09 Important Facts About Adopting a new dog

09 Important Facts About Adopting a new dog

09 Important Facts About Adopting a new dog

This article will explain everything you need to know about adopting a new dog.

It is with such fond hopes that we bring a pet dog into our home. We love animals and taking good care of them is very important. Bringing a pet home is like taking on some responsibility.

Do you already have a pet at home? Or looking to bring in a brand new pet? You must have knowledge about creating a good environment for the pet with us, checking his health condition, feeding him, understanding his life habits and relieving him from stress.

Then we invite you to read this article to become a good pet parent who pays attention to these special things you need to know.

Everything you need to know about adopting a new dog

First, let’s see what special points we need to focus on.

  • Make a place for the dog to sleep and stay.
  • Get your dog used to your home.
  • Feed the dog properly.
  • Check your dog’s health.
  • Choose the right supplies.
  • Prepare the vehicle to pick up your dog.
  • Microchip your dog.
  • Train your dog.
  • Spend time with them.

Now let’s go to know about the above in detail.

01) Make a place for the dog to sleep and stay

Everything you need to know about adopting a new dog

Your home is a strange and intimidating territory for your new pet at first. Your pet explores the strange place with fear and doubt. It is important to provide your pet with a comfortable environment as this change can make them nervous and stressed.

Everything you need to know about adopting a new dog

Therefore, it is really important to create a comfortable sleeping place for your pet. You can try different things for this. A cage can be beautifully arranged to suit the space of the house. Or you can put a good comfortable basket. They really like to be free in a clean, healthy place. You can make it more attractive by placing some lovely toys next to it.

02) Get your dog used to your home

Everything you need to know about adopting a new dog

Your dog may experience some kind of accident or frightening event in your home. The things you use can cause dangers you don’t even think about. Pay attention to the following things.

  • Always keep the bathroom and toilet closed. The water in it is harmful to the pet. Especially things like shampoos, detergents, painkillers, beauty products, and liquids that you use can be put into the mouth of pets. They are very harmful, so keep them in a high place out of reach of the pet.
  • Keep the bedroom and other room doors closed at all times. In such places there is a possibility of danger to the pet. Empty trash cans often. Always keep shoes, sharp weapons and similar tools covered.
  • Keep kitchen drawers, cabinets, glassware, etc. out of reach. Especially things like spoons, forks, knives. Be careful if the dog is around when you are preparing food. Always keep electrical appliances, hot tools, etc. out of reach of the pet.
  • Dispose of your waste safely. Ingesting the waste in them can make the pet sick. And the things in them can injure the pet. Do not use tablecloths as dogs will pull them out of their mouths.
  • Limit your dog’s access to stairs and rooms with a quality pet gate. If you use a fireplace please think twice about its safety. Block the exits. You may accidentally let the pet out of the house and cause an accident.

03) Feed the dog properly

Everything you need to know about adopting a new dog

When your dog’s diet changes or he is under stress, stomach problems are frequently experienced by pets. Before bringing them home, if at all possible, learn how they eat and gradually introduce new foods to them. But if you can afford to feed your pet high value pet foods, please do so.

They can need some time to finish a normal-sized meal because they might not feel hungry in their new surroundings. If it’s challenging for you to feed your dog, consider combining their chow with healthier options, including cooked shredded chicken or chicken stock. Wean them ultimately away from high-value foods over a few days. If they are still having problems eating, talk to your veterinarian about possible alternatives.

04) Check your dog’s health

Everything you need to know about adopting a new dog

Whether you adopt your dog or get it from a breeder, see the vet within a week. Give them the right vaccinations at the right time. Make sure to meet the vet and get the necessary advice. Animal diseases can spread very quickly. They are also bad for your health. Especially if you have small children at home.

The four main core vaccines are adenovirus, parvovirus, distemper, and rabies. Your veterinarian may recommend a few non-core immunizations for your dog depending on the circumstances. Make sure your other pets, if you have any, are healthy and up to date on their immunizations. If breeding is not necessary, get surgery to sterilize.

05) Choose the right supplies

Everything you need to know about adopting a new dog

Have you considered purchasing items to make your dog feel at home and welcome once you adopt them? If you can, find out if your pet is accustomed to toys, food, or places to sleep. Your dog will feel more at ease in a new environment if you maintain some consistency with their previous experiences.

Here is a list of some essentials for dogs at different times.

Dog crate: Using a crate will keep your dog or puppy safe. It’s crucial to get a size that fits them comfortably because it doubles as a training aid.

Bedding: Purchase a bed that will allow your dog to spread out when lying down.

