Do you want to surf the internet discovering your identity? Then you are in the right post. Read and get the best ways to browse the web anonymously.

Tracking and sharing your data is one of the biggest pet peeves we all possess. None of us wants to share anything personal about us, this is because of some major reasons in the internet mafia. However, though there are some privacy options provided by some browsers we tend to be curious about them and have trust issues. We as humans always wants the assurance whenever we send important mails, when doing some transactions through online or even spending some quality time in the social media. The bitter truth is that the Online world cannot be trusted 100%. Let’s find out what are the best options to surf the internet freely yet disclosing about yourself.

1. Turn off the Location Data

If you don’t want the browsers to track your location we can always turn off the location option. In case you want to Turn OFF the location option follow these steps through Chrome, SETTINGS > PRIVACY AND SECURITY, Next you have to Open the SITE SETTINGS > scroll down and select LOCATION > DONT ALLOW SITES TO SEE YOUR LOCATION. It won’t harm your online activities or could search what you are browsing, but can track your location if the option is ON and can get to know about the places you visit.
There are some other uses too by tracking your Locations or the websites you visit, it allows you to find any place you want in no time or it might also suggest you locations around you and also to show adds of your interests. But this can also affect you by some unwanted browsers. Its better to use some browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge with your Locations Turn OFF. Another best option is to try to Turn OFF the Location option even though you use VPNs.

2. Try to Browse with Private Browsers

You might think you are safe when you use Incognito on the famous browsers, but that’s not true, because these websites can track your location or your IP address and can send you ads while you browsing the internet.

If you really want to browse the internet anonymously then better to try some dedicated private browsers. These types of dedicated private browsers allow you to enjoy your moment while browsing the internet as you don’t need to do these extra work because anonymity is a default setting in these types of browsers. Additionally, these browsers are to surf for free. Isn’t it amazing to enjoy your anonymous tour without any fear.

3. Browse with premium proxies

Another best option is that you can use Proxy servers whenever you want to browse the internet in a safe way. These Proxy servers will let you do your work without sharing your IP address, such as if you want to talk to a customer or the retailer you don’t have to contact them directly you just have to use a proxy server and do your work conveniently. By this way you can contact the needed person through different channels and can get a respond back to you within no time and it all happens disclosing your identity or any other personal details provided.
Moreover you can also use a flexible option rather than using HTTP, we have always thought that’s HTTP can be the safest and the best way to browse, but SOCKS Proxies are way more safer and best than HTTP. On the other hand, you may also find some free proxies but there are reasons why you may need to avoid them. Research further before you use any other proxies.

4. Avoid through using VPNs

Using VPN (Virtual Private Networks) will give you the advantage of accessing the region-bound content and most importantly it hides your IP address and let you browse anonymously. Additionally, VPNs allow you to change the IP address to any region you prefer before you browse the internet. This will totally secure your identity as a private account.
Third party apps are eligible to tweak or also to IP Mask your IP address. This is 100% safe to your security as it wont be able to track your surfing options and suggest you options or send ads according to your most searched preferences. Most importantly, you must choose the correct VPN before surfing the internet.

5. Avoid Browser Cookies

Browsers with cookies can be useful in various ways, but it can also be the opposite in no time. As it tend to store your data such as your IP address and your ID it can lead to something worse too. If these wont be secured the hackers can easily track your data down and can do anything they want through your identity. Other than that it can also send ads according to your most searched data online.
Follow these steps to avoid any stalking over internet, SETTINGS > PRIVACY AND SECURITY > COOKIES AND OTHER SITE DATA > BLOCK ALL COOKIES.
Additionally, you can also clear cookies automatically by selecting CLEAR COOKIES AND SITE DATA WHEN YOU CLOSE ALL WINDOWS.

6. Minimize Tailoring Ads

If you allow medias like Instagram, Facebook etc. to check your traffic route, they will then send you contents or posts that you are interested to check, which can also be an issue later on when these adds appear on the screen limitlessly.
This can be very annoying as it tracks each and everything you do in your social media accounts such as the people you follow, the people you like, most pages you visit, what are your interests etc.
If this case was bugging you from your day today experience with the social media, then you have to TURN OFF TAILORED ADS and from there you can experience a safe platform to surf freely.

7. Usage of Private Search Engines

When using some known search engines like Bing or Chrome, it tends to store the data you have searched as the history. Mostly, this is done to make things easier and efficient where you get the opportunity to surf easily next time to visit something you have visited earlier. But, On the other hand to secure your anonymity the best option is to surd through a Private engine where they never store any of the prior data you have searched.
This method is followed by the private engines such as DUCKDUCKGO, QWANT, METAGER, STARTPAGE etc. This procedure is followed because some history details may tend to track your interests as discussed earlier and can ruin your experience while surfing the internet. You must use this option though you use a proxy server or the VPN option.

8. Anonymous Email Clients

This is most likely known factor to all of us, as whenever we use third-party option to log onto a website or when downloading an app we are always asked for an email address for authentication. Sending your personal email address can be harmful in some instances. Therefore, using an Anonymous email client may generate and mask your email and the IP address for safe surfing. Though they mask your email address it sends back any feedback to your correct email address. So, it’s nothing to worry when using the Anonymous email Client option to exchange your private or official documents.
Some examples for Anonymous Email Clients are CYBER ATLANTIS and PROTON MAIL. You can use these without a second thought.

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