How to clean USB ports on laptop computers -2022

How to clean usb port on laptop

To keep your laptop clean for a long, you need to how to clean USB ports on laptop including all the parts. Normally we need to clean these external ports very regularly as the USB ports are always exposed to the outside. And because of this the collection of dirt and dust on USB ports is high. You need just few things to clean your USB port , But it depend on how harsh is your dust is there.

Steps to How to clean USB ports on laptop


At first you need to unplug your laptop and shut down it. If possible it is okay if you remove your batter also before start to clean USB ports on laptop. and also make sure to switch on your laptop after your clean ports gets fully dry.

How to clean USB ports on laptop using Isopropyl alcholol

How to clean usb port on laptop

After shutdown, your laptop, clean the clumps from your hand that you can see from the USB ports. it is better to use 70% isopropyl alcohol to clean the USB port. you can buy this isopropyl alcohol solution from supermarkets and online supermarket stores named rubbing alcohol. when you buy rubbing alcohol make sure to buy which is one with 70% alcohol percent. Get a cotton swab dip it on your rubbing alcohol and start cleaning the USB ports on your laptop. Gently rub the cotton swab until it absorbs the dirt and grim on the USB port.

How to clean USB ports on laptop using compressed air

How to clean usb port on laptop

Like on steps which was used to clean with isopropyl alcohol at first you have to clean the dirt crumbs which are on the USB ports. Next, follow the instruction manual which provides manufacturers with the product. This is much helpful when you fix the nozzle in to the can of pressured air.

Place the nozzle of the can in angle to the USB port. As most of the time USB ports end don’t leed to the laptops internal body, you don’t need to get worry if the dust wont get in to the laptop. But in case we’re there any possibility it is better to put the nozzle in angle of the port leading dust particles out to the laptop. if you got nottised on dust particles further more, use isopropyl alcohol method steps to remove the rest. if it is possible you can use an electric compressed air blower to do this.

How to clean the USB ports in laptop using contact cleaner

How to clean usb port on laptop

This is a specialized product that manufacturers have designed to clean the dirt and dust on electronic surfaces. Using contact cleaner you can remove residue, dirt crumbs, and dust as well as oil . The specialty inhere is ability to remove the rust on the ports. just need is to spray with the nozzle which is coming along with the can. Make sure to clean one port completely and move to next one to clean.

Recent FAQ – how to clean laptop ports

Apart from a USB port, there is a display port, SD card reader, HDMI port, an RJ45 Ethernet port as well. You will wonder how to clean USB ports on a laptop including the above-mentioned ones, Is there are different ways to clean the ports from one to another. Use the steps that you used to clean USB ports as earlier to clean the other ports of the laptop as well.

By the view, if you can see clumps of dirt o the ports, remove it with your fingertips as much as you can. Next use your compressed air can fixing the nozzle to the can lid and remove the dirt and clumps in there. Finally use a cotton sweb which is dipped in isopropyl alcohol or else in rubbing alcohol to clean the ports.

Rub the cotton swab on the edges of the port so the girt can attach to the cotton swab. Make sure to let dry the ports , before you turn on your laptop. The time taken to get dry may depends on the concentration of the isopropyl alcohol. Here are some tips to clean your touchpad. Here are some tips to share files between two computers via LAN network.