Toilet: If the puppy’s crate is too big, it can serve as a toilet at one end. Alternately, invest in an automated toilet and get used to it.

Harnesses, collars, leashes, and identification tags: For safety reasons, your collar needs to have an identifying tag and a license that was issued by the state. Collars are perfect for exercising and walking. Wearing a collar while out for a walk with a dog who hasn’t been taught not to tug might strain the neck.

Bowls for food and water: The best bowls are made of metal and are hygienic. To keep it from shifting, take into account a non-slip foundation.

Pet Gate : Use a pet gate to stop your dog from entering the house unauthorizedly.

Decorating Tools: When your dog’s nails grow and they begin to shed, be ready to have a brush, a hair clipper, and nail clippers on hand.

Playthings to chew on: Puppies who are teething need to chew on everything. Toys that are not too little should be chosen to avoid choking.

Dog food: It is advised to give them the same food from the shelter or breeder that they are accustomed to eating. After that, conduct research to choose the greatest dog food choice for your pet. Speak with your veterinarian. Blend it gradually with their favorite dishes.

Dog waste bags : Keep lots of dog waste bags on available so you can pick up after your dog when you’re out walking.

06) Prepare the vehicle to pick up your dog

Everything you need to know about adopting a new dog

A safe means of transportation is a must after bringing a new canine friend into your home. Set up your car before you pick him up so you can safely transport the pet home.

If there is enough space in your car, you can transport your dog in a crate. If there is not enough space, put them back and fix the headrest with collars and straps. Make sure there is enough allowance to enable adjustment without risk of falling off the seat.

07) Microchip your dog

Everything you need to know about adopting a new dog

A pet microchip is a small electronic chip that can be implanted under your dog’s skin. These microchips help locate the pet if they ever go missing. It is administered via hypodermic injection and is reported to be mildly painful.

The registration number on your dog’s chip, linked to your name and the number on the registry, can be read by an animal shelter or vet’s office if your dog is ever found. Pets can have microchips, which are perfectly safe and are already commonplace. A sterilized, pre-loaded syringe is used for this operation in the clinics. For pets, the typical location for a microchip is behind the neck and in the area between the shoulder blades. It is rapid, sterile, and safe. Additionally, since a microchip lasts a lifetime, boosters are not necessary.

08) Train your dog

Everything you need to know about adopting a new dog

Early socialization with other dogs and people is crucial, even though you don’t want to overwhelm your dog on the first day. Although dogs are thought to be social creatures, their pasts may have an impact on how they relate to others.

Even though every dog is different when it comes to getting along with other dogs, it’s crucial that they are at least used to seeing other dogs in case they run into them while out on a walk or running errands. A new puppy should be socialized between the ages of three and twelve weeks.

Everything you need to know about adopting a new dog

As soon as you arrive home, begin teaching your dog and incorporate it into their daily routine. If you have a puppy, you should keep training sessions brief because they won’t have a long attention span. However, if you habitually devote about 15 minutes per day to training, they will be able to pick up obedience instructions and toilet training at a young age.

It could take some time to establish new orders and change an adult dog’s current routines. Add to their training by using strategies that include rewards.

09) Spend time with them

Everything you need to know about adopting a new dog

Take care of every moment you can spend lovingly with your adopted dog. Your presence at home makes the pet happy. You are their whole world. So give the pet as much attention as possible to relieve them of stress. You include your dog in your daily routine. For that, pay attention to the following points.

Everything you need to know about adopting a new dog
  • When you go outside, take your dog with you. There are many establishments, restaurants, supermarkets that accept dogs. Include these locations in your travel plans.
  • Make them your exercise partner. Always take your dog for a walk, jog, or other outdoor activity that you can enjoy.
  • Invite your loved ones to stay with your dog.
  • Participate in activities where you can bring your dog along. Attend a pet show: Find local gatherings or events where your dog may interact with other people.
  • Regularly perform grooming tasks like brushing, cleaning ears, trimming nails, and taking a bath.

Further loving advices

Everything you need to know about adopting a new dog

It is very good if you can set aside time for the pet every day for activities like feeding, sleeping, daily walks, letting them go outside, training, acclimating them to a period of isolation. When you train your pet and give him a treat when he shows good behavior, he will definitely like it.

Everything you need to know about adopting a new dog

You are sure to do all these things. But there is a special thing that you should always keep in mind. That is always patient. Your pet dog is not human. He doesn’t have the intelligence to think things through. Don’t expect good behavior from him without training him. Also, some of his actions may trouble you. Do not hit the pet in such cases. So always be patient. Be kind to them.

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