How to clean touchpad laptop and keep it clean in 2022

clean touchpad laptop

when coming to clean touchpad laptops, the cleaning steps and products may differ from one to another based on the type and the brand of laptop. However very easily you can clean touchpad laptop when you follow the correct steps which are instructed here.

Things you need to clean touchpad laptop

clean touchpad laptop

a dry cloth – it is better to use a microfiber towel to absorb the wetness remains on your touchpad. It’s recommended to use a microfiber towel as it doesn’t scratch on the touchpad.

A damp cloth – you can use a cloth or else tissue or else paper towel, this is used used to clean touchpad laptop with isopropyl alcohol.

clean touchpad laptop

50 isopropyl alcohol – there is no need to use 99 % isopropyl alcohol to clean touchpad laptop. It is better if you can use 50 % of isopropyl alcohol. You can buy it from supermarkets or else online when you search it as rubbing alcohol or surgical spirit.

clean touchpad laptop

window or glass cleaner- window or glass cleaners are of various types depending on the odor, color, durability, and as well as fragrance also. you can select one of the cleaners which may come to your satisfaction.

water – A slight amount of water is enough to clean the dust and dirt on the touchpad, can use with toilet paper or else with a damp cloth

Steps to clean touchpad Laptop

First, you have to do is unplug your laptop and shut it down or power off the machine, Don’t remain in sleep mode or lock your laptop. It is better if you can remove your laptop battery from the laptop.

Then take your damp cloth, if it is possible you can use a paper towel as it is much better to clean your touchpad with a little bit of water, make sure to wring the piece of cloth if there is extra wetness or remove the extra water. As extra water can cause damage to your laptop. if you think this will be a risk, you can skip this step as this is not a much necessary one. you can use a window or a glass cleaner instead of water to clean touchpad laptop.

#Tip 01 – In here do not spray or sprinkle any liquid or else water onto your touchpad of the laptop. just sprinkle the water or else isopropyl alcohol onto your damp cloth or dry cloth and use it.

#Tip 02- try to do your cleaning process away from the laptop, as there is the ability to sprinkle water on your keyboard when you are spraying water on your damp cloth. or even when you wring it if there is excess water.

Use the dipped wet damp cloth to dab on your touchpad, do not use high pressure on the touchpad with the damp cloth, because it may cause damage to your touchpad. Even there is a possibility to scratch your touchpad also.

clean touchpad laptop

#Tip 03- If your touchpad is too oily, you can use Mr. Clean magic eraser to lean your touchpad. Use this product with the manufacturer’s instructions

If you can identify more dirt particles on the touchpad, dip your damp cloth with isopropyl alcohol and just wipe your touchpad with it. Make sure to remove the excess isopropyl alcohol in your damp cloth.

If any harsh grim particles were there use a cotton swab which is dipped in isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol to dab and remove those stain particles. At this moment use your dry cloth or else microfiber towel to wipe your touchpad as soon as possible, this is done to avoid getting dry the touchpad.

Before you power on your laptop make sure to check the touchpad surface is dry, if your touchpad is out of wetness, you can switch on the laptop for your work.

Recent FAQ – ” How to clean laptop touchpad buttons “

You can follow the above steps that you used to clean the touchpad laptop. But the only difference here is you should not use water to clean the buttons. Or else it is better not to use water when your touch keyboard contains buttons. As there is an opportunity to reach the water from the edges of the button into the circuit of the laptop,

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