“Dirty Bike Chains”08 Steps To Clean It

Bike chains

Bike Chains

Cleaning the bike chains and gears of a bike is an essential component of maintenance. If you routinely ride your bike, you should at least once a month clean and lubricate the chain. Cleaning your bike’s chain more frequently is a good idea if you ride in muddy and damp conditions. Your bike chain links are readily clogged with dirt and grime. They operate as an abrasive agent on your drivetrain if left neglected, leading to chain wear and gear problems.

Since you don’t have to actually remove the chain from your bike, cleaning your bike chain is a straightforward task.

Tools you’ll need

Bike Chains
  • Several rags
  • A hard toothbrush or one that is stiff like this
  • Bio cleaner
  • Depending on the terrain and the weather, use either wet or dry chain lubrication for your bike.
  • A tool for cleaning chains (optional)

Steps for cleaning a bike chain

Bike Chains

1.Position your bicycle on a stand or horizontal rack, such as one of our top selections for the best bike rack. While cleaning the chain, you should keep your bike raised and the wheels spinning.

Bike chains

2.A clean, dry rag should have some bio degreaser applied to it. Hold the rag against the chain. Keep the rag on the chain while you slowly turn the pedal rearward. Use the chain-cleaning tool if your chain is particularly soiled and grimy. Run the chain through the tool after putting some bio degreaser in the tool’s container.

Clean Bike Chain

3.Apply bio degreaser on the stiff brush to clean the cassette, which is the sprocket cluster attached to the hub of the back wheel. While pedaling the chain forward, keep the brush on the cassette in place. The brush’s bristles must fit between the chain links, so be careful.

Clean Bike Chain
  1. Use the rag to “floss” any remaining filth out from between the gears if necessary.
  2. Be patient as the degreaser dries.
  3. As you slowly turn the pedal backward, drop the oil onto the chain, one drop at a time, between each link.
Clean Bike Chain
  1. While riding backwards, hold a different clean rag to the chain and wipe away any extra oil.
  2. Remove your bike from the rack. You are equipped to ride!

Frequently asked questions

Should you degrease a bike chain?

There are several reasons why your bicycle chain will deteriorate, but grit within is the main catalyst since it grinds the metal away. While reducing wear through chain cleaning can undoubtedly result in financial savings, you should also take into account the efficiency lost as a result of all that abrasive friction.

Is it OK to use WD-40 on bike chain?

WD-40 is a fantastic water-based chain lubricant for bicycles that not only lubricates the chain excellently but also prevents rust and corrosion. Additionally, it lessens the buildup of filth, which lessens the chain’s wear and strain.