Clean motherboard using rubbing alcohol and compressed air in 2022

clean motherboard

If you are a computer hardware technician you know how to clean motherboard of your computer. If your computer PC isn’t working you just need to clean motherboard, as sometimes if your motherboard is full of dust and dirt your PC may lead to malfunction, short circuit, and even it may stop working until you clean motherboard. As the motherboard is a most sensitive piece you should be careful when cleaning a motherboard as it may cause a judge to damage to your PC.

What do you need to clean Motherboard

As not like in laptops or mobile phones we cannot use any type of cleaner to this except few. It is better not to use water, distilled water, or any clear dishwashers, bleach to clean the motherboard. As it may cause a short circuit on the motherboard and may cause a judge destruction. So when you need to clean the motherboard you need

clean motherboard

Isophyural alcohol – Normally manufacturers have distributed isopropyl alcohol to the market in name of rubbing alcohol or else it is named as surgical spirit. Mostly isopropyl alcohol is used in various industries just like in the health sector, to disinfect wounds and as well as to clean the wound surfaces.

clean motherboard

Can of pressure air – Normally pressure air is found in many types or brands, Usually, this product is used to clean the dust and dirt particles on tools like mobile phones and laptops, desktop keyboards, cameras, etc.

clean motherboard

air blower – this is a reusable product that can be used over and over again. just need is to apply some pressure on the rubber ball to squeeze the compressed air via the thin tube.

clean motherboard

A mini bottle brush – this is used to remove some harsh dirt particles, manufactures have produced this product in fiber, aluminum, steel, and as well as this product has been made out of plastic also.

Steps to clean motherboard with rubbing alcohol and compressed air

Firstly you need to unplug the wires and shout down the machine before starting the cleaning process

Get your PC to a comfortable place where you can clean motherboard very easily.

With your air blower, clean motherboard by applying pressure into the rubber ball. via this method, we can eliminate dirt without heating it. Even if you found dirt particles you can remove those using a can of compressed air.

Even though you got to see dust particles just slightly brush the dirt particles from a brush.

If there is anything that cannot be removed by mini bottle brush or else with your air blower you just need to use some isopropyl alcohol to remove those stains. Just use a cotton swab which was dipped in rubbing alcohol. Just dab with that cotton swab slightly on the dirt particles.

Make sure to let the motherboard get dry before reinstalling the motherboard on your PC.

Recent FAQ – can we use normal cleaner to clean the motherboard

You cannot use either one of the cleaners which are used at your residence. Because motherboard is a piece that contains mostly sensitive pieces in there. Do not ever think to use water or distilled water to clean the mother as you used to clean dishes, or any dishwashing liquid, bleach, or else any other cleaner which is used to clean your computer screen or else any cleaner to use your laptops.

Not even try to use a normal vacuum pr a blower to vacuum the dust particles. Just use isopropyl alcohol to clean your motherboard and if necessary use a can of pressurized air to clean. If you got a gaming laptop follow the steps to clean your keyboard. If you got any difficulties when sharing files in windows you can read from here.

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