of this article would have liked to include a few more of the fantastic small-shop suppliers that have made shaving significantly better over the past 20 years, these are the finest deals and upgrades that are worthwhile purchasing even as-is. Be aware that most barbershops can assemble a more personalized product if you’re looking for something with somewhat different features.

Men’s Shaving Kits: Important aspects to think about:

variety of razors

Men's Shaving Kits:

Most people are already aware of their favorite and least favorite features of the well-known disposable cartridge razors, but it’s still vital to consider the subtleties of the classic safety razor. Loose double-edge blades, which are very reasonably priced and even recyclable, are used in safety razors. The blade and guard bars on most safety razors are positioned at a fixed angle, and with practice, you’ll learn just how to hold the razor for a close-but-comfortable result. For more information on which razor styles are easiest to learn with, check out our safety razor review.

Men’s Shaving Kits: smells of soap or cream

The simplest approach to avoid purchasing something you detest is to choose unscented shaving products or less adventurous alternatives like straightforward citrus smells. Having said that, using shaving products that capture a more daring combination of botanical or cologne-like scents can turn shaving from a boring chore into one you look forward to every day. The West Coast Shaving sample packs that highlight the best products from the top artists are a favorite among our staff’s soap collectors.

Men’s Shaving Kits: Brands of razors

It can be difficult to decide which razor blade to put in your new safety razor. As opposed to fine hair, thick or wiry hair requires more sharpness, but your skin will appreciate it if you can obtain a close shave with a less sharp or Teflon-coated razor blade. The best approach to discovering what works for your face is with sample packs. The two most popular choices for sharpness and smoothness, Feather and Derby, are both included in this package.

Men’s Shaving Kits: Shaving brushes

Men's Shaving Kits:

The greatest shaving brushes, unlike razors, have seen a complete transformation in the past five years alone. The major shift is from animal hair, which was only pleasant to use if you purchased the best brushes, to extraordinarily soft synthetic fibers created for painter and makeup artist brushes. In our review of shaving brushes, we discovered that there are two types of fibers that are frequently used: one that has blonde color bands and is a little bit floppy, invented by Plisson in France, and a newer, slightly stiffer black and white fiber, invented by Yaqi in China but now sold by almost every factory and brush manufacturer.

Men’s Shaving Kits: suitability of TSA checkpoints

The Transportation Security Authority makes shaving challenging, which is a concern with the majority of the travel-oriented shaving kits we discovered. First, they require a container for your soap or cream that is no larger than 3.3 ounces. Second, you cannot bring loose razor blades into the country with you. The soap issue is manageable—just scoop it into a smaller container or even create your own shaving brush—but the blade issue is more challenging. Users of safety razors must check their luggage, hope to find quality blades at a pharmacy once they arrive, or purchase extra plastic cartridge razors for flights.

Men’s Shaving Kits: A travel purse

A piece of baggage specifically designed for your shaving supplies, often known as a Dopp kit or toiletry case, makes it much simpler to shave at the gym or when traveling. Unfortunately, a travel bag won’t suffice if you’re traveling because you’ll need to put the contents in a see-through bag and put it on the conveyor belt at the security checkpoint. Rendering the majority of Dopp kits useless for regular travelers.

Men’s Shaving Kits: Core Razor from Oneblade with Black Tie Shave Kit

Men's Shaving Kits:

Every reviewer who used the Oneblade Genesis model, which debuted in 2015, praised it for being a simple-to-use razor that retains many advantages of a conventional safety razor. But it costs $400. This more recent Core model with Black Tie Shave Kit uses the same engineering but replaces the majority of the stainless steel with Tritan polymer, which is used to make those unbreakable water bottles. As a result, the price of the entire kit drops to $130 while the shaving performance is essentially the same. This set strikes an excellent mix between quality and price, and all of the accessories are of the highest caliber.

Our shaving fanatic appreciates the challenge of trying different razor types to see how closely they can shave, despite the risks of nicks and irritation, after using traditional straight razors and safety razors for more than 15 years. The self-adjusting pivoting head of the Oneblade feels a little bit like cheating because it can’t go quite as near as something like a straight razor, but it can.

The elegant lavender aroma of the new Oneblade shaving cream is not overpowering and is even superior to the luxury pick in our shaving cream review. Given how many fantastic shave soaps you can buy for less, we wouldn’t pay $25 for a refill jar on its own, but as a pack-in, it’s a great cream to get you started.

Although it’s not truly necessary, the after-shave balm is a lovely bonus for skin care.

