13 Best Car Vacuums For You

Car Vacuums

Car Vacuums

We can recommend the Black+Decker – BDH2000PL Pivot as the best car vacuum after eight weeks of research and testing car vacuums on sand, crumbs, dust, and debris in multiple automobiles. This vacuum has the strength, practicality, and attachment tools to keep the interior of your car pristine. Another excellent cordless alternative for this 2022 upgrade is the Black+Decker – HHVK515JP07. Cleaning your automobile is simple because to its motorized brush head, powerful motor, and extra-large collection cannister.


The 12 car vacuums we tested

Black+Decker – BDH2000PL Pivot$$$CordlessPivoting nozzle, wide mouth design, 3-stage filtration★★★★★
Bissell – Cleanview Deluxe Handheld$$CordedIncluded crevice tool, rubber contour nozzle, multi-level filtration★★★★★
Black+Decker – HHVK515JP07$$$CordlessMotorized brush head, double filter★★★★★
Shark – CH951$$$CordlessMotorized brush head, cyclonic technology★★★
Bissell Aeroslim$$CordlessUSB charging, lightweight★★★★
Bissell Pet Hair Eraser – 2390A$$$CordlessMotorized brush head, triple filtration, large collection bin★★★★★
Black+Decker Dustbuster$$CordlessMotorized brush head, long-lasting charge★★★
Banaton$CordedWet and dry vacuuming, extra long cord★★★
Carrand – AutoSpa$$CordedSpecialty head attachments, tool storage★★★★
Armor All – 2.5 Gallon Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum$$CordedWorks dry and wet, 2.5 gallon storage tank★★★
Dirt Devil – Scorpion$CordedQuick flip crevice tool, bagless design★★★
Black+Decker – CHV1410L$$CordlessRotating slim nozzle, holds a charge for up to 18 months★★
Cordless Handheld (Discontinued)
$$$CordlessQuick-charging battery, stainless steel filter★★★★★
Rytek (Discontinued)$$CordedMultiple attachments for car cleaning★★★★
Hand Vacuum Cleaner (Discontinued)
$$$CordlessMulti-layer filter, works dry and wet★★★★

Best overall: BLACK+DECKER – Pivot

Car Vacuums

By the time we were done testing, it was pretty obvious who the pack leader was. The BLACK+DECKER – BDH2000PL Pivot performed best on difficult soil and sand and had the strongest suction at 35 air watts.

We were able to quickly access the smallest crevices in the car thanks to the crevice tool and brush attached to it, and its wide mouth proved effective on car seats and floor mats. We needed to perform less craning and bending because the vacuum could clean at strange angles thanks to the pivot design. Compared to the fixed nose of the BLACK+DECKER – CHV1410L model, we found it to be considerably more comfortable to clean with.

There is also a separate Car Accessory Kit that includes a flexible hose that can reach a maximum length of 4 feet. The suction was effective for around twenty minutes before it needed to be recharged. I didn’t feel pressured and had more than enough time to thoroughly clean the car.

Car Vacuums

Best Overall: BLACK+DECKER – Pivot

The most powerful vacuum with access to every nook and crevice of a car is the BLACK+DECKER-BDH2000PL Pivot. In order to observe how much space is still available before you need to empty it, it also incorporates a transparent bagless dust collector.

Key takeaways:

  • The BLACK+DECKER – BDH2000PL Pivot’s pivot design made it easier for us to maneuver around corners and strange angles in a car. Additionally ergonomic and comfortable to use, the vacuum.
  • Due to its strong suction, it removed sand and other dirt with the fewest number of passes.
  • The battery did not lose power during the route and lasted as long as we needed it to.
  • The machine has a lot of dirt-holding capacity, is simple to clean out, and has a triple filtration system to make sure you don’t breathe in the dust and grime you are trying to clean.

Best corded option: Bissell – Cleanview Deluxe

Car Vacuums

The only vacuum we tested with a rubber attachment was the Bissell CHV1410L. It can clean a car’s entire inside and exterior. Additionally, this model has a sizable collection bin so you won’t have to empty it every time you clean your car.

Best Car Vacuums

Best Corded: Bissell – Cleanview Deluxe

Despite being a little heavier than some of the other alternatives, the Black and Decker -BDH2000PL Pivot was still simple to hold. Because the hose is hooked to the suction body in this design, you can use it with attachments throughout your car without having to move the vacuum’s base.

