Litter box Review : Litter Robot 3 Connect 

Litter box Review : Litter Robot 3 Connect 

Litter box Review : Litter Robot 3 Connect 

Today we are talking about a litter box review that can be provided for your beloved cat pet.

Cats are some of the wonderful fur-filled creatures that lighten up tired human lives. If you’ve raised a cat, you know how genuine that love is. Today we are talking about the hygiene of your domestic cat. Sometimes, even if your garden is big, the cat stays in the house and he defecates inside the house. Or maybe you have kept a litter box for this in the small space you live in.

So, no matter what, we know that it is difficult to stop the pollution of the surrounding environment or the spread of unwanted odor with an ordinary litter box. For that reason, the Litter-Robot 3 Connect cat toilet that Whisker has released to the market can be a good option for the toilet facility of your cat pet raised at home.

A self-cleaning litter box is beneficial for the general health of cats. If more than one cat uses the litter box, you might have to empty the litter drawer frequently because most cats prefer a clean litter box and some will even stop using it if it’s dirty.

The main features of the Litter-Robot 3 Connect include how it interacts with domestic cats, how much litter it can hold, how it cleans the litter, ease of use, price, etc. So, a complete description of this product is presented in this article and we invite you to read it carefully.

Introduction to the litter robot 3 connect

This is a self-cleaning litter box made just for cats. A WiFi-enabled automatic technology device that can be used for littering by your cat or multiple cats. To date, over 750,000 happy pet parents around the world have become Litter-Robot customers. Litter-Robot is a good product that has been released to the market after a 90-day internal trial. Along with this you get 01 year warranty and coverage and free shipping except AK, HI, PR.

Nature & mode of action of the litter robot 3

Litter box Review : Litter Robot 3 Connect 

Every time your cat uses The Litter-Robot, it automatically picks up clumps of litter and deposits them in a secret waste drawer behind the machine. The globe-shaped design of this machine sets it apart from other automatic scooping litter boxes since it physically turns the entire inside chamber to remove clumps, leaving no further clumps untouched. The globe-shaped design of this machine sets it apart from other robotic scooping litter boxes since it physically turns the entire inside chamber to remove clumps, leaving no further clumps untouched.  But, using lighter-weight litter (such wheat or corn) may result in some clumps remaining on the inner globe.

Both the Litter-Robot 3 ordinary model and the improved Litter-Robot 3 Connect that links to a mobile app are available. You may examine your cat’s utilization history and change a number of device settings via the app.

There is less litter box stink that enters your home because the machine filters away unclean waste each time it is used.

Although there is no maximum weight for cats to utilize this equipment  the sensors only function on cats who weigh at least five pounds. Whisker advises using one litter-robot for every four indoor cats.

Price of the product

Litter box Review : Litter Robot 3 Connect 

There are two models of Litter-Robot accessories available for purchase through the Whisker website. Litter-Robot 3 is the basic model and has no additional accessories. Its price is $499. The Litter-Robot 3 Connect costs $549 and is the upgraded model. A special feature it offers is the ability to connect the trash can to an application on your phone.

Dimensions of the Litter-Robot 3

This litter box is substantial in both size and weight. So, before you buy, be sure it will fit in your environment. The Litter-Robot weighs about 24 pounds and has dimensions of 29.5″ x 24.25″ x 27″. (before garbage collection). The Whisker Institute advises placing it on a flat table away from the walls.

Litter box Review : Litter Robot 3 Connect 

Features on the litter-Robot

Drawer Full Indication :
Receive a notification when it’s time to empty the trash.

Illustration of a nightlight :
Electronic Night Light
When visiting senior cats at night, provide guidance.

Rest Mode :
Stop the automatic cycling after every 8 hours.

Timer illustration :
Cycle Timer with Adjustment

Lock illustration :
Locked control panel

How to assemble the machine

Litter box Review : Litter Robot 3 Connect 

Make sure the machine is placed on a stable, level surface that is dry and cool, away from walls and corners. You have to assemble it together because it comes in different parts. To understand this, read the instruction booklet you received. There are also photo instructions and customer service is available if necessary.

