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Socks for Men:

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Socks for Men: It’s possible that you have a dresser drawer full of black, navy, and gray dress socks if you wear a suit to work every day. Men’s dress socks don’t have to be 50 shades of the same, despite the fact that these conservative colors used to be the standard for business and formal attire. Bold hues and patterns may both convey your personality and make you look fashionable. The best men’s dress socks that we could find can improve your wardrobe. Alpine Swiss makes the best dress socks for the money, and Easton Marlowe appeals to both traditional and avant-garde tastes.

Socks for Men: Features to Think About

Typically, mixtures of different percentages of cotton, polyester, nylon, wool, and spandex are used to create men’s dress socks. The term “moisture wicking” is frequently used to describe a cotton-polyester or cotton-nylon blend, and it alludes to the fiber’s capacity to transport sweat to the surface where it can evaporate.

Although it is soft and absorbent, cotton retains moisture in its fibers. Polyester, nylon, and other synthetic textiles excel at wicking moisture away from the body. Many dress socks are comprised of cotton that has been woven with a synthetic material to aid in wicking away moisture. They also often have an elastic band to prevent the sock from slipping down to your ankles.

Sizing might be challenging, particularly if you desire socks made primarily of cotton (80% or more), which shrinks when laundered. If you have a larger foot and want the socks to fit after washing them, seek dress socks that are also available in sizes 13–15 since most socks are only available in men’s shoe sizes 8–12.

You can purchase polyester and cotton blends in your regular shoe size because they don’t shrink significantly after numerous items of washing. It is preferable to get the following size higher in socks that are mostly made of cotton because they frequently shrink after the first wash.

Underwear is subject to the same limitations on fabric as other clothing. Although all-cotton underwear may feel comfortable against the skin, it quickly shrinks. It is preferable to choose a blend that will last longer. Check out our picks for the top boxer briefs for men.

Socks for Men: Best overall is Easton Marlowe

Socks for Men:

Socks for Men: For those who love to mix things up with vibrant colors and vivid designs as well as for those who prefer to dress conservatively, Easton Marlowe has an enormous range of dress socks. They were produced in Portugal and Turkey using 80% combed cotton and 17% polyamide, a general term for strong synthetic materials like nylon. They did not shrink or lose their color after washing. The socks won’t fall below mid-calf thanks to the 3% spandex in the fabric blend, so you won’t have to be concerned if your pants rise.

Traditional dress sock colors from Easton Marlowe include black, navy, gray, and tan. These colors are offered in both solids and simple patterns like stripes and diamonds. Statement-making polka dots, chevron stripes, and plaids in rainbow-hued designs are made by Easton Marlowe.

The patterned socks would be entertaining combined with pants and a shirt of a like hue for a laid-back event or party. Depending on your shoe size, the Easton Marlowe dress socks come in packages of six and cost between $15 and $20, which is really affordable for such high-quality socks.

Socks for Men: Boardroom: Top Choice

Socks for Men:

Although over-the-calf dress socks look like a relic of the past, many men enjoy the supporting, non-sagging feel of them. 97% of the Pima cotton used in the Boardroom Men’s Over the Calf Dress Socks is American-grown and -woven, according to the firm. The Boardroom socks are a stylish option if you have a business meeting or other formal event.

To avoid normal wear and tear, these well-made socks include reinforced heels and toes. The 3% spandex mixed with the Pima cotton ensures that the Boardroom socks won’t sag and will stay in place throughout the day while also making them breathable and gentle to the touch. They have a vertical ribbing that adheres to the contour of your calf.

The Boardroom Over the Calf Dress Socks come in black, navy, gray, and tan in one size. Since they are made of Pima cotton, it’s conceivable that after numerous items of washing, they will shrink. At $14.95 per pair, The Boardroom socks are also extremely pricey, so you’ll need to spend a sizeable sum of money to refresh your sock drawer.

