How to clean USB c Charging port on a laptop – 2022

Clean USB C charging port

Nowadays all the mobile phones, laptops, and most electronic devices are coming along with the C ports, So how to clean USB C charging port. for cleaning purposes, you just need a few things to continue the process. You can find one of the items in your own house or else very easily you can buy those products from supermarkets or online stores.

#TIP 01- when you clean usb c charging port

Whenever you are going to clean USB C charging port, make sure to unplug the laptop and shut down it. If it is possible remove your battery from the laptop. do not begin to clean the laptop while it is on sleep mode, airplane mode, or else do not try to clean it while unlocking the laptop.

Steps to clean usb C charging port

First, shut down your computer after unplugging the laptop. This helps to prevent being short circuit or else to prevent damages caused to the laptop. Get your laptop to a place where you can clean the USB C charging port comfortable way.

Clean USB C charging port

Using compressed air – You can buy a can of compressed air from a supermarket or an online supermarket. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to fix the nozzle to the lid of the can. Shut down your laptop and comfortably place your upright to clean. place the nozzle at an angle with the port to prevent going dust into the inner body of the laptop. This will loosen the crumbs which are on the port.

Clean USB C charging port

How to clean USB type c port with isopropyl alcohol – If you got furthermore dust particles in the port you can use isopropyl alcohol to clean further. make sure to get 70% isopropyl alcohol when your buy. Manufacturers are named this as surgical spirit or else it is named as rubbing alcohol. Get a cotton swab dip it on your isopropyl alcohol solution and rub gently on the port until the cotton swap collects the dirt particles.

TIP 02- When you clean a USB C charging port

Make sure to dip your cotton swab on isopropyl solution away from the laptop, Because there is a possibility to sprinkle isopropyl solution. accidentally if you got these isopropyl solutions on the computer’s inner body, it may cause destruction.

Clean USB C charging port

How to clean USB C charging port with contact cleaner – This is a bit expensive product that can be bought from online markets and some grocery stores. Manufacturers have specially made those products remove dust and grim as well as rust from the electronic devices. Just need to do is place the nozzle of the can on the stain pots and bust two 2 -3 times, and then use isopropyl alcohol dipped cotton swab re removing the loosened dirt crumbs.

TIP 03- how to clean USB C charging port

Until your cleaned port gets fully dry, Make sure not to switch on the laptop.

Recent FAQ – ” How to clean inside usb c port ? “

when you are going to clean a USB c port. Most of the time USB ports end doesn’t lead to the laptop’s inner body, So you don’t need to worry to clean the inside of the USB port, assuming that dirt or grime particles may enter inside of the laptop. however when you are going to clean inside the USB c port, Just carefully follow the following steps, so you don’t need to worry about dust particles.

Switch off your laptop if it is possible to remove the battery of the laptop before cleaning the USB c charging port. Next, remove the crumbs that can be seen from your eyesight. You can use a pincher or else toothpick to remove those crumbs. Make sure not to put any pressure or try to remove the crumbs harshly if it is not loosened. If it is possible hold your laptop upright to continue on the next steps.

Get your can of compressed air, and tie up the nozzle which is coming along with it. You can follow the instruction manual to fix this nozzle. place the nozzle in angle with the USB port and burst into 2-3 times to get the dirt crumb to loosen. Then pick up your cotton swab and remove the dirt on the port. even if there is dirt on your port give a little rub with a cotton swab that was dipped in isopropyl alcohol. After your laptop gets dry completely you can power on the laptop. Here you can get an idea on cleaning USB ports. Here you can know what you need to know about wifi direct.

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