Basic information

  • Place the globe on the foot of the robot.
  • A moveable key is located on the back of the globe and must be moved counterclockwise until it locks and rests on the floor at the bottom of the globe.
  • Place the tabs in the notches on each side of the globe so they click, then place the bonnet over the top of the globe.
  • Clumping litter should be topped off the fill line.
  • Connect the adapter to the wall outlet and attach the power supply to the globe’s back.
  • By depressing the power button on the control panel, you can start the machine.

About the Litter-Robot app

Litter box Review : Litter Robot 3 Connect 

This app is a handy tool to use but you have to setting up the Litter-Robot connection to the app very carefully.

This app keeps track of all your cat’s bathroom visits. Additionally, you can link many Litter Robots to a single app and give each one a name to help you distinguish between them.

A gauge lets you know whether the waste drawer has to be changed out since it is empty or full. Additionally, it includes a summary of recent events, such as the timing of the cat sensor and the beginning and completion of the clean cycle.

The history graph of when your cat uses the litter box is a fantastic feature of the program. Through the app, you may modify other Litter-Robot features like the nightlight, sleep mode, cycle delay, and potential power controls.

You would have to manually modify these on the machine’s control panel if you were using the base model without the app connection.

Maintenance and daily operations

Daily scooping

Scooping will depend on the litter you use. If a heavier clay litter is used as recommended by Whisker, it will not need to be cleaned every time the cat uses it.

About trash bags

If only one cat uses this machine, the litter bag will be emptied about once a week. Garbage bags are dangerous when they are used. Standard trash bags that can be accommodated here weigh between 10 and 10 gallons.

Deep cleaning of the machine

The globe can be cleaned with soapy water. Electronics in other machine components, such the bonnet or base, can neither be cleaned nor moistened by water. Additionally, when the machine has been disassembled, dirt and debris might get lodged in the globe and base. So use vacuums, natural spray cleansers, and paper towels to give the machine a thorough cleaning once a month or so.

Odor control

The day’s dirty rubbish is effortlessly carried to the under-the-table trash can thanks to the auto self-cleaning feature. Since the aroma is trapped in, scents are less likely to escape.

Several items that Whisker sells assist in reducing odors in the Litter-Robot. For instance, they provide OdorTrap Pods that can be attached to either a Litter-Robot or regular litter box. The natural plant oils used to create this OdorTrap fix and trap odor molecules, assisting in the odor removal process. Additionally, they offer carbon filters for waste drawers.

Litters for Litter-Robot 3

Litter box Review : Litter Robot 3 Connect 

Whisker advises using premium litter that ties effortlessly. Additionally, Litter-Robot litter does not combine with other kinds of litter that clog the screen filter or do not pass through it, such as wood chips, beads, or crystals. Use leftover wheat or corn. It has no added fragrance and is more environmentally friendly.

There is a fill line on the Litter-Robot to indicate how much litter to add, however if you choose to use lighter litter, such as wheat or corn husks, you might need to add additional litter in order for the sensor to function properly. The Litter-Robot might not operate when your cat uses it if the litter is too light.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

01) What are the basics for this device to connect to Wi-Fi?

This machine require a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi signal and IPv4 addresses (5 GHz band and IPv6 are not supported). This cannot access public networks (apartment complexes, college dormitories, etc.).

02) Which phone devices can use this software?

Both Apple mobile devices running iOS 13.0 or later and Android smartphones running Android 8.0 or later are compatible with the Whisker app. There are downloadable apps for iOS and Android.

03) What should I do when Litter-Robot App not connecting to my phone?

Uninstall the Litter-Robot app entirely. While the device is turned on, unplug your Litter-Robot from the base to reset it. Plug it again in after waiting 15 seconds, and let it cycle again until blue “Ready” status illuminates. Start the app and proceed as instructed.