Mountain bike accessories must have |what you need to get started

mountain bike accessories must have

When you are buying a new mountain bike, there are some mountain bike accessories must have to consider. if you are a fresher or else a beginner to a mountain bike. Just you can take some water bottle and a helmet to continue your journey. If you think the mountain bike accessories list for beginners will be with 2 – 3 accessories, you are wrong.

Basic mountain bike accessories must have and why?

Most of the time mountain bike accessories list will be changed from one person to another and the type of journey they are ridding. for example for short-distance trips you just need is a helmet water bottle and maybe a pair of gloves. But when a person who travels a long trip or a journey mountain bike accessories must have is bit higher.

A Mountain bike accessories list is made mainly targeting the safety of the rider. As well as the needs and wants of him or her. Most bikers are riding bikes to work out to gain nice shots of mountain views. The basic kit may provide the ridder to enjoy his or her journey much safer, and ultimately better way.

Mountain bike accessories list

When you search on the internet for mountain bike accessories, you can find various types of mountain bike parts used and brand new ones to buy from various online stores. But when you are choosing your “mountain bike parts online ” make sure to include these basic mountain bike accessories lists.

Certified Bicycle Helmet for Adults Youth Mountain Road Biker

Mountain bike accessories must have |what you need to get started

Bike Helmet for Men Women 

  • Size: 54-62 cm
  • Color: Grey, Blue, Red, Black
  • Recommended: Cycling, Skiing
  • Brand: Zacro
  • Vehicle Service Type: Street Bike

A helmet is a most important mountain bike accessory must-have. you must buy a good quality helmet that suits you. especially it must be manufactured with the best materials. Most mountain bikes are used for travel throughout hills or mountains. on your way, if you got accident by a helmet must be there to prevent any damages caused to your head. that’s the way the helmet should be made with good quality materials and as well as it should be manufactured accurately.

when your choose your helmet make sure whether the grip can be adjustable to your face.

A hydration pack

A hydration pack

Mountain bike accessories must have |what you need to get started

TETON Sports Oasis 18L Hydration Pack with Free 2-Liter water bladder

  • FREE HYDRATION BLADDER: 2-Liter; Durable, kink-free sip tube and push-lock cushioned bite valve; Large 2-inch (5 cm) opening for ice and easy cleaning

A hydration pack that avoids you being dehydrated. So for mountain bike accessories must have a hydration pack. This is a pack that may include a water pack or water bottle and some snacks or refreshments which will avoid you being dehydrated.

As hydration packs are manufactured in various types, it is your choice to choose which type is more preferable and comfortable for your journey. hydration packs are manufactured to install on your bike and as well as there are some models which can carry on your backpack.

A pair of Glows

Mountain bike accessories must have |what you need to get started

INBIKE 5mm Gel Padded Mens Cycling Gloves Breathable & Wear Resistant

  • Color: Grey
  • Sport: Cycling
  • Material: Polyester
  • Brand: INBIKE
  • Style: Cycling
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous

Gloves may manufacture on full finger gloves as well as half finger gloves. It is not compulsory to have pair of gloves, but it depends on your journey and as well as your comfortability. Normally pair of gloves provide you a nice snug fit to handle the bar. However, it’s a bit uneasy to remove your glove.

ROCKBROS Polarized Sunglasses for Men Women

Mountain bike accessories must have |what you need to get started

UV Protection Cycling Sunglasses

  • TR+PC frame
  • Tri Acetate Cellulose lens
  • Polarized Coating coating
  • POLARIZED SUNGLASSES: Dazzling design makes you stylish in the crowd, polarized sunglasses restore true color, eliminate reflected light and scattered glare to protect your eyes perfectly.

Like a Biking helmet and hydration pack, biking sunglasses are mountain bike accessories must-have. Make sure to choose or select specialized sunglasses for sun glare and low light. And make sure that bike sunglasses are in wide-length glass as shown in the above picture, which may act as a shield to your eyes. Though regular sunglasses work for your riding it’s better to use bike sunglasses.

Biking shorts and biking padded underpants

Mountain bike accessories must have |what you need to get started

Men’s 4D Padded Bike Shorts

  • 81% Nylon, 19% Spandex
  • Elastic Closure closure
  • Machine Wash & Hand Wash

Though you can replace any kind of short instant of biking shorts, you cannot replace biking padded underpants. These padded shorts are made with the best raw materials which are stretchy and comfortable way. Even you can be 3 – 4 times before washing.

These shorts are customized manufactured for both male and female parties.

The biking top must be a light-weighted sweat-wicking and cooling workout top.

This is compulsory to add to the mountain bike accessories list. Because in any emergency situation you should have a small multi toolset to fit it. make sure to select your multi-tool kit in the light weight.

A pair of grippy shoes

Man Women Road and Mountain Bike Shoes

Mountain bike accessories must have |what you need to get started

Cycling Shoe

  • Size: S | M | L

Though you can start your first few rides with pair of shoes you got, gradually you’ll get feel that you need a pair of mountain bike shoes. As they are manufactured especially for riders.

In addition to the above accessories, you can bring your own energy booster like a snack, juice, etc., and also make sure to add an emergency kit with you. You can get some more information about the things that should know for a mountain trip from here.

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