Clean your laptop in the right way – 3 tips

clean your laptop

when are you going to clean your laptop, is there any specific period, or else is there any special reason to clean your laptop. Normally when your laptop is with grout and grime or else when you see dirt and dust you need to clean your keyboard or else entire laptop. from cleaning the laptop from time to time you can avoid your laptop getting collapsed.

Though you are using normal water or distilled water to clean everything, you can not use those things to clean your computer, you need to gather some more specific products and equipment to clean your computer. Even you use these methods to clean your desktop, mobile phone, and notebook or else notepad to clean.

Things you need to clean your laptop

clean your laptop

Clean tape or clean slime – more over slime is the most effective one rather than clean tape. Manufacturers have produced in various types, For entertainment activities, especially for kids and some times to remove dust and grime in equipment where hands cannot be reachable. Or else to reach tiny spaces. Some of these slimes have an odor color and a fragrance as well.

Q Tips – you can use your normal q tips which are used in day-to-day life to this, You may get 10 – 15 q tips or sometimes more than that. this depends on the amount of dirt is on your laptop.

clean your laptop

A microfiber towel – You must use a cloth to wipe out the excess wet which are on the laptop surfaces. These should not make a scratch on the laptop surface. so make sure to get a microfiber towel as those don’t remain scratches on the surfaces.

Laptop cleaner – As you cannot use water or any other cleaner for this you must buy a specialized laptop cleaner solution .specially these cleaners are made to remove the stains and the grout particles including dirt and dust on computers.

Minature bottle brush – Normally this product comes to market in various types and various brands. Mainly this product is made out of aluminum, fiber plastic, and as well as in wood as well. Select your Miniature bottle brush with your satisfaction. Mostly bottle brush is used to clean the ports and the keys on the keyboard on your laptop.

clean your laptop

Can of pressured air – Select a can that is most suitable for your laptop as well as buy one that will be enough to remove the dirt particles. Make sure to follow the instruction manual which comes along with the product

clean your laptop

Computer screen cleaner – This is a product which is a more specific cleaner, rather than normal cleaners, that has designed only to clean the computer screen.

Toothpicks/ Hairpincher- Can be found at any grocery store online stores. Used to remove harsh dirt and grim particles in laptop.

Steps to clean your Laptop

First, you must do is switch off your laptop unplugging the cables which are plugged in to clean your laptop. And also remove all the external resources which are plugged into your laptop.

Remove the dirt particles which can be removed by your hand, do not force to remove the ones which are tough to remove.

Put your laptop upside down to get removed the other particles which can be removed.

use your can pressure air to remove the dirt and grime throughout the keyboard as well as on the edges of the laptop. Even try to remove as much dirt on ports which can be seen on the laptop.

Next, use your miniature bottle brush to remove the harsh dirt and grime which are stuck on the laptop. BUt do not use these for your computer screen.

Even if you see more dirt or grout stain is available using your Qtip to remove it by rubbing slowly on the stain with the computer cleaner. But make sure to use a computer screen cleaner to clean the stains on the laptop screen. Even you can use your dipped q tip to remove the dirt and dust which are on the edges of the laptop as well as the edges of the keyboard keys also.

After that use your slime to go through the laptop to get attached the dirt particles to the slime. This is not a compulsory step to clean your laptop but it is much better if you use it.

Finally using the disinfected wipe, wipe all of your laptops except for your laptop screen with laptop clear. You can wipe your laptop screen with the wipe using a computer screen cleaner make sure to not get wet on the edges of the computer screen.

Using your microfiber towel wipe all your laptop to remove the wetness that remains on the laptop.

Make sure not to power on the laptop until it gets fully dry, and make sure to follow the above steps to clean your laptop.

Recent FAQ – How to clean your desktop keyboard

To clean the desktop keyboard you can use the steps that you follow to clean your laptop as well. because there is only a tiny little bit difference apart from” clean your laptop”. Even you can use all the materials which are used there except the computer screen cleaner. If you got stuck or booted when you clean your device Here are some steps to unlock your bootloader of an oppo device.

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