Socks for Men: Swiss Alpine: Best Value

Socks for Men:

The patterns and designs of the Alpine Swiss dress socks suit both conventional and bold tastes. The socks feel comfortable but are supportive of your ankles and calves thanks to the ribbed elastic (1%) and cotton (73%) and polyester (26%) blend. The machine-washable cotton-polyester blend prevents fading and shrinkage, about which we spoke in our evaluation of the top laundry detergent. Inclement or cold weather may not be optimal for these thin socks, but the other three seasons of the year make Alpine Swiss a fantastic option.

If you have a larger foot, you shouldn’t buy these socks because they are only available in one men’s shoe size, 6-12.

The “bold pack” of argyles and purple and blue stripes provide just the right amount of flair without being overly garish. The majority of the “fun pack blue, “gray, and red stripes go well with business-casual attire. The “bright pack,” which features stripes and polka dots, is actually a lot more enjoyable than the “fun pack”; these would go well with casual clothing.

The best part about these stylish dress socks is their affordable price: at $9.99 for a bundle of six pairs, they’re a great deal.

Socks for Men: Mio Marino

Socks for Men:

Online store Mio Marino sells footwear, clothing, and accessories for both men and women at fair prices. The colors and patterns of the dress socks by Mio Marino are both stylish and unique. Mio Marino’s socks are pieces of art for your ankles and feet, with a varied assortment of polka dots, zigzags, and abstract patterns reminiscent of Mondrian.

They have a soft, supple feel and don’t slip because they are constructed of 80% cotton, 10% polyester, and 10% spandex. The fabric blend used by Mio Marino will keep the socks mid-calf or slightly below the calf, even after washing, depending on the shoe size you choose (6-12, 12-16). Toes are reinforced to be twice as thick, and unless the socks are tied up tightly, they may bunch up in your shoe.

Socks for Men: 7DayOtter

A unique mixture of combed cotton, polyamide, polyester, spandex, Lycra, and modal is used to create 7DayOtter dress socks. T-shirts, bed linens, and undergarments are frequently constructed of modal, a silky-smooth, lightweight fabric manufactured from beech-tree pulp.

The 24% polyamide content in 7DayOtter’s dress socks makes them moisture-wicking as well as absorbent as conventional cotton socks. As a result, the business claims that the socks are odor resistant since perspiration rises to the surface of the modal-cotton fabric and dissipates.

Although 7DayOtter dress socks cost a little more than comparable dress socks, you would feel comfortable wearing them to a professional conference or upscale function.

Socks for Men: Gold Toe – Metropolitan

Socks for Men:

Since 1934, Gold Toe has dominated the market for both formal and everyday socks for both sexes. One illustration of this is the Gold Toe – Metropolitan over-the-calf dress socks. These 99 % nylon, 1% spandex socks with vertical ribs adhere to the calf securely and, as their name says, extend across the calf to just below the knee.

The Gold Toe – Metropolitan socks are thin, and nylon is one of the greatest materials for wicking away moisture and drying off your feet. The toe is strengthened to prevent tearing and is woven with the company’s signature yellow thread, like with all Gold Toe socks.

The Metropolitan is one of numerous over-the-calf dress sock collections from Gold Toe. They are available in black, brown, and navy and come in one shoe size (6-12.5). They cost only a third of what comparable Boardroom over-the-calf dress socks do. The Gold Toe is a thinner sock, but because it is made of nylon, it will be strong and unlikely to shrink much.

Socks for Men: Amazon Essentials

Socks for Men:

The Amazon Essentials – Patterned Dress Socks are terrific all-around day-or-night socks despite the fact that they might not impress anyone you desire to please. They are soft and comfortable. These crew-length socks are attached right below the calf thanks to a ribbed top. They are simple to slide on and off because they are constructed of 82% cotton, 17% nylon, and 1% spandex. The Amazon Essentials’ high cotton content makes them absorbent, while the nylon keeps the socks dry. Additionally, the nylon reduces washing-induced shrinking.

It seems a little misleading to promote these as patterned dress socks when two of the five pairs in the package are solid. The only colors available are black and navy and the designs on the socks are argyles, stripes, and plaid.