Even if One blade only offered the razor and 30 blades for $130, the Gillette – Fusion setup would still be less expensive. Don’t worry if you find it difficult to envision spending that much on razors; we’ve got you covered with the other options below.


  • A superb synthesis of traditional safety razor designs with cartridge razor technology
  • includes the ideal shaving brush that is both incredibly silky and devoid of animal hair.
  • a superior shave cream that lathers
  • a fantastic option for individuals who dislike other safety razors


  • Blade orders must be placed online.
  • Price unquestionably implies a premium for luxury
  • Even if you call it Tritan, it still feels like plastic.

Men’s Shaving Kits: Stirling – Starter Kit on a Budget

Men's Shaving Kits:

The Stirling – Budget Starter Set makes it as simple as possible to discover new favorites if you’re interested in learning more about the world of fragrant handcrafted soaps and conventional shaving equipment. Even for someone who already owns a few pieces of shaving equipment, we believe this package is a wonderful value because it is based on options and samples.

The twist-to-open razor included in this package is the least expensive option, but for an additional $8 you may choose the DE3P three-piece razor, which imitates the balanced shave of the most popular Merkur and Edwin Jagger models. Here, the DE3P1S, which has a handle that is of conventional length, is the safe bet.


  • No-compromise building alternatives at a reasonable cost
  • For beginners, the DE3 safety razor option is ideal.
  • three soap scents of your choosing, one aftershave smell, and unscented options
  • Most $50 or $75 badger brushes are inferior to Stirling’s selection of synthetic hair brushes.


  • No luggage or stand is provided.
  • If you haven’t done any research, all these options could be bewildering, and you might not like all the scents you choose.
  • only one example of each style of blade is present.

Men’s Shaving Kits: Five-Piece Set by Razorock

Men's Shaving Kits:

A specialty men’s grooming store called Fendrihan carries one-of-a-kind items from all around the world. Even without the accessories, the Explorer Travel Shaving Set is a great bargain and a great place to start for an elite shaving regimen.

The Koby by Toiletries bag is a noteworthy component of this shaving set. It is a sizable, all-silicone Dopp kit with a great no-snag zipper that won’t absorb your shampoo. Although there are no organizational pockets, there is enough space inside for a full-size jar of your preferred pomade, the provided barber-size shaving cloth, and other shaving supplies.


  • a nice razor and backpack with all the necessary trimming supplies
  • Versatile and beginner-friendly stainless steel razor that you may buy once.
  • Easy-to-lather shaving cream that keeps your skin feeling excellent
  • Contains a wonderful little towel that is ideal for shaving at the gym.


  • Shaving gel and razors are not suitable for flight travel.
  • The bag lacks organization compartments and won’t completely stop leaks.
  • It should have been a synthetic model for the badger hair brush.
  • only one brand of the razor blade is mentioned

Men’s Shaving Kits: Economy Shaving Set from Groomatorium

Men's Shaving Kits:

The Economy Shaving Set from Groomatorium is basic, but it includes everything you need: a razor with blades, some high-quality soap, and a brush. None of the products listed here are novel or interesting, but they will all give you a close shave and are worth the time it takes to learn how to use them.

The razor that comes with the package is the Baili – BR131, a contemporary ripoff of the Gillette – Tech, one of the most well-known double-edge razor models ever created. This head is identical to the one in the aforementioned Italian Barber kit, but it has a smaller handle. Although some of our less-experienced testers said it takes practice to get a close, nick-free shave, it’s a razor that works well for many people.

Men’s Shaving Kits: Shave Kit for Travel by Proraso

Men's Shaving Kits:

Men’s Shaving Kits: Our top choice is Proraso’s Travel Shave Kit, which can be easily thrown in a bag for hassle-free TSA checkpoint travel. The green-label “Sensitive Skin” formula from one of the oldest shaving cream manufacturers still produces a classic product at a mass-market price, and it provides a close shave with a menthol-eucalyptus tingle. In our study of shaving creams, it came in second place behind conventional shaving products.

Boar bristles, which are firmer than badger or synthetic hairs, are used in the shaving brush that comes with this package. The rigidity makes it seem more like an abrasive scrub than a soft caress, yet despite its small size, this little brush works wonderfully.


  • One of the most popular classic shaving creams
  • The ideal dimensions to fit in your carry-on
  • Creams for shaving that offer the greatest level of skin protection


  • jokingly small
  • When compared to full-size sets, not a great deal.
  • Some people dislike the eucalyptus aroma of Proraso.

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