How to unclog a bathtub drain in 2022

unclog a bathtub drain

What should we avoid unclog a bathtub drain? what causes clogging bathtubs? Normally hair makes clogging your bathtub. Collecting hair for a long period may cause clogging. though water can go through hair threads, dirt water with soap crumbs and dirt particles cannot penetrate through the hair. instead of that those particles keep remaining with the hair make a wall-like thing in your bathtub drain, Causing this for a long time may lead to blocking your bathtub. if your bathtub is clogged you need to unclog a bathtub Drain before using it.

How to unclog a bathtub drain

  • How to unclog a bathtub drain with baking soda

You can use baking soda with vinegar or else with salt. both the mixtures can use to unclog tour bathtub drains. Here are some steps to use baking soda with vinger as well as with salt.

How to unclog a bathtub drain with vinegar and Baking soda

unclog a bathtub drain

Using one cup of vinegar and 1/4 cup of baking soda to make the mixture, pour the mixture around the drain and if it is possible try to put some of the mixtures into the drain, rest it for a few minutes and use hot water to scald hot water to wash the mixture. Tru your best to put the hot water inside the bathtub drain as it makes it easier to unclog a bathtub drain.

How to unclog a bathtub drain with Baking soda and salt

unclog a bathtub drain

As with the vinegar and baking soda you need to do is take an equal amount of salt and baking powder and mix it until it makes a forming reaction. so you can apply these into the bathtub drain and after letting it for a few minutes wash it with hot water.

  • Use of bleach
unclog a bathtub drain

Bleach is one of the strongest chemicals that is used to clean strain spots and to remove grout spots. Even bleach can be used to unclog your bathtub. You can get some details about the bleaching product from here. Here are some of the best bathroom cleaner products, view from here.

unclog a bathtub drain

This is a pocket-friendly product that can be used to unclog a bathtub drain. Just need to do is put the drain snake inside the bathTub drain with one end while holding the rest end with you. Twist the drain snake for a few rounds and pull it back. This can be used again after your use it. you can get some details about the product from here.

unclog a bathtub drain

Manufacturers have made this product with several nozzles which may match your requirements. You just need to do is place the horse near the bathtub drain just switch it on. you can get more ideas about this wet and dry vacuum and rates about this product from here.

unclog a bathtub drain

Through plumbing, pressure is provided to the drain which makes the clog moves down. This is the product which is most fitted to old houses. Even this is a handy tool which is a most of the house holds have.

unclog a bathtub drain

A toxic chemical which you need to handle very carefully, because it may cause harm to you. It is most suitable if you used manufactures precautions. You can read more details about caustic soda here.

Recent FAQ – Will bleach unclog a shower drain

Normally manufacturers have produced bleach in various forms. some have made them with various fragrances while with non of them. Even they will come in form of solutions or as in a powdered way. You can use either one of the ways which are matching with your requirements. bleach can be used not only for cleaning purposes, even you can use bleach to unclog your bathtub drains as well as to unclog your shower drains also.

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