The 07 Best Bike Racks For You

Bike Racks

Bike Racks

To determine which bike racks is the best for the home or garage, we analyzed seven highly rated models. With its elegant, simple design that allows it to suspend two bikes without any difficult installation, the Delta Cycle – Michelangelo is the greatest overall option for the majority of living areas.

The Bike Hand – Parking Rack, a reliable and portable rack that can be set up anywhere, is the greatest free-standing bike rack. The Ibera is a horizontal bike rack with movable arms that can hold your bike at various angles if you’re looking for a wall-mounted bike rack for the garage. If you have a small amount of floor space, we advise using the Racor – B-R1 to hang your bike vertically.

Types of Bike Racks

Wall Mount

The most typical style of bike rack, available in both vertical and horizontal mounts, is this one. They could be something as straightforward as a metal hook or an expertly crafted adjustable bracket. In a horizontal installation, the bike hangs from two fixed arms by its frame; in a vertical mount, the bike hangs off a rubber-coated hook by the front tire.

Since the bike’s footprint when elevated is only the width of the handlebars (horizontal mount) or the diameter of the tires, a wall-mounted bike rack is perfect for tiny living spaces (vertical mount). Installing requires:

  • Measuring the height at which the bike will hang
  • Using a stud finder, locate the studs in the wall where you intend to hang the bike.
  • Drilling studs for holes
  • Securing the rack’s base to the wall using screws

Even though several of the bike racks we examined had plastic drywall anchors, we firmly advise against mounting a bike rack into drywall by yourself: The impact of picking up and setting down the bike will eventually cause the drywall to crack, and everything will collapse, even with the greatest drywall anchors.

A wall plate that secures the back tire and protects it from scratching the wall is also advised for a vertical installation, but they are not included with a vertical-mount bike rack.


Free-standing bike racks come in two varieties: parking racks and gravity racks.

Parking racks don’t need to be installed and are perfect for storing your bike in a garage or a bigger living area. It has a metal folding frame that unfolds to reveal a vertical arm with a sizable hourglass-shaped spindle. Up until the tire is secured by the spindle, the front bike wheel is rolled into the frame. Even while a free-standing rack is transportable, handy, and simple to use, they can sway and fall over if unintentionally hit.

A so-called gravity rack is made to hold one or two bikes horizontally and upright. Simple assembly only requires screwing together the ladder-like frame and adjusting the arms that support the bike. Simply leaning against any wall, the rack. A gravity rack is your best choice if you rent an apartment or a house and your landlord forbids drilling holes in the walls.

Pulley System

People who need to keep multiple bikes in their garage but have no floor space are fond of this style of bike storage. It comprises of two pulleys that are fastened to ceiling joists and placed over the bike’s seat and handlebars. The pulleys are connected to two double hooks, which are subsequently lowered and fastened to the handlebars and seat of the bicycle. The bike can be raised to the ceiling by pulling on the pulley ropes. Due to the low ceilings in our tester’s garage, we were unable to evaluate this style of bike storage.

Whichever way you choose to hang your bike, make sure to constantly maintain a full tire pressure using one of the top bike pumps we suggest. Following installation and testing, we’ve ranked the following products as the top garage or home bike racks.

1.Delta Cycle – Michelangelo: Best for Apartments

Bike Racks

Two bikes can hang from the Delta Cycle – Michelangelo gravity bike rack. It only took us 10 minutes to join its ladder-like steel poles with the six provided bolts, proving how simple it is to put together. The Michelangelo can then be leaning up against any wall thanks to its four adjustable arms with rubberized hooks. The wall is shielded from damage by a rubber cushion in the rack’s upper half. When you place the bikes on the hooks, they magically suspend in the air. Two smaller hooks are also supplied as a fantastic feature for hanging bicycle helmets.

The Michelangelo bike rack is perfect for apartment residents because it is 20 inches wide and just 7 feet tall when assembled. A shorter person could struggle to hoist their bike up onto the upper rungs since the top hooks need to be placed high to make room for the lower bike. For such a well-made bike rack, the Michelangelo is inexpensive. A four-bike option is offered for rooms with more space; two bikes hang on either side of the extra-sturdy rack.

