08 Best Windshield Wipers For You

Windshield Wipers

Windshield Wipers

After evaluating eight of the best windshield wipers for a full year in the rain and the sun on a Toyota Corolla, we came to the conclusion that most wiper brand performance is about the same. We choose the Rain-X – Latitude as the top windshield wiper. Due to the Rain-X install bracket’s nearly universal compatibility, selecting the appropriate blades is significantly simpler. If your windshield is too curved for standard wipers to suit, the Bosch – Icon series offers various wiper curvatures that should help you avoid problems with fit.

How We Selected Products To Test

Our first priority was to get good wiper blades that adhere to factory-original specifications. A poor fit might cause streaks or even coverage gaps from the wipers. The only review we could find that makes an effort to compare wipers is from Wirecutter.

Compare The Best Windshield Wipers

Windshield Wipers
WiperPriceFrame ShapeCompatibility (1–3)Quality (1–3)Installation (1–3)
1. Rain-X – Latitude$$Beam★★★★★★★
2. Bosch – Icon$$$Beam★★★★★
3. Bosch – Excel+$$Traditional★★★★★★★★
4. PIAA – Super Silicone$$$$Traditional★★★★★★★★
5. Valeo – Ultimate$$Beam★★★★★★★
6. Denso – First Time Fit$$Traditional★★★★★★★★
7. Anco – AeroVantage$Traditional★★★
8. AERO$Beam★★★★★
Windshield Wipers

Types Of Windshield Wipers

Depending on the manufacturer and the design of the support bracket, there are a variety of wiper kinds.

Windshield Wipers

As far as preventing snow and ice issues go, beam-type wiper blades are the best. Additionally, this kind of wiper reduces speed-related aerodynamic drag. The majority of manufacturers also offer wipers that more closely resemble a beam-style support.

How We Tested

For 20 weeks in the sun, we put each of the eight sets of wipers to the test on a Toyota Corolla. After that, we exposed them to the outdoors for another 20 weeks to determine if they continued to function as well as they did before being put to the test.

Fit And Compatibility

Best Windshield Wipers
BrandCompatibilityFit guide URL
Universal-fitRain-X Length Finder
Three models for eight typesBosch Part Finder
Fits three typesBosch Part Finder
Super Silicone
J-hook only, universal also availablePIAA Wiper List
Eight modelsValeo Wiper List
First Time Fit
J-hook only, other types availableDenso Wiper List
Fits two types, other models availableAnco Wiper List
AEROJ-hook only, universal availableAERO part finder broken (see below)

The sort of connection method you want will depend on the length of the wiper arm on your car. Before making a purchase, verify the length in a parts catalog.

Wiper Life And Durability

The main causes of aging are oxygen and sunlight, but ice can also cause harm. Rubber wiper blades can also sustain damage from sand, salt, and gravel. The only material we found to be considerably different is in PIAA’s Super Silicone wiper. However, in our one-year test, we detected no difference.


You need consistent wiper contact to maintain your windshield streak-free. The shape of the windshield influences a wiper’s capacity to retain contact. To ensure uniform pressure across the entire wiper blade, Bosch’s beam-type supports must be precisely positioned.

Chatter Resistance

Blades sticking is what causes chatter, but unequal pressure is what really causes it. When new or after we wiped the windshield, beam-type wipers in our tests were all susceptible to minor clatter. After the break-in period, the issue was resolved and the wiping left no streaks or gaps.

Ice And Snow Performance

Although we didn’t conduct tests with this group in snow and ice, the main issue with winter driving is that snow and ice buildup causes wiper blades to freeze. Beam-type blade supports are never as likely to have issues because they don’t have as much structure to catch snow.

Top pick: Rain-X Latitude

Best Windshield Wipers

A mount for a wide variety of wiper-arm types is included with the Rain-X – Latitude wiper blade. You don’t need to be aware of the attachment system your car utilizes thanks to easy installation and broad compatibility.

