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Selfie Sticks

Selfie Sticks

The seven top selfie sticks on the market were rigorously tested over the course of two weeks. Our test subjects connected selfie sticks to iPhone, Android, and GoPro smartphones before taking selfies under various lighting conditions. In the end, we discovered that the Yoozon was the greatest selfie stick overall due to its performance, portability, and ease of use. The Bluetooth remote on the Yoozon was well received by our testers, and they also praised the stick’s lightweight and stylish appearance. The Fugetek – FT-568 was the strongest selfie stick we tested.

Selfie Sticks

The 7 selfie sticks we tested

Selfie Sticks
ProductPriceWeight (oz.)Extended Length (in.)Collapsed Length (in.)
1. Yoozon$$428.710
2. Fugetek$$94918.5
3. Vicdozia$5.3197.25
4. Selfie World$4.5328
5. Mpow$5.631.57.1
6. Anker$4.828.37
7. UBeesize$$14.631.99

The best overall: Yoozon

Selfie Sticks

The Yoozon’s detachable Bluetooth remote immediately activated the phone’s shutter. The ideal use for this selfie stick is when it is not fully extended. Although it wasn’t made for action sports, it is strong enough to resist the jolts caused by a swarm of people. This tripod stand tipped over too readily for our testers to find it to be particularly useful.

Top Pick: Yoozon

Best Selfie Sticks

For visitors or casual selfie-takers, the Yoozon is a better-than-average selfie stick. Our reviewers praised its user-friendly Bluetooth remote and logical design. You have enough room to work on your selfie angles because the telescopic pole expands to a length of 28.7 inches.

Key takeaways:

  • The Yoozon, our best selfie stick, offers a convenient, simple-to-use Bluetooth control.
  • Our test subjects liked the clean, basic black design of this selfie stick.
  • The Yoozon is extremely portable because it weighs only 4 ounces and collapses to 10 inches.
  • This selfie stick is 28.7 inches long when fully extended. This was deemed a good length for taking selfies by our testers.
  • The pole of this selfie stick is not resilient enough to withstand violent shaking.

Sturdiest pick: Fugetek – FT-568

Selfie Sticks

The only selfie stick that could safely handle an iPhone 6 Plus was the FT-568. You may screw a phone holder or a GoPro mount onto the end of the Fugetek. Because it weighs roughly 5 ounces more than the other finalists, this selfie stick’s biggest drawback was portability.

Sturdiest Pick: Fugetek – FT-568

Selfie Sticks

A high-quality selfie stick that costs under $20 is the Fugetek. It is advised for people who use bulkier phones, such the iPhone plus. This substantial selfie stick is very simple to use with GoPros. For those who don’t mind lugging around an 18-inch pole, the pricing is reasonable.

Key takeaways:

  • Only the Fugetek – FT-568, our strongest selfie stick, was able to safely handle the iPhone 6 Plus.
  • The Bluetooth remote from Fugetek is simple to use and pair with your gadget.
  • This selfie stick is a massive 49 inches long when fully extended, allowing you to include more in your selfies.
  • The biggest problem with the Fugetek is portability. This selfie stick is 18.5 inches long and 9 ounces in weight, even when fully compressed.

Best for GoPros: Vicdozia – 19-Inch

Best Selfie Sticks

The Vicdozia – 19-inch selfie stick works well with GoPros but is incompatible with smartphones. Our reviewers praised the sturdy pole and waterproof rubber handle. Our shake test was readily passed by this selfie stick, demonstrating its durability for use in motion photographs.

Best for GoPros: Vicdozia – 19-Inch

Best Selfie sticks

The Vicdozia selfie stick boasts a strong pole and an easy-to-grip rubber handle. As a result, you may shoot action films without being concerned about harming your GoPro. The Vidozia weighs only 5.3 ounces and collapses to 7.25 inches.

Key takeaways:

  • Vicdozia’s 19-Inch selfie stick is safe and portable, making it the perfect selfie stick for GoPros.
  • Despite the Vicdozia’s limited extension of 19 inches, our testers concluded that this length was sufficient for their recording requirements.
  • The weight of this selfie stick is merely 5.3 ounces, and it can be packed down to a length of about 7.25 inches.
  • This selfie stick easily survived our shake test, demonstrating that it is durable enough to be used for action photos.

Other finalists we tested

Best Selfie Sticks

Selfie World, Mpow, and Anker were simple to assemble, operate, and transport. For travelers and casual selfie stick users, these three selfie sticks are perfect. These three selfie sticks’ pole to handle connections are not designed for heavy use and would probably break after a year or two.

Selfie World – Premium Selfie Stick

A wired selfie stick called the Selfie World must be connected to an iPhone 7 or later in order to function. It costs less than $15, weighs 4.5 ounces, and packs down to 8 inches. The pole of this selfie stick should not be violently moved, especially when it is completely extended.

Mpow – iSnap X

For visitors and casual selfie stick users, the Mpow – iSnap X is a wonderful option. We discovered that the selfie stick kept its charge for more than 24 hours and that Bluetooth was simple to pair. For only approximately $5 more, a selfie stick of significantly higher quality may be obtained.

Anker – Wired Monopod

Straight out of the box, the Anker is really simple to set up and operate. It is the perfect travel accessory for travelers who want to take a few pictures. The connection between the pole and handle on this selfie stick, which costs only approximately $10, is poor.

