“Samsung Phone Is Locked”Ways To Fix It

Samsung phone

Samsung phone

There are various methods for unlocking Samsung phones, so if possible, you should do so. However, if you’ve exhausted all of your options and are still locked out – or if you were planning to reset your phone anyway – you may be able to reset it without unlocking it.

Because doing so will erase all data, it’s best to unlock the phone first if at all possible, so that everything is backed up. However, with the phone reset, you will be able to use it or sell it.

We’ll walk you through the process in a few simple steps below. However, in most cases, you will require access to your Google account in order to reset your phone without first unlocking it.

Samsung phone

Quick steps

  • Switch off your phone.
  • Launch the recovery menu (often by pressing volume up and the side button)
  • If prompted, enter your Google account information.
  • Choose ‘Wipe data/factory settings’ or ‘Delete all user data’.

How to reset a locked Samsung phone – explained in depth

We’ve covered the steps for resetting a locked Samsung phone in brief above, but if you’re having trouble, continue reading for a detailed step-by-step procedure.

1. Turn off your phone

Turning off your Samsung phone is the first thing to do, but if you’re locked out of it, it may be more difficult than it sounds because it will prompt you to enter your PIN, password, or pattern. You will need to wait for the phone to automatically shut off when the battery runs out if you can’t recall your security details.

2. Open the recovery menu

Samsung phone

Your phone must now be turned on with a certain key combination in order to boot into the recovery menu when it is off.

Depending on which Samsung phone you have, you’ll need to press the volume up and the side button simultaneously until you feel a vibration and see the Samsung logo. For the majority of Samsung’s more recent phones, and particularly any Samsung phone with only a volume button and a side button, you should do this.

The Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21, and Galaxy Z Fold 3 all respond well to that method.

Press the volume up, power, and Bixby buttons simultaneously if your phone (like the Samsung Galaxy S10) has both a power button and a Bixby button, wait until you feel a vibration, and then let off of the buttons.

Finally, press volume up, home, and power simultaneously until you receive a vibration on your Samsung phone if it has a distinct physical home button below the display. When you have done so, release the power button while continuing to depress the other buttons until you hear a second vibration.

Most of the time, one of these techniques will work. However, for some reason, some phones use the volume down button instead of the volume up button, so if that doesn’t work, try that button.

Additionally, some Samsung devices require you to either connect USB headphones or hook your phone into a computer through the USB port in order for these button combinations to function.

3. Enter your Google account details

Following a reboot, your phone should take you to the recovery menu. However, in order to access this, you’ll likely need to enter your Google account information, which consists of the registered email address and password. In order to stop stolen phones from being reset, this is done.

If you know your email but not your password, use the Google Account Recovery page to reset or retrieve the latter (opens in new tab). You must send your phone and proof of purchase to an authorized Samsung Service Center so they can reset it for you if you don’t remember your email or password.

4. Reset your phone

You should be able to choose to “Wipe data/factory rest” or “Delete all user data” from the recovery menu. Use the volume buttons to get to this, then click the power button to choose it.

Using the same buttons, choose “yes” each time you are prompted to confirm this until the process starts.

The words “Data wipe complete” will appear on your phone after this procedure, which could take up to a few minutes, at which point you can hit the power button and choose “Reboot device.”

You might be prompted for your Google password when your device restarts. If you’ve read this far, it’s probable that you already know this, but if not, try the advice in step 3.

The device setup screens that you would see the first time you turned on a new phone will then be displayed to you. In order to use your Samsung phone going forward, you must either complete that setup or turn it off in order to sell or recycle it.

Frequently asked questions

How do you reset a Samsung phone that is locked and won’t turn off?

A Samsung phone that is locked and won’t switch off has to be reset.Hold the power and volume down buttons together until the phone vibrates to do a hard reset. Switch quickly while holding volume up, power, and home. A blue Android screen with the word “updating” should appear. Hold down the power button while pressing the volume up key to enter recovery mode when you get the Android “no command” screen.

Is it possible to unlock a locked Android phone?

The final option for customers to unlock their Android phone without losing data is to boot their locked phone into safe mode. You should use this method if you are using third-party lock screen software. The third-party app’s faults can be fixed in safe mode.

How do I remove password from lock screen Android?

  1. On your Android device, Hit “Lock Screen” once.
  2. You may locate it in a different location depending on your device or the version of Android you’re using.
  3. Select “Screen lock type” (or, perhaps, “Screen lock”).
  4. To turn off all security features on your phone’s lock screen, select “None.”

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