Best Windshield Wipers

Best Overall: Rain-X – Latitude

Good wipers are made by Rain-X, and they are available for almost every sort of attachment system. The cost is reasonable, and the instructions are simple to follow. Although the water-repellent coating is temporary, it is a benefit. The main drawback is that it can be challenging to fit your windshield if it has curves.

For their liquid windshield conditioner, Rain-X is best known. After a few weeks, these wipers leave a small amount of silicone behind before returning to their typical beam-style. Spend the money on a bottle of Rain-X rather than new wipers if price were the main factor.

Possible fit issues

In several user evaluations, streaking issues with Rain-X wiper blades are mentioned. We saw no streaks during the four weeks of testing or the follow-up test after a year in the sun.

It appears likely that the streaks these customers experienced were due to unequal wiper edge contact with the windshield.

Best Windshield Wiper

For curved windscreens, beam-support wipers are preferable, however they may not fit properly with conventional support brackets. Bosch – Icon wipers are known for their superior fit and propensity to produce clear winter driving conditions.

Key takeaways:

  • In each of our tests, the Rain-X – Latitude wipers performed admirably.
  • Because they are beam-support wipers, they have a nice appearance and won’t collect as much snow as conventional wipers.
  • It saves you time by providing a full set of adapters integrated into the wiper, making this one of the few beam-type brands that does this.
  • Make sure you choose the appropriate wiper lengths for your car.

For A Specialized Fit: Bosch – Icon

Best Windshield Wipers

One of the few wipers having a varying bend radius for various autos is the Bosch. The Icon series is well-liked and simple to locate at hardware stores or online. It’s hard to determine what the next-best fit will be if you drive a car for which Bosch doesn’t produce an Icon wiper.

Best Windshield Wipers

For Fancy Windshields: Bosch – Icon

Bosch takes pride in a flawless fit and produces original equipment for numerous European manufacturers. Try Bosch if you notice streaks with other brands. There are three various versions (A, B, and OE) for each length; find out which is best for your car by visiting the Bosch website.

Of all the beam-type blades we evaluated, Bosch’s wiper is unquestionably the sleekest. The Bosch adapters’ installation wasn’t as simple as anticipated. It could be challenging to locate Bosch’s installation instructions elsewhere if you discard the cardboard on the back of the box.

Best Windshield Wipers

These Bosch wipers perform admirably when in use. Nevertheless, these are expensive wipers that are approximately four times as expensive as those from other brands. Bosch likely would have won our ranking if it had been simpler to select the appropriate blade for specific automobiles.

Key takeaways:

  • The most attractive wipers that we discovered are Bosch – Icon.
  • Bosch probably fits better if your windshield has curves that other wipers can’t follow.
  • Although it is a premium wiper, this one is not the priciest we tested.
  • The Icon performs admirably, and it is the most highly rated brand we could find.

The Other Finalists We Tested

Bosch – Excel+

Windshield Wiper

The premium version of Bosch’s conventional wiper design is the Bosch – Excel+. These wipers aren’t cheap, costing around twice as much as economical models like Anco.

However, because they are more widely available and better made than budget wipers, Excel+ wipers will almost always be less expensive than brand-specific original parts.

If you’re lucky, you could get these for a lot less money than you would pay at the dealer’s parts counter and they might even be nicer than the wipers that came with your car.

The Excel+ won’t perform quite as well in the snow because it has a conventional support bracket as opposed to the beam supports on our top picks. In icy areas, many drivers do just fine with wipers like the Excel+, although beam designs are a great addition.

PIAA – Super Silicone

Windshield Wiper

Super Silicone wiper blades from PIAA have a fantastic reputation for durability. The manufacturer asserts that the silicone in their wipers will coat your windshield with a water-repellent layer. Along with the wiper, PIAA also offers a cleaning and silicone treatment wipe.

