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Weighted blankets were first using therapists to relax patients, but now everyone uses them at home to reduce anxiety and combat sleeplessness. In order to assess each weighted blanket’s degree of comfort, breathability, and calming impact, we are purchasing four well-regarding models to test.

The chemical-free Baloo – Weighted Blanket, a plush, long-lasting weighted duvet that felt cocoon-like yet breathable, is the greatest weighted blanket overall. We chose the YnM – Cooling Weighted Blanket as the finest cooling weighted blanket because we felt snug and delightfully cool all night under its cucumber-cold bamboo viscose outer shell.

Anyone may use a weighted blanket.

According to one study that followed the impact of weighted blankets on 30 chronically insomniac volunteers aged 20 to 66, the extra pressure from the blankets had a relaxing effect on the patients. In combination with feeling safe and “crooned” by a weighted blanket, this reduced their muscular movement as they slept, improving the quality of their rest in general.

According to another study, weighted blankets can help kids with ADHD fall asleep faster and experience fewer middle-of-the-night wakeful spells. Additionally, weighted blankets have been suggested as a treatment for autism spectrum disorders, as well as for anxiety, melancholy, sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, sleepwalking, and other sleep disorders.

Before utilizing a weighted blanket, the elderly, anyone with claustrophobia, respiratory, or circulation issues should speak with a medical practitioner. Furthermore, young children under the age of eight should not use them.

How we choose which goods to test

We started by doing a thorough internet search to see which blankets had garnered excellent reviews from reputable review websites, bloggers, YouTube reviewers, and Reddit users. We wanted the weighted blankets in our testing lineup to be under $175, have decent return policies, and have excellent Amazon reviews because they may be an expensive purchase.

Despite the fact that we have a distinct category in our study for the best cooling weighted blanket, we made breathability a crucial factor for all the blankets we tested because we came across so much online discussion about it. We also noted additional characteristics that appeared to be particularly significant to customers, such as whether the blanket is machine washable or includes a duvet cover.

Despite the Gravity Blanket being the most well-known weighted blanket and the first to be made widely available through a 2017 Kickstarter effort, we decided not to test it because of its hefty $249 price tag. (The topic of affordability frequently came up in internet conversations; we even found Reddit posts proposing DIY weighted blanket ideas.)

Instead, as a competitor for the finest weighted blanket overall, we chose the Baloo – Weighted Blanket, which is more cheaply priced (relatively) at roughly $149. The Baloo brand claimed to be worthwhile because of its opulent, long-lasting quality, breathability, and great customer service. We also chose the Quality – Premium Adult Weighted Blanket for this category; it has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon and almost 9,000 reviews, and it comes with a fleece duvet.

The Zone – Cooling Weighted Blanket and the YnM – Cooling Weighted Blanket stood out as deserving contenders for the best cooling weighted blanket award. The blankets, which are both composed of permeable bamboo viscose, have won over hot sleepers who were earlier concerned about feeling suffocated beneath weighted blankets.

Review the top-weighted blankets.

 weighted blankets
 weighted blankets

Important aspects to think about


Manufacturers often advise purchasing a weighted blanket for adults that is around 10% of your body weight, give or take a few pounds. The 10% guideline still applies to youngsters and people with mobility problems, but in their case, it is best to err on the side of a lighter blanket rather than a thicker one.


Typically, a blanket’s size should correspond to that of your bed (i.e. a twin blanket for a twin bed, king for king, etc.). However, due to the weight of the weighted blanket, if any extra material hangs over the end or sides of the bed, it will either weigh too much on the sleeper or pull the remaining blanket onto the floor.
Weighted blankets are often designed to prevent this from happening; for instance, a queen-size blanket should only extend as far as the surface of a queen bed, with no overhang. Before placing an order, it’s a good idea to confirm the blanket’s precise dimensions.

Plastic pellets versus glass beads

A weighted blanket will either contain little plastic pellets or glass microbeads as its weights. The only major distinction between the two is the size and weight of the plastic pellets, which are somewhat bigger and less dense than the glass beads, which are little and sand-like. A blanket made of glass beads will thus be thinner than one made of plastic pellets.


Your weighted blanket will eventually need to be washed. Despite the fact that many weighted blankets promote machine washing, the manufacturer frequently suggests spot cleaning instead. We advise you to get a duvet cover for your blanket in light of this (and because weighted blankets are so heavy), as doing so will allow you to wash the blanket itself as rarely as possible.

How did we test?

Following three nights of use with each weighted blanket in our collection, our testers evaluated them using the following criteria:

  • How did this blanket affect your ability to sleep?
  • How relaxed and calm did you feel?
  • Did you experience nighttime heat discomfort?
  • How would you describe the outside blanket’s file?
  • How evenly does the blanket spread the weight?
  • What would you say about the blanket’s construction quality?
  • How would you evaluate the blanket’s visual appeal?
  • How simple is it to wash, dry, and maintain this blanket?
  • Does the duvet cover come with the blanket?
  • Is the cost of this blanket reasonable?

