Easy 05 Ways To Update Router Firmware

Update Router

Update Router

Security and performance are two important factors that make understanding how to update router firmware essential. Wireless routers have numerous security flaws, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years. Additionally, fresh security problems continually emerge.There is also the issue of internet connection speed. We require a faster, more reliable internet connection as we put larger demands on household wireless networks. Learn how to update router firmware in the next paragraphs to maintain a quick and secure network.

In your home’s internet setup, routers are typically the one that gets the least attention. After all, you normally leave a steady connection alone once you’ve established one until you encounter an issue.

To keep them in top condition, routers need to be cleaned and maintained, much like PCs and cellphones. So, in addition to maintaining your router physically, you should also examine its software.

Update Router

Here is a simple general instruction that will show you how to upgrade and check the firmware on your router.

Why You Should Update The Firmware On Your Router

Update Router

Although routers usually operate without human intervention, they are nonetheless susceptible to outmodement. For instance, the manufacturer might have fixed a serious security flaw or created a faster-running firmware by improving the firmware’s efficiency.

Since practically all of your internet traffic passes through your router, it is crucial to maintain it updated. An obsolete router leaves your home network open to attack by cybercriminals, giving them complete control over all devices connected to it.

How To Access Your Router

Update Router

Even while the majority of routers update their firmware automatically, it’s still a good idea to manually check it occasionally. You must gain access to your router to achieve this.

You must enter your router’s IP address into your browser to access it. The IP address of your router is typically printed beneath. If it’s there, note it down; if not, you’ll need to use your computer to find it. Meanwhile, make a note of your router’s model number when you’re inspecting the bottom of your router.

Additionally, you must make sure your computer is connected to the router you wish to check and update if you plan to utilize it.

Windows 11

The IP address of your router can be found in Windows Settings if you’re running Windows 11.

Open the Settings Window by selecting Start > Settings, then select Network & internet. Click on the network’s properties under the Network & internet section on your router.

Update Router Firmware

Look for IPv4 DNS servers by scrolling down once you’re in the properties view. The IP address next to it, which is often 192.168.x.x, should be copied. Ignore any information in parenthesis that follows the address.

Update Router Firmware


Users of Macs must select System Preferences from the Apple menu by clicking on it. Next, select Network in the System Preferences pane. Next, in the Network window, pick the network to which you are currently connected.

Update Router Firmware

Select the proper network, then select Advanced… in the lower-right corner of the Network window. Look for Router on the TCP/IP tab of the Advanced window. The IP address of your router should be displayed next to it.

Update Router Firmware

Android and iOS

Additionally, iOS and Android allow you to upgrade the firmware on your network. The IPConfig app must first be installed on Android. Once it has been installed, open it while connected to the router you want to update. The router’s IP address should be listed under DNS on the app’s home screen.

By heading to Settings > Wi-Fi on their iOS device, customers can view their router’s IP address. Swipe up until you see Router after tapping the information icon next to the network you’re currently connected to. The necessary IP address ought to appear next to it.

How To Check Your Router’s Firmware Version

You can access your router by entering its IP address into any browser after you have it. A login page that secures the settings of your router will generally greet you. The default username and password, unless you’ve changed it already, can be found in the user manual for your router.

You must search via your router’s administrative tools to find its firmware version because various router brands and models have various perspectives. This can typically be found under the Advanced, Maintenance, Management, System Tools, or Utilities menu.

Update Router Firmware

Note the current firmware for your router once you’ve located the Firmware window. Additionally, some routers have an auto-update feature. If your router is equipped with this capability, all you have to do is click the Check or Update button, and the router will get in touch with the maker and request an update.

Update Router Firmware

Click the download links to save the new firmware files to your computer or smartphone if the router provides them. Some routers also give you the choice of having them update themselves automatically. If so, simply click the update button on it, and the most recent firmware version will be downloaded.

If your router lacks the functionality listed above, visit the manufacturer’s website, navigate to Support, and then look up your router’s model number. Make sure you’ve typed the right model number because installing and downloading the incorrect firmware will result in hardware problems.

Update Router Firmware

When you arrive at the firmware download page for your router, look at the firmware version number that is offered for download. Download it if it’s a newer version than the one that’s already on your router. If not, there is nothing you need to do because your router is current.

How To Update Your Router’s Firmware

Return to your router’s firmware page if an update is required. To pre-load the new firmware that you downloaded from the manufacturer’s website, look for the Browse button. Click Upgrade after you’ve uploaded it.

Your router will now operate with the most recent manufacturer-supplied firmware after the procedure is finished.

Keep Your Hardware Secure

Even though updating your router and other networking hardware might seem like a hassle, you should do it occasionally. By updating the firmware, you can make sure that any security flaws that may have emerged after you purchased it have been fixed. More efficient firmware also enables quicker internet speeds and higher connection quality. Newer firmware is also generally more effective.

All of your hardware needs to be updated, especially since our homes are gradually being overtaken by the internet of things. Updates apply to all smart devices, including security cameras, TVs, refrigerators, and microwaves, in addition to smartphones, PCs, and routers.

You should make sure that your gear or appliance is always updated if it has an internet connection. You reduce your network’s overall security threats by doing this. Your home internet security is only as strong as its weakest link, after all.

Frequently asked questions

What happens when you update your router firmware?

Firmware upgrades include bug fixes and technological advancements that improve your family’s overall Wi-Fi experience. The security protection that updated router firmware offers is an additional important benefit. Almost every week, we learn of new dangers to our internet security.

Does updating firmware on router make it faster?

A router can benefit from updating its firmware, sometimes known as “flashing the firmware,” which can occasionally fix a bothersome bug or enable support for greater internet connection. This is particularly true when a router reset is ineffective.

How long does it take to update firmware on router?

The “Upload” button is located on the router configuration page. Select it before clicking it. As the update is being applied, wait. The firmware upgrade procedure will start once the file is uploaded. A progress indicator is normally displayed, and the updating procedure could take three to five minutes.

How often should I update my router firmware?

Some routers routinely search for updates and then transmit them. If not, you should upgrade the firmware on your router at least once every five years. Every three years is also a good time to check on your router firmware, especially if it has a lot of frequently connected devices.

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