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Capsules for Nespresso:

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Capsules for Nespresso: To discover which produced the best-tasting espresso that was either equivalent to or better than the Nespresso brand, we taste-tested eight well-known brands of Nespresso-compatible capsules. The French-made, smokey and smooth Cap’Mundo, the Italian-made, richly aromatic Delicitaly, and the robust and earthy Peet’s—one of the few brands with recyclable capsules—are the best compatible capsules overall, despite the fact that not all flavors of the brands we chose received high consumer ratings.

How did we test?

How did we test? Capsules for Nespresso:
We looked at Nespresso machines and decided to test the reasonably priced Breville – Essenza. The Breville is a small espresso maker that has two settings: lungo (5 ounces) and espresso (1.35 ounces). It can create six servings before needing to be emptied of spent capsules. We tasted a selection of Nespresso-brand capsules that came with the Breville to see how they compared to the compatible capsules.

The main reason why Amazon customers choose non-Nestle products over Nestle’s Nespresso capsules is that they are around 30% more expensive. The capsules we chose for Nespresso were not made by Nestle and received the best reviews on Amazon.

We made at least four Nespresso and Lungo brews of each flavor from each brand using filtered water. If a flavor maker suggested a certain size, we tested it again in a different size after doing what they advised.

Without adding creamer or sugar, we tried each flavor, noting its scent, flavor, bitterness, and balance. If one of the flavors was a hit with our tasters, they added creamer to see how it fared.

Additionally, it should be noted that the majority of Nespresso-compatible capsules available on Amazon are for the Original Nespresso model (such as the Breville – Essensa) and will not function with the more recent Vertuo machines. (Vertuo capsules have a dome-like shape and are available in three sizes.)

Capsules for Nespresso: 1. Cap’Mundo is the best variety.

Capsules for Nespresso:

Capsules for Nespresso: Cap’Mundo distinguishes out as unique since it is the only espresso produced in France. Nearly all Nespresso-compatible capsules have Italian names, some of which are more ornate than others (such as “Nerissimo” and “Satinato”), but Cap’Mundo’s names conjure up far-off places. With only a hint of the typical bitterness, we noticed in the other capsules we tested, the five distinct espressos in this variety pack are all powerful and smooth.

“Zebrano” tastes somewhat herbaceous; it is more like a strong cup of coffee than espresso. Although “Umbila” lacked the distinctive crema of espresso, it nevertheless packs a powerful punch. The flavor of “Copaiba-Organic” is herbaceous with a hint of smokiness, similar to a strong espresso version of “Zebrano.” “Ebene” is the most distinctive of the bunch, though it might not be to everyone’s taste. Our tasters were intrigued by its smokey, woody flavor. The form called “Dark Ebene” is more potent and bitter than the rest.

Paris-based Cap’Mundo is a modest family-run enterprise (the coffee is roasted in Strasbourg). No other Nespresso-compatible capsule compares to the coffee that the family has been roasting since the 19th century. It is really artisanal. The packaging demonstrates Cap’Mundo’s attention to detail as well: Despite being plastic, each capsule is individually wrapped in foil to keep the coffee fresher for longer. This tasty and intriguing variety pack costs only $29.70 for 50 capsules ($.59 each capsule), which is a great deal.


  • unique and robust tastes
  • coffees produced artisanally in Paris
  • affordable at $.59 per pill


  • Plastic capsules are not recyclable.

capsules for Nespresso: 2. Genuinest: Delicitaly

Capsules for Nespresso:

Felicity is a Texas-based small-batch firm that imports food and coffee from Italy. Just the scent of their espresso will make you long for (or think of) Rome. Of all the espressos we tasted, Delicitaly’s “Passione” had the strongest scent, and its flavor matched the aroma: it was mellow and well-balanced with a herbal undertone. They also have a “Lungo” in their three-flavor variety pack, which was excellent in the 5-ounce size but exceptional in the espresso size: strong and chocolatey with no bitter aftertaste. The exquisite “Ristretto” had a cinnamon flavor in the smaller portion and a raspberry flavor in the larger one.

We only spent $12.99 for the variety pack, or $0.43 per capsule, for 30 capsules. We wish they offered the variety pack in greater amounts, but given their reasonable prices, you can buy two boxes and still pay less than you would for other brands. Apiece flavor is available in boxes of 100 or 200 capsules for roughly $.25 each if you wish to buy bigger quantities.


  • the enticing scent, harmonious, and smooth
  • Strong tastes with hints of raspberry, cinnamon, and chocolate
  • affordable, costing roughly $.43 per pill


  • plastic containers

Capsules for Nespresso: 3. Peets is the greenest.

Capsules for Nespresso:

Nearly all capsules that work with Nespresso are composed of non-recyclable plastic. One of the relatively few producers of recyclable metal capsules is Peet’s. (The capsules for Nespresso are made of aluminum.) Peet’s coffee divides opinion: either you adore its strong, intense flavor or you believe it tastes burned. This espresso probably isn’t for you if you detest Peet’s. However, Peet’s fans will like its thick, frothy crema and robust dark-chocolate taste. The four espressos we tried are Peet’s strongest, with intensities ranging from 8 to 11.

