Cancel Netflix Subscription, A Quick guide!

Cancel Netflix Subscription

Cancel Netflix Subscription

Normally it is easy to cancel a Netflix subscription when compared to other streaming devices. Other than Netflix, other streaming services have made it difficult for users to unsubscribe from their services. Netflix does not make it difficult for its users when unsubscribing from the service.

Normally it takes a few minutes to cancel Netflix subscription. The only fact you have to consider is how you subscribe to it in the first place.

This article will help you to cancel Netflix subscription step by step based on your initial subscription method. But if you have forgotten the method you use in the initial subscription please follow these steps one by one.

How to cancel Netflix subscription if you have signed up directly to Netflix?

People who sign up by using a website or a smart TV can follow these steps:

  1. From the internet browser open the Netflix official website. 
  2. Then log in to your account using your credentials.
  3. Now go to the account by clicking the arrow pointing downwards on the right side of the screen. 
  4. There is a button called “Cancel Membership” on the top, please click it.
  5. Then click the confirm button to confirm it. 
  6. Then other than that if you are still having a DVD plan, please click the cancel button if you want to cancel it too.

How to cancel Netflix subscription if you have an iPhone or iPad?

Cancel Netflix Subscription

To cancel a Netflix subscription on an iPhone or an iPad please follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the settings and click your name displayed on top of your page.
  2. Then click the subscription option on the apple id menu
  3. Then tap the Netflix option and click the cancel subscription button and confirm it. 

How to cancel Netflix subscription if you have an Android device?

Cancel Netflix Subscription

If you have subscribed to Netflix using an android device there is a chance that it has been linked to your google account so you have to cancel the subscription from the android play store. To do that please follow these steps.

  1. Go to the play store on your device and tap the profile icon on the top of your screen. 
  2. After that on the menu, there is an option called payment and subscription click on it and then click on the subscription button. 
  3. Then select Netflix and cancel the subscription and confirm it after. 


Can I cancel my Netflix subscription anytime?

Yes, you can at any time, and note that this is the only way to remove your account and subscription.

What happens if I cancel my Netflix subscription?

If you cancel your account, you won’t be charged for a Netflix subscription anymore. However, if you have to cancel your account before the billing cycle ends, you can use the services until the billing date ends and cancels the service automatically.

How do I stop Netflix from charging my card?

For this, you have the go to the Netflix website and cancel the account after logging in to your account. Then after the current billing cycle, your account will be closed and you won’t be charged again.

How can I cancel 4 screens on Netflix?

Go to the Netflix website and sign in to your account. Then there is an option called plan details, under that, there is a button called change plan and click on it. Now you can cancel the plan or choose a desired plan and click continue or update. Then confirm it.

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