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unclog a bathtub drain

When you are having a clog in your bathtub how do you unclog a bathtub drain? Are you going to call a plumber to fix it or are you will you going to try to use unclog a bathtub drain home remedies to fix it. How many costs do you spend on a plumber to fix?. How to unclog your bathtub with a low budget. Most of the time if you know how to use your home remedies accurate way there is no need to call for a plumber at a high cost. Just need is to know what kind of home remedies should you use, this is based on how strongly your bathtub drain is clogged.

Normally bathtubs are clogged with hair, so how to unclog a bathtub drain full of hair ? is it safe to use chemicals or do you know how to unclog a bathtub drain naturally? What do you mean by home remedies, home remedies are the things that we use usually in our homes. Here are some home remedies that we are using to unclog a bathtub drain.

  • Use Hot water

How is the hot water helpful to unclog a bathtub drain? Hot water is the simplest as well as level 1 home remedy that is used to unclog a bathtub drain. Boiling water has the strength to break down the crumb walls which are with hair-like kinds of stuff in the drains. boiling water very easily penetrates through those walls unclogging the bathtub drain. Boiling water or else hot water can be used to clean your drain daily or on a weekly basis.

  • How to unclog a bathtub drain with baking soda
unclog a bathtub drain

Based on how hard is clog use the baking soda and vinegar in two methods, if your bathtub drain clogged heavily put half of the cup of baking soda into the drain, next put a cup of vinegar to it keep for overnight, and follow the procedure again with boiling water, after that, you can wash out your bathtub. If your clog is not that hard you can put it into the drain with a mix of vinegar and baking soda, after resting for a few hours just wash it out with boiling water.

unclog a bathtub drain

You need is to do is place your plumber in the bigging of the bathtub drain. just need to do is 15-20 moves or more. do until the clog is loosened. from the plumber, the clog is going downwards the drain. when you select your plumber make sure to get with the best quality plumber.

unclog a bathtub drain

You don’t need to call a plumber to snake your bathtub. No additional knowledge is needed to use this. Just want to do is place the snake into your drain twist it for a few rounds and pull up. the clog may stuck into the snake, then remove the clog and do the same procedure for few times until the clog is completely removed.

unclog a bathtub drain

If your clog is too harsh to remove from by snaking, plugging, with hot water, or else with vinegar and baking soda mixtures, your final try is to use chemicals before calling a plumber. use a heavy-duty liquid plumber for this. Make sure to follow the manufactures instruction as recommended.

unclog a bathtub drain

This is a product that comes in a form of gell, unlike other liquid chemicals, this can be called a heavy-duty cleaner for drains. Even if you are not satisfied with the gell form manufacturers have made in liquid form also. just need to do is select what you prefer to unclog your bathtub drain.

Here is some guide to unclogging bathtub drains from here.

Recent FAQ – ” How to unclog a bathtub drain with vinegar ?”

unclog a bathtub drain

To unclog a bathtub you can use vinegar with some other products. To do this, you can use one cup of vinegar and 1/4 of baking soda to make this mixture. Just need is to mix the above-mentioned products in mentioned ratios apply the mixture in the bathtub drain and keep it for a few minutes to get activated. After that, you can use boiling water to wash them away.

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How to unclog a bathtub drain

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