18 Best Tesla Model Y And Model 3 Accessories

Tesla Model

Tesla Model

You can add two different kinds of accessories to your Tesla Model Y: required upgrades and extras that are optional. I’ll go over the accessories I tested out on the Model Y and let you know which ones I think are worth buying and which ones you should absolutely avoid.

BMZX – 2nd Row center console Organizer

Tesla Model

With a designated trash can, there would be no more haphazardly stashing of paper scraps, napkins, or food containers. Despite the $40 price tag, I haven’t found a better way to dispose of my automotive waste. The majority of the car is coated with a difficult to clean black felt-like material.

only fits the Tesla Model Y.

Basenor – Center Console Organizer Tray

Tesla Model

Black felted fabric on the organizer matches the console region it slides into’s standard appearance and feel. There are a couple different manufacturers, but I adore this one from Basenor.

This one works with both the Model 3 and the Tesla Model Y.

Basenor – Armrest Hidden Storage Box

Tesla Model

The sliding door of Basenor’s design is mounted on a track with two lock positions for shut and open. This model’s plastic finish is very ragged and shows obvious signs of injection molding because the spillage was never filed off or sanded down.

This works with Tesla Models Y and 3.

Nansure – Mud Flaps

Tesla Model Y and 3

Simply snap out the existing car clips and install these flaps along the frame. Just one of the flaps caused me trouble. It’s difficult to determine if the flap was badly made or our car’s appearance wasn’t consistent. Even though locking in required a lot of force, everything is still functional months later.

Fits the Tesla Model Y for the 2020, 2021, and 2022 model years.

Basenor – Windshield Sunshade

Tesla Model Y and 3

Investing in a windshield shade has three main benefits: it shields the dash, lowers interior temperatures (preventing your seats from getting overheated), and provides a little bit of privacy. Although the Basenor brand is superior, I think it is identical to all other brands of folding shades. Folding these hues is a learning process. Even though it sticks out a lot, it easily folds up and compacts into a neat bag.

Motrobe – Cup Holder Insert

Tesla Model Y and 3

It only fits one way since one side has a smaller compartment than the other. The three protruding nubs that protrude from each hole firmly grasp the bottles and cups. Compared to attempting to clean up spilled liquids in the stock box without an insert, it is significantly simpler.

Fits the Tesla Model 3 and Y.

Basenor – Latch Covers

Tesla Model Y and 3

Eight latch covers are included, two for each door. They are far simpler to put on than to take off, but once installed, you shouldn’t ever actually need to do so.

Fits the Tesla Models 3 and Y.

EVFIT – Performance Pedal Pads

Tesla Model Y and 3

The performance pedals from Topfit are identical to these EVFIT pedals. If you want to give your pedals a minor aesthetic makeover, they are an easy option. Perhaps they did it this way to make sure that the pedals never come off while driving because the cutout on the back of them is a fairly tight fit.

The pedals’ finish could use extra polishing because there are some minor scratches and uncleaned glue traces from production. The reflecting quality of the pedals, in my opinion, can deflect your focus off the road, where it belongs, at certain angles.

Fun fact: After six months of driving this car, I didn’t aware that our accelerator pedal didn’t come with a pedal cover until I installed these pedals. Everyone who has driven this automobile before me and I both missed it.

Fits Tesla Models Y and 3.

Spigen – Tesla Matte Screen Protector

Tesla Model Y and 3

It is impossible to install anything less than a perfectly straight guide thanks to Spigen’s EZ Fit technology, which makes plastic guides that fit exactly. The main issue with this product is its matte finish. If you are a nitpicker, it might also irritate you. We believe that it is beneficial to avoid the stress, and installation is straightforward.

Tesla Model Y and 3

Update: After using this screen protector for a few days, I began to adjust to the haze that the matte finish creates. However, I clearly recall how clear it was immediately before this was installed.

After using this screen protector for many months, I decided to try another brand (see the next section of this review! ), so I took off the Spigen one to see how much it hazed the screen. When viewed directly on the screen, it’s less noticeable, but here is how it appears:

Fits Tesla Models Y and 3.

SUMK – Glossy Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Tesla Model Y and 3

The short version is that this might be your only option if you really must have a glossy screen protector. Although it is possible, installation does not always guarantee perfect centering and dust-free operation. Therefore, something like the Spigen protector above may suit you better if you’ve never truly put a screen protector before or if you are particularly finicky and want a faultless install.

I have no idea why there are so few options for glossy screen protectors for the Tesla Model Y and Model 3. Like many other manufacturers, Spigen typically offers both matte and glossy choices for other devices.

However, I was eager to test out this shiny Tesla screen protector that I eventually found from SUMK. Although the Spigen one did a good job of preserving the screen (see above), I never really liked the hazy appearance it gave the screen.

Installation: As a result, I uninstalled it and installed the SUMK version. This screen protector is not terrible for about $23, however it might be better.

I must admit that Spigen’s screen protector installation method, which leaves no room for error, has spoiled me. With these four peel-and-stick silicone guidelines, SUMK aims to do this. Although the latter steps make it more clear how to utilize these, the instructions aren’t entirely clear on what orientation to apply them to your screen in.

The screen protector should be placed on the guides so that it hovers above the screen surface. This will allow you to perfectly align the guides before pressing to adhere the glass. The instructions can’t really be moved about in a useful way because of the issue, so I had to sort of manually position the screen protector and it worked out just well.