Key takeaways:

  • Strong and reliable power is provided by the Bissell Cleanview Deluxe to handle even the largest messes or the most tenacious grime.
  • Your car’s seats and floor mats benefit greatly from the vast suction area, and the attachments work well in confined spaces.
  • The battery does not require charging prior to usage.
  • It was possible to use the collection container for numerous cleaning sessions without needing to empty it.
  • A HEPA filter reduces the presence of allergens.

Also great: Black+Decker – HHVK515JP07

Best Car Vacuums

The Dustbuster from Black+Decker has a detachable motorized roller brush. The battery holds its charge for around 30 minutes and charges completely in a few hours. Only utilize the Powerboost in difficult circumstances because it shortens battery life.

Also Great Cordless: Black+Decker – VK515JP07

The Black+Decker – HHVK515JP07T cordless vacuum has powerful suction that will quickly remove pet hair and other dirt from your car. The crevice tool doesn’t lock into position, it may collapse if the vacuum is applied with too much force.

Key takeaways:

  • With its powerful lithium-ion battery, the Black+Decker – HHVK515JP07 vacuum can run continuously for about 30 minutes.
  • When compared to other cordless vacuums we examined, this one’s huge collection cannister can handle three times as much debris.
  • Although it costs more than some of the other cordless vehicle vacuums we examined, it is well made, simple to operate, and efficient.

Other products we tested

Shark – CH951

Best Car Vacuums

Cyclonic technique is used by the Shark CH951 UltraCyclone to suction up dirt and bulky debris. It includes a dual filter that works well at removing dust, but it must be cleaned after each use. You could have difficulties storing it because it is 20 inches long.

Bissell – 29869

Best Car Vacuums

The cordless vacuum Aeroslim charges quickly through USB. Only 10 minutes after receiving a full charge, the Bissell’s power started to dramatically decline. The cleaning canister needs to be frequently emptied, and the dusting brush that was given wasn’t very effective.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser – 2390A

Best Car Vacuums

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser – 2390A is a fantastic option for a cordless vehicle vacuum because of its powerful motor and practical accessories. Even when operating in the enclosed space of our car, this car vacuum was among the quietest models we tested.

BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster – HLVB315JCZ01

Best Car Vacuums

The suction force of the BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster – HLVB315JCZ01 is insufficient to remove bigger material. Little was achieved on carpeted surfaces and upholstery with thin brush bristles. It took many hours to fully recharge the battery after it had been charged for 45 minutes.

Banaton – Corded Vacuum

Best Car Vacuums

A stylish, reasonably priced car vacuum is the Banaton – Corded Vacuum. The Banaton was the lightest vacuum we tested, weighing less than two pounds. Even though the power chord is 16 feet long, wrangling the cord proved a hassle.

Carrand – Auto Spa

Best Car Vacuums

The storage for attachments is this model’s greatest shortcoming, according to our research. Although we had no issues with air flow, folks with sensitive skin may want to think about dusting off their skin before using this model.

Armor All – 2.5 Gallon Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum

Best Car Vacuums

The biggest device we tested had a 2.5-gallon container that can hold a lot of filth and grime. It has the power to effectively pick up dust, debris, and dirt in the car. We were able to effectively clean in between our car seats thanks to the attachments.

Dirt Devil – Scorpion

Best Car Vacuums

One of the more affordable options in the range of car vacuums is the Dirt Devil – Scorpion. Even though we occasionally had to move around, the 16-foot chord is sufficient. The sand we laid out required roughly four passes to be collected, and the crumbs were effectively removed.


Best Car Vacuums

The machine’s long “nose” made it more challenging to position our automobile at various angles. Additionally, cleaning the seats and mats requires more time because the nose doesn’t have a large hole. When the battery is fully charged, the lithium battery charger for this model automatically turns off.

Holife – Cordless Handheld (Discontinued)

Best Car Vacuums

The Holife – Cordless Handheld Vacuum charges in a remarkable two hours and uses just over 20 minutes of that time. The Holife has a robust and remarkably quiet motor. Reaching between the console and underneath car seats is made simple by the flexible hose attachment.