Overall winner: Baloo

 weighted blankets

The Baloo – Weighted Blanket is our top selection for the finest weighted blanket overall. The lush and cuddly Baloo was made with premium, chemical-free cotton and lead-free glass microbeads scattered throughout the polyester fill. Additionally, it was quite breathable, thus we never felt overheated during the course of the testing.

Baloo is all about the details—right down to the ribbon-tied welcome card inside the blanket box—and even provides three free tracks of relaxing music that you can download to fall asleep to. Many weighted blankets only have a grid of squares to house the fill weights; however, the Baloo blanket has special double-quilted stitching that also creates piping channels that run between the squares. The heavy glass beads within will receive greater support as a result, and the weight will be spread more evenly throughout the blanket.

Baloo is a green business, thus its blankets are vegan-certified and free of any dangerous chemicals. The blankets may be tumble dried on low heat and machine washed in cold water on the gentle cycle. Baloo’s has one of the more generous return policies we’ve come across, urging buyers to take their time getting acclimated to the weight of the blanket. If the blanket is returned in its original condition, you have 30 days to begin a return.

The Baloo has the fewest size and weight options of the four blankets we evaluated, with only two sizes (twin and queen) and three weights (12, 15, and 20 pounds) offered. Additionally, there is just one color option for the blanket, Pebble White, and it does not come with a duvet cover, though the firm does offer them separately. Although the blanket itself is well-made and has the appearance of a high-end duvet, we suggest covering it to prevent the need for frequent washing.

Key conclusions

  • The luxurious, cocoon-like feel of the Baloo – Weighted Blanket doesn’t come at the expense of breathability.
  • The blanket is vegan-certified and free of dangerous chemicals.
  • The Baloo is well-built with double-quilted stitching to distribute weight evenly and avoid seam breaks.
  • There are only twin and queen sizes available for this blanket, and it is available in weights of 12, 15, and 20 pounds without a duvet cover.

Best weighted blanket for cooling: YnM

 weighted blankets

The YnM – Cooling Weighted Blanket is our pick for the finest cooling weighted blanket thanks to its cool-touch 300-thread-count bamboo viscose shell. The blanket didn’t seem too heavy, but it was clearly not light and airy, and we had good ventilation the entire time. The only blanket you will require on your bed, though, is this one if you tend to sleep overheated.

The YnM blanket’s structure, which is intended to avoid ripping and seam breaks, impressed us. To further confine the thin, permeable layer of polyfill and lead-free glass beads inside, there is an additional layer of cotton cloth tucked inside the bamboo outer layer. Also obviously robust and of great quality is the stitching. YnM advises spot cleaning the blanket rather than machine washing it, even though it can theoretically be done so (on the delicate cycle).

The three-year free repairing warranty on the YnM blanket was what ultimately won us over. Within three years of purchase, and will fix your blanket if any unforeseen damage occurs (though you will need to pay for shipping). Additionally, they have a 30-day return policy for their blankets, provided they are returned in their original packaging.

The blanket does not come with a duvet cover, but YnM sells a range of reasonably priced coverings made of cotton, bamboo, and “Minky” fleece. These covers are available in a choice of stylish designs and tasteful solid colors. The fleece duvet would be a wonderful addition to transform the cooling blanket from summer to winter use if you need additional warmth as the seasons change.

Key conclusions

  • The high-thread-count bamboo viscose outer layer of the YnM – Cooling Weighted Blanket is silky smooth and cool to the touch.
  • The blanket is constructed with durable materials and high-quality stitching.
  • On their weighted blanket, YnM provides an unbeatable three-year repairing warranty (though customers must pay to ship).
  • There is no duvet cover included.

Additional weighted blankets we examined

We felt uncomfortable heated throughout the night beneath the Quality – Premium Adult Weighted Blanket’s Minky duvet cover, which seems to only be used in cold locations during the winter. Despite the weight of the blanket being evenly distributed, it was comfy to sleep under. Without the cover, the cotton blanket’s outer layer felt a little scratchy on our skin and was much more subdued than its Baloo rival.

The Zone-Cooling Weighted Blanket kept us comfortably cool throughout the night, but we were concerned about the company’s return policy because it only accepts blankets that have never been used and are still sealed in their original packaging. The Zone fell to the second position in our category of cooling weighted blankets as a result of high pricing being a major worry for weighted blanket shoppers online.

weighted blankets: The Conclusion

Weighted blankets are now widely advertised to help people sleep better, reduce anxiety, and treat depression. They’re worth a go if they have a reasonable return policy.

The Baloo – A weighted Blanket is a fantastic option for anybody looking for a high-end, opulent weighted blanket. It is made of breathable, chemical-free cotton, with sturdy double-quilted stitching, a generous 30-day return policy, and more.

We suggest the YnM – Cooling Weighted Blanket for people who tend to sleep overheated since it is constructed of smooth, cooling 300-thread-count bamboo viscose, has a sturdy design and comes with a three-year repair warranty.

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