04 Ways To Clear Cookies And Cache On Any Samsung Device

Clear Cookies And Cache

Clear Cookies And Cache

As it is necessary to clear cookies and cache on your samsung device, you can refer to this extensive instruction to discover how to clear the cache and cookies on your Samsung phone. Take some minutes to make it so as to free up your Android phone!

Numerous competing viewpoints may be found all over the internet in the ongoing discussion of whether or not you should remove your cookies and cache. The short answer is that while cookies and cache are suitable for maintaining your phone’s speed, they may also become damaged and cause troubles.

We have a comprehensive explanation on the subject to assist you understand. Giving your devices a fresh start on occasion is a good idea. Because of this, we’ll demonstrate how to clean cookies and cache on Samsung devices today.

Quick Answer

On any Samsung smartphone, the Settings app allows you to erase the cookies and cache. Locate the app you wish to remove by going to Settings > Apps. Select Storage > Clear cache after that. Hit Clear data > OK if you also want to delete the data.

Clear app cache and data on a Samsung phone or tablet

Apps will continuously retain temporary data while you use your phone. The device’s storage space may run out if too much irrelevant data is saved. Cleaning the app cache and data can assist if your phone is running slowly or out of storage. To clear the app’s cache and data, refer to the instructions below.

Make sure your device’s software and associated apps are updated to the most recent version before attempting the suggestions below. Follow these procedures to update the software on your mobile device:

  1. Go to Settings > Software update.
  2. Click “Download and install.”
  3. Complete the steps outlined on the screen.
Clear cookies and cache

On Samsung devices, clearing the app cache and data is practically as simple as on other Android phones, however the procedures are a little bit different due to Samsung’s One UI. I’ll walk you through it now.

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Enter Apps.
  • Locate the program whose cache and data you wish to remove.
  • Enter storage.
  • Select “Clear cache” on the menu.
  • Press Clear data to remove any data.
  • Choosing OK will confirm.

Note: The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra running Android 12.0 was used to compile these instructions. Remember that depending on your hardware and software, certain stages may differ.

Delete browsing history, cookies, and cache in the Samsung Internet app

Users of the Samsung Internet Browser can delete their history, cookies, and cache. Launch the Samsung Internet browser, then tap the menu icon to accomplish this. Choose the Settings option from the list, then touch on Privacy and security, then tap on the Delete browsing data option under the Advanced section. Enable the checkboxes next to the settings for browsing history, cookies, cache, and site data. Press the Delete command key.

Clear Cookies And Cache On Any Samsung Device

You must now begin cleaning up other sections of your Samsung mobile after clearing the app cache and data. Now let’s talk about the Samsung Internet app, which is probably what you use to browse the internet. The history, cookies, and cache can all be cleaned off at the same time.

  • Launch the Samsung Internet application.
  • The three-line menu button is located in the bottom right corner. Tap it.
  • Toggle Settings.
  • Enter Personal browsing history.
  • Choose Delete browsing history.
  • Select Cached images and files, Cookies and site data, and Browsing history.
  • You also have the option of deleting passwords and autofill forms.
  • Press Delete data.
  • To confirm, tap on Delete.

Note: The Samsung Internet app was used to create these instructions (version Remember that if you’re using a different app version, the processes may be different.

Clear app cache on a Samsung Smart TV

It’s usually a good idea to frequently clear the cache and data associated with your apps, not just on your Samsung Smart TV but on any device you own. Although we are accustomed to clearing our phone’s and tablet’s cache and cookies, we frequently forget to do the same for our smart TVs.

Increased speed and performance as well as protection from potentially destructive infections are advantages of routinely cleaning your device’s app cache and browser data.

While you’re at it, you should consider how many apps are currently installed on your smart TV. The number of apps that you don’t actually use will surprise you. It’s past time for you to remove them in order to free up some priceless storage space.

Clear Cookies And Cache On Any Samsung Device

What Samsung Smart TV do you own? You may occasionally wish to free up some space and give your television a fresh start because these often offer less performance than smartphones and tablets. This is the procedure.

  1. Your remote’s Home button should be pressed.
  2. Choose the Settings gear.
  3. Click the Support tab.
  4. Care for your device Your TV will quickly scan the area.
  5. Locate the app whose cache you wish to remove.
  6. By pressing down, choose View Details.
  7. Choose between Clear Cache or Clear Data.
  8. Click OK to confirm.

Clear cookies and browsing history on a Samsung Smart TV

Let’s first define the terms cache and cookies before moving on to the instructions.

App Cache are Your Samsung TV stores a temporary file called App Cache that makes it easier for apps to load. An app uses the cache to load content rapidly when it is launched.

Cookies are text files that contain information about your visits to websites. They keep track of your preferences and login information.

Every smart device keeps cookies and caches to speed up content loading. However, occasionally these files may become outdated or corrupt for any reason, which causes problems with streaming and loading.

Additionally, the speed, functionality, and streaming quality of your Samsung Smart TV may be impacted when the cache size is increased.

Because of this, it is advised to delete your cache and cookies on a regular basis to ensure the device operates continuously and without hiccups.

Clear Cookies And Cache On Any Samsung Device

As absurd as it may sound, Samsung Smart TVs have browsers, and if you use them frequently, data may accumulate. Let’s tidy up the area.

  • your Samsung Smart TV’s Internet browser should be opened.
  • Choose the Settings gear.
  • Enter the browser’s settings.
  • Choose General.
  • Select Delete Browsing Data or Delete History.
  • By selecting Yes, you confirm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I clear the cache and other data?

Cache, cookies, and other saved data can, as was already indicated, enhance and speed up your experience. This is due to the fact that this material is typically stored locally, eliminating the need for it to be loaded each time you search for it online. In spite of this, data can be corrupted in anyway.Additionally, depending on your activities, you can gather too much data. Giving your phone a fresh start on occasion is a smart idea.

How often should I clear the cache, cookies, and other temporary data?

Although there is no clear answer to this, it is a good idea to clear the data and cache on Samsung smartphones once a month.

What can I do if clearing the data and cache doesn’t help?

No matter what you do, devices occasionally seem to be unable to accelerate. If you find yourself in this circumstance, you might want to think about performing a full wipe (factory data reset). This clears all of your storage and restores your phone to its factory settings. If this doesn’t work, it might be time for a new smartphone. Alternatively, you could read our page about typical reasons why phones slow down.

Why is clearing cache needed?

  1. Increased speed – The TV’s speed could suffer from not deleting its cache.
  2. Malware defense: Your Smart TV can be protected from malicious software by clearing its cache.
  3. Better performance: Garbage data in the cache may prevent some websites from functioning properly. Clearing it might be able to help you.

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