Samsung reveals more for 2022

Samsung has finally revealed their brand new smartphones to the market this year. They have launched three new smartphones and three tablets and also Samsung has upgraded their existing Galaxy watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch Classic with loads of health and wellness options. It allows you to track your heart rate, body water, body fat, skeletal muscle, body mass index etc. Moreover, Samsung Galaxy watches gives you the ability to get your insights from anywhere at anytime. You can find out more about your body from a single watch such as ECG, Blood Oxygen level, Body composition etc. Let’s check out the brand new smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung has planned big this time. They have launched Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra along with a low- latency S pen which also means that sometimes Samsung is tending to put a full stop on the existing Note line. This new S22 Ultra is said to be the best as it consists of both the Samsung smartphone qualities as well as the Samsung’s Note line qualities. So, What can go wrong? Isn’t it amazing because you almost get a note and a smartphone in one.

In Addition to, the above features it also possess an Ultra AMOLED display which is 6.8 inches, an amazing camera system with 108 Megapixel wide lens that is eligible to shoot 8K video along with 100x zooming options. Newly added Samsung feature is that it has a 4.0 Nanometre processor. This has been done for the first time in the history of smartphones and also has the biggest battery so far which is 5000mAh along with built-in speakers.

By far the price is said to be at $1,200. Luckily, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will be available everywhere by February 25.

Samsung Galaxy S22/S22+

These two smartphone are another best to grab if you want something similar to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra as it also possess almost all the qualities in the Ultra such as the AMOLED Display, the 4.0 Nano Meter Processor and all the features of the Camera but doesn’t allow the 108 MP wide angle as it contains a 50 MP angle lenses. Therefore, the photo or video qualities might not be the same because there is no auto focusing options or the high resolution.

 However, the only contrast is that it doesn’t have a built-in S pen and it contains a smaller battery when compared to the Ultra (5000mAh). The charging speeds have also some downsides when compared to an Ultra. On the other hand, when comparing the S22 and S22+, the display size is said to be a 6.1″ and 6.6″ , the battery size is 3,700 mAh and 4,500 mAh. But both the Ultra and the S22+ has the same charging speeds as it supports 45 Watt and on the other hand the S22 only supports 25 Watts. These smartphones can be wirelessly charged at the maximum of 15 Watt.

Same as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra the Samsung Galaxy S22 and the Samsung Galaxy S22+ will be available from the 25th of February for the price of $800 and $1000 respectively.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, S8+ and S8 Ultra

Samsung has announced their new series of Tabs which are similar to the S22 series. The New line also introduces you to the Tab S8 Ultra, Tab S8+ and the Tab S8. As of such Samsung tries to compete with the Apple’s iPads and they have launched high-end tablets so far.

All these Tabs come with the 4.0 Nano Meter Processor and is specially designed for gamers with a large display of 120 Hz. It also comes with a S pen making it convenient to use. Also said to be supported to the 5G connection.

By far the Samsung Galaxy S8 Tab is the best Tab with a large display of 14.6″ (AMOLED Display) which is specifically designed for gamers. Not only that, it has the ultra- wide lenses but also it  possess a camera of 12 MP with wide lenses. Lastly, it has finished off with a full keyboard system and stylus accessories.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are smaller than the Ultra as we know by now. It has a screen of 11″ and 12.6″ respectively. Alike the Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultra the Samsung Galaxy S8+ has the on- display finger print reader for more convienet and security purposes as other Samsung Smartphones but on the other hand the Samsung Galaxy S8 doesn’t contain that option. It can be available as the same colour scheme of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Tab and also has the similar camera features.

According to the Samsung by far the rates of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is $700, Samsung Galaxy S8+ is $900 and the price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultra is $1,100. All these can be pre-ordered now.

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