Valeo – Ultimate

Best Windshield Wipers

For a fair price, Valeo – Ultimate wipers ought to perform similarly to more expensive brands for the majority of consumers. Although you may not be familiar with the name Valeo, this French manufacturer, like Bosch, manufactures original parts for automobiles all over the world.

These beam-style wipers worked great and are something we really like. Really, the only flaw we found with these “ultimate” wipers was their appearance: Valeo utilizes a thinner rubber spoiler fin on top, allowing you to see the painted steel (and even what appears to be a batch number) underneath.

Since Valeo is an original equipment manufacturer, they produce wipers for a variety of automobiles; if yours differs from the standard J-hook connection system, consult their fit guide.

Denso – First Time Fit

Best Windshield Wipers

The Denso – First Time Fit wipers are quite standard, and Denso likely produced the wipers that came with our test vehicle, a Toyota Corolla, from the factory.

Denso is the second-largest original equipment parts manufacturer in the world if you’re looking for a genuine factory-original equivalent item. The First Time Fit range is specifically created to provide you with the correct parts without cumbersome adapters.

These wipers are well-made, and Denso offers accessories for a variety of automobiles. However, for the price we paid, those models are a clear improvement due to the advantages of beam-type wipers in the snow (and in terms of appearance).

Anco – AeroVantage

Best Windshield Wipers

When we extensively examined every wiper we tested, only the Anco – AeroVantage model was clear evidence of cost-cutting. Anco uses bent-over tabs in place of other brands’ through-hole rivets to maintain the support arms’ back-and-forth pivot.

In contrast to the more reliable molded rubber on other wipers, Anco’s rubber blade appears to have been cut from a longer extruded piece and clamped in place with the steel supports and backing. The blade may move up to an inch back and forth along its track thanks to its design.

These blades performed admirably in our test, which makes their absurdly low price alluring: They cost around half as much as the majority of wipers and a quarter as much as PIAA blades. However, the additional cost seems to be well worth it because the other wipers’ security should result in more consistent pressure on windshields with greater difficulty than ours.


Best Windshield Wiper

The AERO – Premium All-Season windshield wiper blades are an excellent investment if you prefer the low-profile beam form but aren’t too particular about specific coatings. You can get a beautiful high-end aesthetic and the same good wiping performance as the majority of the other blades we tested for less than $20 each pair.

For a few reasons, we decided against making AERO a runner-up. Although the J-hook attachment form is common and functional on our test vehicle, purchasing AERO’s Multifunction Wiper variant with a universal adaptor is difficult. There are listings on Amazon (the primary retailer for AERO) for various model-specific vehicles, but it’s difficult to identify what clips are included because they all use the same photos as the J-hook version.

The 10% percentage of one-star reviews for this product from AERO is not out of the ordinary. Most buyers appeared to have enjoyed their purchases as much as we did, but several reviewers discovered that these wipers skip significant stretches of their windshields.

The Bottom Line

The difference between seeing clearly in poor weather and not seeing at all can be made by the quality of your windshield wipers. Windshield wipers have a very long lifespan, but if you notice any decreased visibility and cleaning the blades doesn’t improve things, it’s time to get new blades.

The Rain-X – Latitude windshield wiper blades are a fantastic upgrade from the majority of original equipment and should fit almost any automobile if you need to replace your existing blades because they are falling off. To determine which blades to purchase, make sure to measure or look up the length of your current wipers.

The Bosch – Icon wiper blades are worth looking into if you’ve been dissatisfied with streaks and noises from other wiper blades. They’re a little bit sleeker than the Rain-X blades and come in three different curvatures to accommodate various window designs.

Best Windshield Wiper

Top Pick: Rain-X – Latitude

Because it’s simple to obtain blades that fit, these wipers are at the top of our list. The built-in attachment bracket is compatible with almost all types of wiper arms; you only need to determine the length you require. These blades are thin, which improves their performance in snow, thanks to the beam-type support.

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