Best shower door cleaner ever with dawn and vinegar for 2022

shower door cleaner

Select a shower door cleaner that makes your glass shower door keep away from soap scrums, water strains and keep your shower door sparkling clean. when you go through a supermarket you can see a lot of shower door cleaners in there. but what is the best thing to use to clean glass shower doors? what should we select for our bathroom?. Is it possible to clean other glass doors as well?

why we should clean our shower doors regularly?

Normally shower doors are made with special type glass, rather than the glasses we see in our windows or showroom walls. these shower doors are mainly manufactured with specialized tempered glass. when we take shower the dirt water which contains body oils, soap residue shampoo may split in to shower door and provide an unattractive look. Even steam water also causes white strains in here. when these white strains deposit on your shower door it’s hard to clean. So to get prevent from these stains which are marked on our shower doors we have to clean the doors regularly.

Best dish soap and vinegar to use clean shower doors

Dawn and plain white distilled vinegar are the best dish soap and vinegar to clean shower doors. Dawn is used because it contains special quality to break down the grease and grime into oblivion and this distilled white vinegar is used because it removes residue and imparts shine. And also this plain white distilled vinegar is the least expensive one.

The best dawn you can use

3X power grease and grim cleaning power

Best shower door cleaner ever with dawn and vinegar for 2022

Dawn Ultra

  • Brand: Dawn
  • Surface Recommendation: Tableware, Cookware
  • Special Feature: 50% less scrubbing

Rather than in regular dawn, this has 3X power grease and grim cleaning power. This is stronger than other dawn varieties, You can get more details about the product and rates going on from here.

Best way to make shower door cleaner by yourself

  • Step 01- Get equall parts from Dawn and distiled vinegar and mix well.
  • Step 02- Microwave the mixture for 2- 3 minutes and make sure to not boil.
  • Step 03- After microwave stir it well and let it to cool.
  • Step 04 – Put your solution in to your spray bottle.

How to apply your homemade shower door cleaner

shower door cleaner
  • Step 01- Spray your shower door cleaner solution in your dry shower doors. you can use spray your homemade shower cleaner in wet door, but it dilutes with the water. so to take most active results better to use in dry shower doors.
  • Step 02- Keep the solution in the shower door for few miniutes to take good results
shower door cleaner
  • Step 03- Wipe the shower door with a wet washcloth, if you can see strain which are still on the shower door use can just a rub it with the wet washcloth untill the strain disapppears.
  • Step 04- Risen your shower doors with warm water, you can rise the door from top to bottom.
shower door cleaner
  • Step 05 – wipe thw washed shower door with a sqeegue to get a clear look.

Here are some tips to keep your house washroom shining with an assistant. For more tips for your ride go here.

Recent FAQ – “Is it okay to use regularly shower door cleaner homemade solution?”

Of course, you can use a shower door cleaner which is made by yourself. It is not harmful if you can be made those cleaner with proper ratios and standards. It is much better to use it twice a day to clean your glass shower door cleaner homemade solution. Make sure to get the best raw materials for your homemade shower door cleaner. If you are afraid of making shower door cleaner, no worries you can buy a product from supermarkets named glass shower door cleaner homemade solutions.

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