Socks for Men: Fiallo, James

Socks for Men:

The James Fiallo dress sock collection is extensive, with 37 possible combinations and a dozen various styles, patterns, and colors in each set. You could put on the Fiallo wild animal socks if you ever wanted to rule the jungle; you could go with the dress argyle socks for a Great Gatsby style, or you could choose the novelty food socks if you truly wanted to let everyone know how much you love hamburgers. No of the situation or your state of mind, James Fiallo has you covered.

The dress socks from James Fiallo are constructed of 95% polyester, which ensures that their punch-drunk hues won’t fade, and 5% spandex, which gives them a good amount of stretch and cling.

Socks for Men: Dobby Crew Socks for Dockers

Socks for Men:

Dobby Crew Socks by Dockers are straightforward, mid-weight dress socks that fall just below the calf. They glide on and off effortlessly and maintain their shape after washing because they are made of 83% polyester, 15% cotton, and 2% spandex. They cling thanks to the spandex, so they won’t slide down your legs.

For $13 to $15 for each bundle of five, you can get them in single or mixed colors in black, navy, and khaki for shoe sizes 6 to 12. Each set contains three socks with a light pattern and two pairs of solid-colored socks. The Dockers Dobbys’ bright hues won’t draw attention, yet they are appropriate for the workplace and daily wear.

Socks for Men: Wander – Men’s Classic

Socks for Men:

The prize for the most inventive packaging goes to Wander – Men’s Classic since they are vacuum-sealed. 88% organic, extra-long-staple cotton, and 12% spandex combine to make the Wander sock. Extra-long staple cotton is made from a special species of cotton that contains long, silky threads that, when combed and woven, create unusually smooth and soft fabric. “Staple” is just a name for fiber.

Compared to other dress socks, Wander socks are a little bit thicker, but the extra-long cotton staple keeps them ventilated. Wander dress socks feel and cling very much like the Metropolitan over-the-calf dress socks, but include a significant amount more spandex than other dress socks.

Socks for Men: Bonangel

Socks for Men:

Although bonangel socks aren’t really appropriate for a harsh environment, they’re great for most other settings because they’re so much fun to wear. The Bonangel – Novelty Men’s Dress Socks are for you if you don’t mind having the topic of conversation at parties or bars revolve around your ankles.

The colorful, imaginative, and whimsical Bonangel socks are made of 80% cotton, 15% nylon, and 5% spandex. Among the beautiful patterns in the 12-pair “painting” set are Botticelli’s Venus, Nefertiti, the Egyptian queen, and David by Michaelangelo. Other patterns include psychedelic paisleys, jigsaw pieces, underwater animals, spaceships, and aliens.

Socks for Men: Anatolian – Bamboo Socks

Socks for Men:

Socks for Men: The viscose (rayon) generated from bamboo that is used to make the incredibly soft Anatolian Bamboo Socks glides on with ease and appears to mold to your foot. If you frequently experience skin rashes or allergies, you might want to try wearing bamboo socks because they are eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. Bamboo is also odor-resistant and moisture-wicking, so bamboo socks keep your feet fresh and fresh.

The stylish “Brighton” honeycomb pattern and the solid colors black, navy, dark gray, and light gray are also options for them. If you have wide feet, the socks will barely cover your mid-shins because they are sold in sets of four pairs and only come in men’s shoe sizes 7–11.

Socks for Men: Goodthreads

Socks for Men:

Socks for Men: The reasonably priced men’s clothesline from Amazon is called Goodthreads. Surprisingly, for being crew socks made of a lightweight cotton blend, their patterned socks are a little overpriced. One pair of the five-pair bundle is often a 60–75 percent cotton blend with the rest being 80% cotton and less nylon. Given that socks with a higher percentage of cotton will shrink when washed, and as was predicted, the socks we tested did, this is an odd design decision.

The designs and hues of Goodthreads socks aren’t particularly striking, but a few of them feature whimsical elements like dogs, animals, and fish. These socks are not what you’d want for dressing up; rather, they are just your standard, everyday socks for work and informal occasions.

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