2.Ibera: Best Horizontal Rack

Bike Racks

The Ibera is one of the few wall-mounted bike racks that hangs a bike horizontally; the majority hang bikes vertically. The Ibera wall-mounted rack was the simplest to install. It consists of an outer tube with hanger arms that is slipped onto a steel tube that is attached to a metal plate and bolted into the wall with three screws. Almost any bike width and frame can be accommodated by adjusting the tubes. The arms may be adjusted to tip your bike forward or backward and are positioned at a 45-degree angle. It can hold up to 40 pounds if correctly placed into a stud.

Other considerate benefits worth highlighting include: The bike’s front wheel can be secured to the frame with an extra-long Velcro strap, keeping it horizontal, and the arms are padded to prevent scratching the bike’s frame. Although the Ibera is marketed as fitting into any living area, you would have to give up a lot of wall space to fit your complete bike’s length and width. The Ibera was a great choice for the small amount of storage space in our tester’s garage.

3.Racor – B-1R: Best Vertical Rack

Bike Racks

Though there are numerous vertical bike racks available, the Racor – B-1R has a few design elements that set it apart from the competition. Installation took five minutes after we determined the bike’s length from the top of the tire and found the wall studs in the garage. The bike hangs by its front tire from the rack, which is made of an enamel-coated steel panel with a slightly curved, rubberized hook. The curvature on some vertical bike racks is more pronounced, making it challenging to maneuver the tire onto the hook.

Other vertical racks lack the high V-shaped channel that the Racor has for holding the front tire in place. The bike felt secure on the wall and was simple to attach without help. If you need to clear some floor space in your garage or house, the Racor would be your best option.

4.Bike Hand – Parking Rack: Best Free-Standing

Best Bike Racks

The Bike Hand – Parking Rack was a winner as soon as it was opened. Pushing a tiny knob, which releases its vertical arm, instantly unfolds this solid, well-made steel frame. For setup, that’s pretty much it. The bicycle’s front wheel is guided into the frame, locks into place mechanically, and stands on its own.

According to numerous Amazon reviewers, this product is actually “so simple a kid could do it,” which is why they bought it. We discovered that the Bike Hand was equally secure on carpet as it was on a cement or wood floor thanks to its four hard-rubber feet. Any size bicycle tire can be held by the Bike Hand, which is reasonably priced. It can be used inside the house, in the garage, or wherever there isn’t a rack for storing bikes.

5.Feedback Sports – RAKK

Best Bike Racks

The Bike Hand – Parking Rack and the Feedback Sports – RAKK are extremely similar, however the Feedback Sports – RAKK is smaller and lighter, making it more likely to topple over. Although it costs approximately half as much as the Bike Hand, we found it to be less durable and difficult to unfold.

The vertical arm must be lifted and a little button underneath the spring mechanism pushed in order to release the RAKK. Too often, the spring would snag our fingers, and the vertical arm would remain stationary. The bike seemed shaky once we did unfold it and maneuver it into the frame, and we were unsure if it would stay in position, especially if bumped.

6.Dirza – Bike Hook (Not Recommended)

Best Bike Racks

The Dirza – Vertical Bike Hook installation was the most challenging. It was challenging to maneuver the screwdriver to gain any leverage because its curved hook was positioned over the top screw hole. Because of its flimsy construction, the Dirza required much longer to install than the other wall-mounted racks, even when we used better (and longer) screws.

As if the installation process wasn’t complicated enough, we struggled to attach the front tire of the bike to the sharply curved hook, and finally attached, the bike wobbled when touched.

7.Hornit – Clug (Not Recommended)

Best Bike Racks

If the Hornit – Clug truly functioned, it would be a cool, simple method to hang your bike. On the company’s website, it is extremely clear that you should measure your bike tire before placing an order. Our tires were 32 millimeters in diameter, so we followed the directions and got the “Roadie” (23-32 mm). It was too narrow when we tried to fit the Roadie Clug. We returned the c-shaped Clug since it can’t be changed for width and instead purchased the next size up for “Hybrid” (33-43 mm).

Installation was simple; hanging the bike was agony. The front tire had to be guided into the Clug as the bike was vertically rolled up the wall, leaving stripes on the wall. The Clug was too loose to retain our bike tire, even if it fit.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of bike rack is easiest to use?

This is one of the simplest to install and use among the common tray-style hitch racks that we examined. It is portable, securely secures one or two bikes, and allows you to reach your car even when it is loaded.

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