The darkest, “Nerissimo,” is pleasantly well-balanced, extraordinarily rich in flavor, and loaded with crema. The mildest, “Ricchezza,” tastes mostly like coffee beans and has a fresh-brewed scent. While “Crema Scura” (intensity 10) is medium-dark, smooth, and balanced with a berry finish and no bitterness, “Ristretto” (intensity 10) is a little chalky.

For 40 capsules, Peet’s costs a little less than Cap’Mundo, making it a wonderful option if you care about the environment and want a jolting demitasse of espresso.


  • Very black and sturdy
  • capsules made of recycled aluminum
  • notes of frothy and robust cacao


  • some folks could find it to be too intense

Capsules for Nespresso: 4. It’s Don Francisco

Capsules for Nespresso:

This five-flavor variety pack includes Don Francisco’s Espresso, and Cafe La Llave, a powerful Latin-style coffee that is perhaps most recognized for its espresso. Cafe La Llave is a Nespresso-compatible capsule that doesn’t let you down: It has an intriguing blend of tobacco and wood smoke with almost any bitterness.

The “Old Havana,” which is less potent, creamy, smooth, and enjoyable to sip, is another highlight. Similar to Cafe La Llave, “Organico” is a delicious, medium-dark coffee with a caramel taste. The other two options in the variety pack can be drunk but are not very noteworthy. It costs less than $18 for 50 pills, which is a reasonable price. There are 40-count and 80-count boxes of Cafe La Llave available for those who enjoy it.

Capsules for Nespresso: 5. L’OR

Capsules for Nespresso:

The L’OR capsules, like Peet’s, are constructed of recyclable, environmentally friendly aluminum; nonetheless, we wish their espresso was more reliable. The “Columbia” (intensity 8) and “Ristretto” (intensity 11) varieties from the five-flavor variety box were two of the best espressos we had; they were creamy and frothy with a lot of flavor and tang. Onyx (12) tasted scorched and harsh, and Satinato (6) and Or Absolu (9) had a medicinal aftertaste and were too bitter to take more than a sip.

Capsules for Nespresso: 6. Rosso

Capsules for Nespresso:

Israeli-made espresso called Rosso Caffe comes in a variety pack of six flavors, some of which have odd names like “Gentleman,” “Intelligence,” and “Maestro.” Although they seemed washed down as a lungo, the three medium-roast tastes had pleasant scents and were much better prepared than espresso, which had a taste of dark chocolate and cinnamon. The two dark roasts were harsh and didn’t taste like coffee, while the light roast had virtually little flavor.

7. Bestpresso

Capsules for Nespresso:

Spanish company Bestpresso offers a six-flavor variety box of 120 capsules for about $30. Two vacuum-sealed plastic bags with 10 capsules each are included in each box, which seems like a waste of material considering that the bags don’t keep the coffee any fresher (already sealed in plastic capsules). When we opened the bags, we were horrified by the foul scent they released—they genuinely smelt like old coffee grounds in the trash.

Two of the espresso were edible after we got over the smell: “Arabica” and “Ristretto,” which had a little clove flavor. The other espressos tasted strange, chalky, artificial, or grassy and were unpleasant to drink.

8. Gimoka

Capsules for Nespresso:

Another inexpensive brand is Gimoka, which offers a variety pack of 100 capsules for $30. 

Only one of the five flavors in the variety pack, the level-5 strength “Lungo,” which has a mildly smokey flavor, was deemed drinkable by our testers. 

The other four flavors received ratings of 0 or 1 from our tasters, who noted that the espresso had a strange, artificial aftertaste and a watered-down flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do other capsules work with Nespresso?

Since each coffee pod is made differently, we can’t vouch for every single brand of coffee, but the short answer is that the majority of them will function in your Nespresso® machine. Compatibility is ensured via extensive testing.

Do Aldi pods work in the Nespresso Vertuo?

To lower the cost of your daily drink and save money, get these Aldi coffee pods. This bundle pack includes all of your favorite coffee options, whether you want Colombian coffee, your standard, everyday espresso, or something more upscale like a lungo. Additionally, they are ALL Nespresso machine compatible.

A Nespresso pod may be brewed twice.

Nespresso capsules may be used twice, thus the answer is yes! Simply empty the capsule of the spent coffee grounds and replace it with new coffee grounds. The capsule may then be used in your Nespresso machine once again.

Workability of Lavazza capsules in Nespresso

Enjoy the distinct scent, roast, and smooth grind that set our espresso coffee capsule blends apart from Lavazza capsules that work with Nespresso* original machines. Learn about Lavazza’s compatible capsules so you can keep drinking your preferred mix with your Nespresso* coffee makers.

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