Rytek (Discontinued)

Best Car Vacuums

One of the smaller vacuums we examined among the bunch was the Rytek. It had enough power to clean sand, crumbs, and other things. When necessary, the collection container can be removed and washed with water and soap. Even with moist messes, cleaning the machine was simple.

Holife – Hand Vacuum Cleaner (Discontinued)

Best Car Vacuums

In the field of automobile vacuums, the Holife – Hand Vacuum Cleaner was a formidable competitor. All types of dirt are easily removed, and it is simple to use. Two washable filters are included, allowing for repeated use. Being relatively light, the machine is easy to manoeuvre within the car.

How we selected

We sought for car vacuums that had a powerful motor, good suction, and enough air watts. Additionally, we looked for versions with lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries and practical add-ons for securing soil that was difficult to reach. Runtime and battery life are further factors (for cordless models).

How we tested


Sand was removed using the Black and Decker BDH2000PL Pivot in approximately two to three passes. Others required five to seven attempts to completely remove the sand from the car mat. Sand proved to be the most difficult type of dirt for the vacuums to completely remove.


The brush and extension attachments, which are necessary for thoroughly cleaning your automobile, were available on every vacuum we examined. Depending on which section of the car needs cleaning, you can simply flip the cleaning equipment up or down. The crevice tools and brushes are attached to the Dirt Devil and the Black and Decker – CHV1410L.

Ease of use

The easiest to use in and around our autos is a cordless vacuum. The longest cable is on the Bissell, which makes a significant difference when cleaning spaces. All has the shortest cord of the group (just 10 feet), so an extension cord is typically required.

Handheld vs. car vacuums

Car vacuums are made specifically to clean a car’s interior thoroughly. They come with attachments for your door pockets, the space behind your pedals, and the space under your seats. A car vacuum is a necessity if you have children or animals. Check out our evaluation of pet-friendly rear seat covers if you have a pet.

Cordless vs. corded car vacuums

Best Car Vacuums

A corded vacuum can be appropriate for you if you are cleaning your car in a garage with an AC outlet close by. With corded vacuums, we can access the most difficult-to-reach areas of our vehicles without worrying about a cord being tangled in the door or a tire. We had plenty of time to clean one car thanks to cordless choices. The BLACK+DECKER – BDH2000PL Pivot’s nearly 20 minute runtime allowed us to work on two autos.

Important features to consider

Suction power

The most potent corded and cordless vacuums have motors with at least 4 amps. We’ve put numerous manufacturers through their paces to identify the ideal equipment for you because different manufacturers evaluate power in different ways (amps, air watts, and/or air flow).


Given the variety of surfaces and materials that need cleaning, a car vacuum’s attachments are crucial. Think about all the tight spaces in your automobile, such as the pockets on the side of the doors and the heating and air vents that accumulate dust.

Wet/Dry vs. dry

Your needs will determine whether you choose a wet/dry vacuum or a dry-only vacuum. In order to avoid damaging the electrical components when cleaning up wet messes, wet cleaners incorporate a water trap. Standard vacuums lack the safeguard, so if they attempt to absorb moisture, they risk short-circuiting.

Tank capacity

All of the vacuums we examined had large enough tanks to thoroughly clean your entire car, even with a lot of sand, dirt, and food particles within. Tank sizes vary, thus you might need to empty the tank more or less frequently. The largest tank of any vacum machine is found in All’s 2.5-gallon machine (at 1.8 gallons).


The Armor All is 7 pounds heavier than the Rytek, but the CarAdvice Car Vacuum weighs only 2.5 pounds.

Battery runtime

How long can a cordless vacuum operate before it needs to be recharged? For roughly 10-15 minutes, the majority of batteries will reliably power the vacuum. The BLACK+DECKER – BDH2000PL Pivot, which was our top pick, lasted for close to 20 minutes.

The bottom line

BDH2000PL by BLACK+DECKER. In terms of design and power, Pivot is our preferred model. One of the quietest vehicle vacuums we tested is the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser – 2390A. The most practical variants to use in a car are cordless versions.

Best Car Vacuums

Top Pick: BLACK+DECKER – BDH2000PL Pivot

This car vacuum has the strongest suction power, an inventive pivot design, and a long-lasting battery, making it the best at keeping the inside of your car clean and free of dust.