Clean your keyboard without damaging it – 3 tips to clean

clean your keyboard

When your keyboard is full of dirt/ dust or else if you notify your keyboard is not working it’s time to clean your keyboard. when you saw a speck of dirt or grime on your keyboard it should be cleaned immediately as it may cause damage to your keyboard which may lead to malfunctioning. There are a few things that you should consider when you are going to clean your keyboard there are few things you should consider. Choose what should you follow when considering the type of your keyboard

How to clean keyboard computer/ Externatal keyboards

Normally computer keyboards are plugged in externally. So when you are going to clean your keyboard, first you need to collect the following things to clean your keyboard.

clean your keyboard
  • Rubbing Alcohol – This is product that comes in terms of various brands. Manufactures have produced this product only for technical usage. mainly the rubbing alcohol is produced out from isopropoyal alcohol. Make sure to ware glovesand do follow the manufacturesses instructions which are comming along whith the product. This cannot be used for wash face or hands, made just only for technical use only.
clean your keyboard
  • Q tips – Can use normal q tips that can be used in your daily life
clean your keyboard
  • A clean microfiber cloth- this is a ultra soft, non – abrasive material which can abosorb eight times of the micro fiber cloths weight.This is a product made out of 90% polyster . and can rinse ad re use even 100 times.
clean your keyboard
  • Can of compressed air – This is product which is used to blow away thedust oarticles which can be found through the keys.

Steps to clean your keyboard

First unplug your keyboard from the computer. If any dirt particles crums can be seen on the keyboard keys, remove them if you can remove those from hand. After that put your keyboard upside down and shake it 2 – 3 times to remove the dirt particles which can be removed through the keyboard keys. do not try to remove the dirt particles harshly from the keyboard from your hand.

Use a can of compressed air to clean the keyboard, make sure to follow the instruction manual” how to clean keyboard properly ” section before using. dip your Q tip in your Rubbing alcohol and dab throughout the keyboard keys as through the keyboard keys also. and finally use your microfiber cloth to run on your keyboard, to absorb the moisture, and to remove the final dirt particles on the keyboard.

How to clean your laptop keyboard

Cleaning a laptop keyboard should be done as soon as possible when you sea as dirt particles on the keyboard. as unlike in external keyboards we cannot remove your keyboard laptop, as well as we cannot use high power can of compressed air in here as they are a possibility to get damage to the keys on the keyboard. So to clean your keyboard you need

clean your keyboard
  • clear tape (low adhesive ) or cleaning slime-this is a simple and convinent cleaning tool whch has many varities that manufacturesres has produced. when you apply the the slime or thi s gel type semifluid thing do not push harder to go through the keyboard. just run through out the keyboard with slime insted of dabbing and pushing the slime.
clean your keyboard
  • disinfecting wipes – makproduct to this purpose.e sure to get a alchol free non- corosive as welll as bleach free product to clean your keyboard.

steps to clean your laptop keyboard

As like on external keyboards shut down your laptop and put it upside down to remove the dust particles as much as possible. Next, use your disinfected wipes and wipe through the keyboard keys, if in any case, you find that the dirt crumbs aren’t removed, use a q tip or else s toothpick to remove the stains or dust particles. Finally, wipe away the keyboard with the microfiber towel.

Recent FAQ – How to clean dirty keyboard keys which can be removed.

though you can remove the keys from your keyboard, go through the instruction manual to make sure whether this keyboard’s key can be replaced or not. Check the manual of your keyboard to confirm it. if you can remove the keyboard keys, you can follow the steps that are mentioned in the above external keyboard section. it is okay to follow the steps which you take to clean an internal keyboard.

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