Tesla Model Y and 3

Dust: There isn’t a perfect method to hold the screen protector while removing the film that covers the sticky side of the glass, which is another issue with this installation. You’ll need assistance with this installation if you don’t want to touch the exposed glue, or you can lean the screen protector against something to keep it steady while you peel the incredibly static-filled and dust-attracting layer.

It was installed using a less-than-elegant method that left dust on the adhesive side that could not be removed.

I’ve been creating, manufacturing, and installing my own screen protectors for over ten years, so I’ve had plenty of practice. I realize that every screen protector installation scenario is different, but let’s just say that if you’re a stickler for detail, this product will require more time to get properly.

Although it’s difficult to capture in a snapshot, the image quality is far crisper than the Spigen matte protector.

Fits Tesla Models Y and 3.

Xipex – Rear Trunk Organizer

Tesla Model Y and 3

The two bucket storage areas on either side of the trunk are where you put these. The primary purpose of the Xipex – rear trunk organizer is to line those compartments for simple cleaning; otherwise, they would just be covered with felt like the rest of the trunk space. For me, that serves as sufficient justification.

The thermoplastic elastomers, or TPE, that it is constructed of give it a slightly rubbery feel. Compared to felted surfaces, they grip and wipe off incredibly effectively. A small amount of storage space is really lost due to the air gap that surrounds the entire liner, but installing them is made considerably simpler by the innovative design of Xipex.

The lip around the top gives the impression that it fits flush and perfectly.

Tesla Model Y and 3

Additionally, the felt covers that go on top to seal it off are a flush and flawless fit and closely resemble the original black felt of the car. The only issue with these felt covers is that you have to install them in a very specific manner in order for them to fit because it takes some time to figure out the left and right units. It is not immediately apparent that they need to be slipped in toward the edge of the automobile and then pressed down.

You cannot simply bang it in or attempt to slant it into any of the corners first. Once you figure it out, the tight fit is worth the trade-off.Additionally, it implies that if someone unfamiliar with your car tries to open or close the lids, they probably won’t succeed without assistance.

Fits only the Model Y 5-seater (does not fit 7-seaters).

CarQiWireless – Steering Wheel Tray

Tesla Model Y and 3

To prevent it from moving around when not in use, you can put this steering wheel tray diagonally in the two slots that are accessible in the trunk. It’s an excellent technique to stop oily or crumbly food from spreading around the vehicle. If you frequently eat in your car or need a desktop, this tray is an easy solution.

Fits all Y, 3, X, and S models of Tesla.

BMZX / Topfit – Folding Tray For Food And Laptops

Tesla Model Y and 3

The seat tray from BMZX costs four times as much as the plastic CarQiWireless tray that we previously reviewed. It has a lot bigger surface area, which makes eating on it feel much safer. There isn’t exactly a good place to store it within the cabin, but it’s easy to clean up and fold after you’re finished.

Taptes – All-Weather Floor Mats (front and back seats)

Tesla Model Y and 3

The original Tesla floor mats resemble sponges and are composed of carpet. Although some of the edges could fit together better, there is a 90–95 percent fit. These are a good choice if you want to save $20–30 compared to other manufacturers that might not be able to address all of these problems. Only the Model Y is compatible with the Taptes mats.

This only fits Tesla Model Y.

LEIMO – Lifting Jack Pads

Tesla Model Y and 3

You can’t just use a regular jack anyplace because the entire bottom of the car is covered in batteries because doing so runs the danger of damaging a section of the underbelly that isn’t designed to support the weight of the automobile. A jack can be used in four specific locations on the bottom of the car, and it should be utilized with lifting jack pads to distribute the weight.

Lifting jack pads must be used if you need to modify your car at home. These jack pads are beautifully made, and the case is quite attractive.

Any of the Tesla models 3, Y, S, or X will fit these pads.

Basenor – Cup Holder Insert (not recommended)

Tesla Model Y and 3

I could understand the idea behind this cup holder attachment. To make any cups, bottles, or cans you place here less likely to rattle, close the distance between them or apply pressure. This didn’t actually offer any value in actual use.

The springy element that puts strain on the drinking vessel is too weak and not sticky enough to actually make any visible difference, although it may have an added benefit if you only drink from plastic water bottles (however you should definitely think about moving to a reusable water bottle). Instead of this, I would use the silicone liner I tested (see above).

Fits Tesla Model Y and 3.

Vliigts – Cabin Camera Cover

Tesla Model Y and 3

Tesla maintains that the interior cameras never leave the car because it just feels off. They are probably all very similar, as long as they are big enough for this camera. Just in case I “needed” to open it up for fully autonomous driving, which might require it, I bought the slider.

Fits the Tesla Model 3 and Y.

Taptes – Armrest Organizer (not recommended)

Tesla Model Y and 3

This Taptes armrest and center console organizer was a pain. Unboxed and in pictures, it appears excellent. The idea is sound, and the plastic finish is very nice (you don’t realize how nice it is until you see rough edges on other console organizers, like the other, higher rated one I tested).

Its highly engineered door, which is held on by magnets, is the problem. When you first try to utilize it, it’s neat. Every time, the door pops off in a different way, and you have to catch it to keep it from falling into the compartment, on the floor, or somewhere else. Unquestionably not something you should use while driving, without looking, or really ever, given that there are better designs available from other manufacturers.

Fits the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, however you must avert using it.