UBeesize – Extendable Monopod (Not Recommended)

The telescopic pole’s instability renders the UBeesize’s amazing 31.9-inch length ineffective. The portability of the selfie stick was no problem for our testers. Even if the tripod showed promise, we suggest seeking for a stronger selfie stick.

How we selected

We started our search for the top selfie stick on Amazon by reading customer reviews. The most popular selfie stick brands and the qualities that users value most were determined using these reviews.

Additionally, we used subreddits like r/selfiestick and ones for particular gadgets like r/GooglePixel and r/GalaxyS7. Here, customers talked about selfie sticks that have paired well with their particular gadgets. These findings, along with user feedback and brand repute, were utilized to choose the top seven selfie sticks.

How we tested

Best Selfie Sticks

How many selfies are necessary to decide which selfie stick is the best? Hundreds. Three test subjects, each using a different smartphone (iPhone 7, Galaxy S8, and iPhone 6 Plus), took selfies in various environments, including the outdoors, inside, and during an activity. Additionally, we gave our testers GoPro Hero cameras and selfie sticks to utilize.

To assess the stability of each selfie stick’s hold on the smartphone, our testers subjected each one to a shake test with increasing intensity (naturally over a soft mattress).

Our testers completed a performance questionnaire after the shake test and taking numerous photos in various settings, asking them to score each selfie stick’s ease of setup, portability, sturdiness, and overall performance.

Ease of setup

None of our testers experienced any significant setup issues with the seven selfie-stick finalists. They discovered that wired selfie sticks were the simplest to assemble because they simply needed a plug to be inserted into the headphone socket before the user could set their phone in the holder.

The Bluetooth remotes that came with the selfie sticks needed to be charged. These remote controls maintained their charge after several days of use. No one who tested the selfie stick’s Bluetooth had any trouble getting their phones to connect.

Due to the fact that both the Fugetek and UBeesize – Extendable Monopod allow for GoPro compatibility, they were shipped with the phone holder and selfie pole dismantled (which requires a different mount to be screwed in). Both had no trouble installing the phone holder by simply screwing it on. Likewise with the GoPro mount.


The next longest selfie stick is 17 inches shorter than the Fugetek FT-568. When holding, the 9 ounce weight of this selfie stick is apparent. In order to aid in portability, it also incorporates a storage bag that can be slung over one shoulder like a backpack.


Sturdiest Pick: Fugetek – FT-568

Best Selfie Sticks

The Fugetek pole can stretch to a remarkable 49 inches without losing device security. Even larger smartphones like the iPhone Plus models won’t break the Fugetek because it is sturdy enough.

While the Fugetek fell short of the competition in terms of portability, it vastly outperformed them in terms of durability. For the shake test, our testers gave the Fugetek the highest rating, praising its pole in particular for its durability.

The pole sturdiness of almost all of our previous selfie sticks was a problem. In particular, the Selfie World – Premium Selfie Stick, the Anker – Wired Monopod, and the Mpow – iSnap X all received negative feedback from our testers due to their flimsiness. All of these selfie sticks gave off the impression that the handle and pole would someday separate.

These selfie sticks were overly flexible and even dropped some phones during the shake test. These selfie sticks are not intended to be twirled around randomly, even though they might be able to withstand a little bump from a bystander. For safer selfie-taking, our testers advised against extending these selfie sticks all the way.

Top Pick: Yoozon

Best Selfie Sticks

The Yoozon effectively struck a balance between mobility and durability. Our reviewers liked its svelte, lovely look and Bluetooth remote. Tourists should choose this.

Overall performance

Our test subjects were asked to rate their overall satisfaction with each selfie stick. Test subjects used a scale of one to five to rate their overall satisfaction (one being very bad, five being very good). For overall performance, the Yoozon, Fugetek, and Vicdozia – 19-Inch were voted highest.

Important features to consider


It is crucial to confirm that the selfie stick you plan to purchase is compatible with your device before making a purchase. For owners of iPhone 7 and later models, this is crucial because they need a lightning-to-headphone jack adaptor in order to use wired selfie sticks. These phones lack the headphone jack needed to operate wired selfie sticks.

Additionally, people searching for selfie sticks that work with GoPros should confirm that the necessary mount adaptor is provided.

Wired and wireless:It is crucial to confirm that the selfie stick you plan to purchase is compatible with your device before making a purchase. These phones lack the headphone jack needed to operate wired selfie sticks. Selfie stick buyers looking for GoPro compatibility should confirm that the necessary mount adaptor is provided.

Portability and length:

A healthy selfie stick should be about 30 inches long when completely extended, according to our research. This length should make it simple for you to include a group of people or a backdrop scene in your selfies if you have arms that are of average size.

The compact size of a selfie stick is also crucial because no one wants to lug around a heavy stick all day. Selfie sticks that fold down to 10 inches or less are light and portable, according to our testers.

Waterproof:Make sure your selfie stick is waterproof if you intend to use it for water sports like surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, or other similar activities. The majority of selfie sticks are not, and they rust.

Aesthetics:Despite the fact that using a selfie stick is becoming less taboo in society, we still desire it to appear classy. Selfie sticks that are elegant and unobtrusive in a crowd were favoured by our testers.

Price: An excellent selfie stick costs between $10 to $22, on average.

The bottom line

The Yoozon is our overall winner because it struck the right mix between portability and durability. The iPhone 6 Plus could only be held firmly by the Fugetek. Our top selfie stick for GoPros was the Vicdozia – 19-Inch thanks to its straightforward and durable construction.

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